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Hotel & Guesthouse Insurance is a specific type of insurance that protects hotel, bed & breakfast and guest house owners from loss or damage to their property and claims brought against it by their guests or third parties. Our insurance team has built years of experience and knowledge within this industry and we take the time to work with you and assess the risks associated with your business. You will receive your own dedicated insurance advisor that advises you throughout the year. We are more than just insurance, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge within our diverse qualified team.




Claim Example:

The branch of a large oak tree kept hitting the tiled roof of a guesthouse eventually causing a piece of tile to break off.  In falling to the ground it hit an American guest
on his spectacles causing them to fall to the ground, but they did not break. The guest was scratched on the side of the nose but did not need either stitches or a plaster. A claim has been submitted for against the guesthouse owner.  


What you get when you choose Sheridans:

  • Access to the most competitive quotes on the market.
  • Expert advice from your own qualified insurance advisor.
  • Independent Representation – We want what’s best for you.
  • With over 20,000 clients we have the power to negotiate on your behalf.
  • Access to an Easy Payment Plan.
  • A Complimentary Claims Service.







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