Terms and Conditions

€30 Black Friday Discount Code with Sheridan Insurances Ltd.
Discount Code Period: 21st November 2017 to 28th November 2017
1. This discount code is made available to any person over 17 years of age who quotes the discount code before taking out a new home, car or van insurance policy with Sheridan Insurances Ltd. Policy needs to be taken out and paid for between the 21st-28th November 2017.
2. Discount code can not be used after the policy goes on cover.

3. Discount code can not be used for policies that go on cover after the 28th November 2017 unless premium is paid in full before close of business on the 28th November 2017.
3. A person can only use the discount code if the insurance policy is over the minimum premium of €200.00

4. Only one discount code can be used per policy.
5. These terms and conditions will apply together with the terms and conditions governing the customer’s use of the service.

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