Tried & Tested Exercises In Your Own Home


Sometimes it can be quite difficult to make time for the gym or exercise classes. I have small kids at home and my house is nuts from 7am until 7pm most days. When I’ve made the dinner, the lunch for school and I finally get the kids to bed, I spend 20 minutes doing home exercises. Honestly, it makes such as difference both mentally and physically.

Sometimes I race against the clock, just like The Body Coach’s HIIT classes or I will do 12 reps of each exercise and repeat it four times.


Wall Sits 

Tip – try hold it for 60 secs. Keep your legs at a right angle.



Tip – Alternate your left and right leg. Bring your knee up as high as possible.




Tip – Don’t lean forward and try get your bum as low as possible.



The Plank

Tip– Try keep your head up (I was struggling here!) and keep your body as low as possible. Don’t let your bum rise up!


Chair Dips

Tip – point your toes up and lower your bum down while bending your elbows. Be careful if you have a bad back.




Tip – Don’t strain your neck. Use your core to hold you up and alternate each like in bicycle motion.




If you find it easier to follow a video, you should take a look at the body coach’s video below.