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Are You Expecting Like Beyoncé

How You Can Protect Your New Family


Great news! You’ve discovered you’re expecting a baby, this is one of the most mind-blowing things you will ever experience, so once you’ve got your head around it, here’s how to plan financially for your impending bundle of joy!

In reality, nothing can prepare you for what lies ahead and how much joy & happiness your child or children can bring, but being prepared financially as best you can, will certainly ease some worry for you.

Here are the family protection options available to you;


New Life Insurance Policy

Set up a Life Assurance policy for yourself and your partner, this will ensure that in the event of a pre-mature death of either parent, your child or children are financially looked after, to take them right up to their college education and beyond if that is your wish. Premiums are quite low depending on your age and smoker status, the younger you are, the more affordable it is! This is an absolute must for new parents. Do this while you are pregnant, as you literally won’t have a spare minute when your baby is born.


Existing Life Insurance Policy

If you happen to have an existing life policy already set up, it might be worth your while to have a look at the policy terms and conditions, in some instances, you may be able to increase your life cover automatically (within limits) due to this life event occurring, this can also take place if you are getting married, adopting a child or moving principal residence without the further need for medical evidence, so be sure to check your existing policy!

Monthly Savings

When your child is born, you can expect to receive €140 per month per child for your children’s allowance. It would be a very good idea to set up a savings plan with this money if you feel that it is surplus to you, this will help you so much in the later years to help pay for their education or assist when they are looking to get on the property ladder. Currently, a child can inherit up to €280,000 tax free from their parents. Alternatively, if you feel that Inheritance Tax may be an issue for you, please come and talk to us.

Protect Your Income

Protect your income. Your income allows you to plan & prepare. Without our income, we cannot pay our mortgages, rent, bills and any other luxury you may enjoy. Only some occupations qualify for this, so be sure to check with me if you qualify for this benefit, you also receive tax relief on the premium so it makes it easier to carry the cost.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these areas I have mentioned, please contact me at or call me 0818 222 700  and I would only be too delighted to help you.

Aoife Caulfield QFA RPA
Financial Advisor

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What Not To Buy This Valentine’s Day

Please Keep The Petrol Station Receipt!


Valentine’s Day is not everyones cup of tea but some people love it! I’m already thinking I must pick up something or I could be in the dog house. If you’re spending the money anyway, definitely buy something your partner will appreciate. We put together a small list of what not to buy this Valentines.


Kitchen Utensils

Unless you other half is a budding master chef, please don’t buy them anything for the kitchen. Stop googling nutri-bullets, food mixers or Jamie Oliver salad bowls, it won’t be well received!


Who is the present really for? I think you know the answer….

Petrol Station

If you buy anything in the petrol station, they will know you bought it in the petrol station. It will have last minute Larry written all over it. Don’t let them think you don’t care.


Fluffy Teddy

It’s a complete waste of money. What would you do with a teddy? Most people haven’t had a teddy on their bed since they were five years old.


Check out something of Ellen’s funny bad gift stories

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6 Simple Home Exercises

Tried & Tested Exercises In Your Own Home


Sometimes it can be quite difficult to make time for the gym or exercise classes. I have small kids at home and my house is nuts from 7am until 7pm most days. When I’ve made the dinner, the lunch for school and I finally get the kids to bed, I spend 20 minutes doing home exercises. Honestly, it makes such as difference both mentally and physically.

Sometimes I race against the clock, just like The Body Coach’s HIIT classes or I will do 12 reps of each exercise and repeat it four times.


Wall Sits 

Tip – try hold it for 60 secs. Keep your legs at a right angle.



Tip - Alternate your left and right leg. Bring your knee up as high as possible.




Tip – Don’t lean forward and try get your bum as low as possible.



The Plank

Tip- Try keep your head up (I was struggling here!) and keep your body as low as possible. Don’t let your bum rise up!


Chair Dips

Tip - point your toes up and lower your bum down while bending your elbows. Be careful if you have a bad back.




Tip – Don’t strain your neck. Use your core to hold you up and alternate each like in bicycle motion.




If you find it easier to follow a video, you should take a look at the body coach’s video below.

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Experience The Camino de Santiago

Mary’s Advice On Starting the Camino


When you first hear about the Camino, a thought that comes to mind is that I must do that some day. Well my advice is to go sooner rather than later because you will love it. I started with my friend Martina 3 years ago in St Jean Pied de Port, walked for five days and flew home. Two years ago we started where we left off, walked for another five days and flew home, the same last year. This year, fingers crossed come May we will do the same again. I reckon we will reach Santiago (753km) in another two years & may have to start all over again by then!

We organise our own trips, carry our rucksacks and sleep in the Albergues (Hostels). It’s the cheapest way of doing it and great fun. We have met the most amazing people and stayed in all sorts of places (but that’s a whole different blog) and yes we do spend a lot of time travelling on buses and trains to get to our destinations each year but it’s all part of our adventure.
I source a huge amount of information by joining The Camino de Santiago Forum online. Just key up your question or query and there is always someone who will answer it and guide you. There are Travel Agencies (Map Travel, Abbey Travel, Caminoways & MacAdventures) who will organise everything for you if that’s the way you wish to travel.

Advice on what to pack

The best advice I can give you is lay it all out on the floor and divide by half. If you are carrying it yourself, divide it again and again. You will be surprised how little you need and you can wash your clothes along the way. The best thing I pack is my journal- you really will want to write it all down – Buen Camino.







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Happy Pear’s Peanut Butter Cup

I Think This Recipe Surprised Everyone


I wanted to make a guilt free treat for our Great Sheridan Bake Off on Friday. My baking track record is not good so I got a round of applause at my house when this recipe was a success! It really is so easy to make and it’s safe to say everyone in the office loved it. Even the people that don’t really like peanut butter enjoyed it!

My Feedback

My peanut butter cup turned out much thicker than in the book but I think the next time I make this recipe I will make individual cups in bun cases. If you watch the Happy Pear video below, they use the perfect baking tin. My tin was way too deep. Definitely give this recipe a go!

Watch The Happy Pear Boys Make This 


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Lunchtime Chair Yoga With Eileen

Exercise & Relaxation At Lunchtime With Eileen Rowe


Today we tried something different at lunchtime by taking a chair yoga class with Eileen Rowe Health & Fitness. I never heard of this type of yoga before but it really was a great way to relax and exercise at work. It’s not a sweaty workout so you don’t need to bring your tracksuit, most of us stayed our work wear.

The class took about 40 minutes and the time flew by. Everyone was concentrating on their own movements and you can decide how far to push your body. Eileen was excellent; always reminding us about our posture and making us feel very comfortable. We did a few minutes of mindfulness at the beginning and at the end of the class which set us up for the rest of the day.

It’s not sweating exercise and you aren’t out of breath at the end of the class.

This is a great way to improve your energy while at work. We spend alot of time at a desk and it’s so important to stretch. Paddy Sheridan always tells us that exercise is so important for your mental and physical health so we will definitely keep this up!


chair-yoga health-fitness

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Our Favourite Everyday Lipsticks

What We Have In Our Makeup Bags


When I go home in the evening, I spend about 10 mins go through my snapchat stories to see what the latest lipsticks are being recommended. We all do it! When I go to work, I want a cheap good everyday lipstick that doesn’t cost the earth because the chances are that I will lose it after a month of swopping handbags.

When I park the car at the office, the first thing I look for is my lipstick and I know most people do the same thing. On Friday we raided our handbags at lunchtime to share our favourite daytime lipsticks.




At the moment my favourite everyday lipstick is Bourjois Rouge Edition No. 4. I like it because it suits me with or without fake tan. It’s a nudey/pink colour and the wear off is quite good and it’s very moisturising. I think I bought this is Superdrug for approx €12.00 and I want to buy some of the darker colours for going out.



My go-to lipstick at the moment is Kate Moss shade 45. It’s nude but it’s a nice nude. I feel somewhat dressed up for work and it goes with everything. I think it would suit most skin tones.





I like MAC Brave because it is the only nude shade that I seem to be able to wear. I am quiet fair and pale and usually find nude shades draining on me. This shade has just the right amount of colour for my skin tone. It’s not drying and actually quite moisturising. But the best thing about this lippie is it’s long lasting. I apply my make up at 7am every morning and I usually dont need to top up my lipstick until after lunch. What more could you want :)



I wear lipstick going to work but while I’m in work I wear the Clarins Baume Levres Reparateur. The air conditioning can make my lips very dry and I think this is lovely because it’s so moisturising. I leave it on my desk and I use it everyday. I bought it a few months ago and there’s lots left.






I like wearing vibrant lipsticks or glosses. The make up revolution salvation lip gloss in shade velvet is my favourite at the moment. It’s really glossy and it’s kinda raspberry in colour so I don’t wear much eye makeup with it and it’s perfect.







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Welcome To The Arc

Our New Home At The Arc, Drinagh


Finally we are delighted to tell you that our Wexford Office has moved The Arc, Drinagh. It’s been an exciting move for us but we will never forget the last 54 years at 93 North Main Street. Please call in to The Arc and say hello, we would love to see you.

Here are a few pictures of our new offices at The Arc


Picture 1 of 19




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What’s It Like To Work At The Arc

Noeleen Tells Us About Her Experience


If you didn’t already know, our office has moved from Wexford’s Main Street to our new location at The Arc, Drinagh. I can’t believe we are finally here! It’s been an emotional change for us here at Sheridans but we know it’s for the best. Our team out-grew the building and we wanted to give our customers a better experience.

Our Wexford office has been on the Main Street for 54 years. There are so many memories there for us and especially Mr. Sheridan.

There are lots of reasons why our customers and our team will love our new office. Here are a few reasons why I feel so lucky to work here.


We’re together

On the main street our team were split up into different sections because we kinda out-grew the building. Now, we sit together as team and it’s a real benefit for us and our customers. We work together and we can help each other out.

I’m Really Proud

It sounds weird but I love when my customers come into our new office. I’m very proud to have them at my desk because it’s a really comfortable place to have a chat and go through their car insurance policy. Most people find it really handy to call in because we are on the outskirts of town.

Free Parking

When I worked in town I was constantly going to the bank machine to pay for parking. Now we have free parking for customers and staff, I don’t know myself! Some of my customers have commented on the free parking so it’s definitely a benefit.

Lunch Together

We have a lovely new canteen and we all have a seat! There is over 35 people working in the Wexford office and we could never eat our lunch together because there was no space. Sometimes I would eat my lunch at my desk because there wouldn’t be any free seat in the canteen.

AND now we can go for a walk at lunchtime. There is a footpath all the way into town :)


This is the start of a new adventure for us in Sheridan Insurances and I really hope you get a chance to call in and see us. I can look after your car, van and home insurance but we have a great team of people that can help you with your business insurance, pension or investments.


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Accidents Over Christmas

What To Do If You Have A Claim Over Christmas


If you suffer a loss over Christmas, please take plenty photographs of the damages. You can do any works that will prevent further damages but please only do what is absolutely necessary. Please do not do a full repair/replacement job.

Please do not throw anything away as it may be needed for further inspection. You can call us on December 29th at 10am and we will register your claim. Alternatively you can register your claim online here.


Household Difficulties

  • Try to minimise damages
  • Take lots of photographs
  • Get a builder/plumber out ASAP
  • Don’t throw anything away

Cars Or Vans

Call the Gardai – they can arrange recovering the vehicle if you don’t
have breakdown cover.

If you have breakdown cover, call them and they can arrange moving the
vehicle (the number will be in your policy booklet or call us on the 29th or 30th December and we can confirm this for you)

Contact me via online registration and I will get in touch when our office
re-opens on Thursday 29th December or alternatively you can call me on that day.

If you have an extremely urgent situation and require urgent advice, you can
call our office and you will be re-directed to a voice mailbox. You can leave
your details and request a call back in case of emergency however as insurance
offices will be closed the level of help we can provide will be limited until our
office re-opens.

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Christmas Opening Hours 2017

 Wishing You & Your Family A Very Merry Christmas


We love this time of year because we get to spend time with our friends and family. Whatever you are doing this Christmas, we hope you really enjoy it and feel refreshed going into the new year.

At Wexford HQ we are really looking forward to our office move to the Arc, Drinagh on the 3rd January. We are excited to share it with you so please call in to say hello! Our phone numbers and email remain the same.

Please see our opening hours for the festive season below.



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Beware of Frost

Do You Leave Your Car Unattended When Heating It Up?


I don’t know about you but I am really feeling this cold weather and layering up every morning. While thinking about the cold and your morning rituals spare a thought for your morning  journey and make sure you are prepared for these dangerous road conditions.


How To Prepare For Dangerous Road Conditions


Get Up Early

Allow extra time for defrosting, slippery roads and slow moving traffic, try not to rush.


Warm Up the Car

Ensure your car windscreen & windows are properly cleared before beginning your journey.



If you are one of those people who leaves their car unattended while it is heating up – STOP! This is a prime time for people to steal cars & vans and trust me it does happen. If your vehicle is stolen with the keys in it while unattended your insurers do not have to cover the claim.


Turn Your Lights On

Even if the sun is up, having your lights on. It makes it easier for other road users to see you.


Increase You’re Breaking Distance

I see people every morning stuck to the back of the person in front of them – you are in a line of traffic! It is not going to move any faster. Increase your breaking distance!!


Do Not Use Your Mobile Phone

While driving you need to be extra alert in this kind of weather so stop making calls, stop sending texts and stop sending snap chats of how cold it is while driving.


Remember, you are not only responsible for your safety on the road. You are responsible for all the other road users around you too, from the kids on the school bus to the cyclist out early to the lady going to do her shopping. We all need to look out for each other.

If you are involved in an accident and are a customer of Sheridan Insurances, please call me directly on 053 9180912 for assistance.

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The Late Late Toyshow Best Bits

It’s More Than Just Toys For Us


It’s almost that time of year again and we’re getting a little bit emotional thinking about what the toyshow means for us. Every year we make sure that we are at home for the Late Late Toyshow. It’s a night full of family, food and the festive feeling; it’s not just about the toys for us; It means that we have another excuse to have friends and family over and celebrate the beginning of Christmas.

We put together some of our favourite clips of the Late Late Toyshow for you to enjoy before the 2016 show kicks off. Fresh pyjamas and popcorn at the ready! Enjoy your night in.


 Toyshow Best Bits

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I Smell A Rat

A Rat Can Look For Shelter In Your Car


With the recent cold weather all of the animals around us are feeling the cold too. Your cats and dogs are no doubt running inside at any given opportunity but that also means that mice and rats are looking for warm shelter too.

Rats and mice are attracted to warm, sheltered spots that are away from wide open spaces. Your house, car or van could be the ideal spot for them. Here are some things to bear in mind when it comes to avoiding a mouse/rat getting into your vehicle this winter.


Tips To Avoid Rats & Mice

  • Keep your car free from food papers and crumbs that may attract little creatures.
  • Try to park in an open space, even if it means taking a few extra steps to the house as mice and rats hate being in open spaces.
  • Don’t keep pet food anywhere near where you park your car or van. This free food is a major attraction.
  • If you or your neighbour have a cat, be nice to them and keep them on side as a deterrent to any mice or rats that may be close by.
  • When going in and out to the car try to keep all of the doors closes. Don’t make access easy for them.

If you think a mouse or rat may be in your vehicle don’t drive & call me on 053 9180912 for further advice if you are a client of Sheridan Insurances.



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Gogglebox Is Looking For You!

Apply For The New Series Of Gogglebox


Calling all Wexford and Kilkenny families! Tv3 has confirmed the hit show Gogglebox will return for a second series! It took me a while to warm to the Irish Gogglebox but now, I never miss it. I love the Tully twins and their standing ovation for the national anthem. But now it could be your turn!

We would love to see some Kilkenny and Wexford faces on the next series of Gogglebox. If your family or friends are funny, likeable and chatty then it could be your chance to get on the tele.

If you are interested in applying for the show simply email the production team 


The Tully Twins: Gingernuts or Jaffa Cakes with the tea 



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Sheridan’s Recommended Books

A Few Gems To Add To Your Reading List


This week I realised how many people in the offices read books! With over 60 people working in Sheridans we have lots of books to recommend; but this week we just picked a few to share with you. We have included links to buy these books just in time for Christmas. Each book below has been read and recommended by one of our team. While you sit at home in front of the fire you can shop online to find books for you to enjoy.



Legacy – James Kerr

Paddy Sheridan read this book three times and couldn’t recommend it enough.

‘Although the book is geared toward the All Blacks and their development, I found that it’s relevant for life and business. It’s about not accepting things as they are no matter how good they are; it’s about making them the best that they can be.’ Buy it here.



Souls of the Sea – Damien Tiernan

David Donnelly read this book by RTE’s Damien Tiernan.

‘A few years old but it’s an absolutely brilliant book. It’s all about the boats ‘The Pere Charles’ and ‘The Honeydew II’ which sank off the south coast of Ireland in 2007. If you have any interest in local or even non local maritime then it is a great read about the unfortunate events and the power of the sea in general.’ Buy it here.



Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts

Ruth read this book and you can tell she loved it.

‘Oh I could say so much. It’s the best book I’ve ever read. I’ve never quite been pulled in and engrossed in a world described as this one is. You can smell and taste the environment around you in this story. Buy it here.shantaram

Pippa – Simple Tips To Live Beautifully – Pippa O’Connor 

Colette got this book for her birthday..

‘I think it is one worth getting. Pippa gives great tips on what to invest in and where to save money, great storage solutions, how to take a better selfie and everything in between! It is a great coffee table book as you can flick through it or pick a section at random; there are also plenty of pictures to catch your eye. I have mine on the coffee table for others to peruse while they wait on me to make them tea.’  Buy it here.



Marching Powder – Rusty Young & Thomas McFadden

Colin borrowed this book from Aoife in work.

It is written by an Aussie journalist (Rusty Young) who visits a prison in Bolivia in the early 2000s, and manages to bribe the prison guards to allow him to stay for a few months. The prison is close to being self-regulated (by the prisoners), and Rusty’s main aim is to stay with Thomas McFadden… an English prisoner jailed for drug smuggling.
The story centres on McFadden’s initial difficulties with the law & customs, his integration into the unorthodox prison system, and how he used it to his advantage in order to survive.
The prisoners are at times brutal, and only normalised by a brutal bribe-driven regime… which in itself seems to be fuelled by a society on the brink of economic survival, as it plays its part in the US administration’s War on Drugs.

A prison that has its own cocaine factories, allows tourists to visit (and recommended by The Lonely Planet!), and lets the families of prisoners stay over has to be read about.
Buy it here.



Maura’s Game – Martina Cole

Martha thought this book was so good that it’s now being passed around the office for people to bring home. She just couldn’t put it down! Buy it here.


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Get To Know Christine

Christine Is House Insurance Advisor


I’m Christine, a qualified Insurance Advisor here at Sheridan Insurances. I started working in the Kilkenny office over eight years ago. In the beginning, I worked in reception while I studied for my insurance exams and for the last three years I look after my own clients and their insurances. I think my favourite part of the job is getting to know people. You get to know their family, the stories, who’s getting married and much more; I love it.

Since my clients are really important to me, I recorded the video below last week to show you that it’s not just a house insurance policy for me. I also have a house, a family and I know that I would be devastated if something happened to my home. I want to make sure that my clients get the best policy because I want them to be protected correctly in the event of a house claim.


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Sheridan Insurances Wexford Move To “The Arc”

Massive News For The People Of Wexford


Following weeks of speculation we can now confirm that we are officially the new anchoring tenant of the Arc in Drinagh. Having traded for over 50 years from 93 North Main St. Wexford, we are moving our offices to one of Wexford’s most iconic buildings. The complex designed and built locally has never been occupied and we hope to open the doors in early 2017.


Drinagh is fast becoming the Financial Services and Insurance hub of Ireland with major national and international players such as Zurich, BNY Mellon and PFPC residing there, to name a few. The joining of such an iconic and modern building with a local company with over 50 years experience is testament that the growth in the financial services sector in Wexford is not only for big international players.


Sheridan Insurances was established by Paddy Sheridan in 1964 and has grown from a small office with 3 employees to one of the South East’s largest insurance brokers, employing a team of 60 across three offices in Wexford, New Ross and Kilkenny.
Ciarán Sheridan, Paddy’s son took over the reigns in the early 90’s and expanding the business has been his primary focus since.


This move has been on the cards for many years, we just couldn’t find a location that was suitable for our business and our customers. Our customers need parking and ease of access. We feel that The Arc is the perfect fit for us and we are really excited about bringing the building to life” Ciarán Sheridan.


We have recently launched the Sheridan Academy in an effort to provide local young people with the education, skills and experience to have a successful career in the Insurance Industry.


We have so much raw talent in Wexford; technology has changed the way people buy insurance. We now insure people from all over the country, but we have chosen to expand our operations in Wexford. It has always been a great county to do business in and we are thrilled to be able to offer more employment and indeed more career opportunities in the county” Ciarán Sheridan.


The Arc which has become a well known landmark in Wexford was built and designed locally and has never been occupied. Suzanne Freeman is currently leading the project management and design of the building. “I have done a lot of corporate fit outs but this building is special, it’s so unique I feel the interior needs to reflect this”.
While a move date has not been set, we hope to be in the new building in early January 2017.



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Winter Is Coming

What You Need To Do Before The Bad Weather Arrives


Excuse the headline, I’m a really big Game of Thrones fan and I couldn’t help myself! The cold weather is setting in and if you own a home or rent a house there are a few things you need to do. A lot of people here at Sheridan HQ are really feeling the cold so we put together a checklist of what needs to be done in our homes to make winter a little bit more bearable.

  • Make sure you have heating oil – there is nothing worse than coming home after a long day to a freezing house because you ran out of oil and it is made worse when you have to bleed the boiler!
  • Make sure your fireplace is clean and the chimney has been swept recently.
  • Clear the leaves from the gutters outside to avoid any blockages when the rain returns.
  • Keep the doors closed to avoid any mice coming in & check for any holes outside that they might be able to get it. These will need to be blocked.
  • Check your carbon monoxide alarm to make sure it is in working order. When you are constantly lighting fires and heating radiators you really need to make sure this alarm is working.


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Printable Santa Letter

Make Your Kids’ Day By Bringing Home This Santa Letter


It’s almost that time of year again! The cold weather has arrived and the Christmas adverts are on the tele. At our house it’s almost time to start writing Santa letters and to be honest it’s just as exciting for the parents; never mind the kids! It’s so simple to print your Santa letter; all you need to do it click on the letter below and print!


Click on the letter to print




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Snapchat: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Do You Know Someone Who Snapchats While Driving?


Is there anything worse than opening snapchat only to see the front facing camera capture your 12 chins? Well yes there is; People using snap chat whilst driving the car!

Millions of us are addicted to snapchat; it is so entertaining! Personally, I love the filters that change your voices. The majority of people use snapchat responsibly but some others who are too obsessed and take unnecessary risks by using snapchat while driving.

It’s becoming more and more common. I watch footage released on Facebook of people making videos while driving. We regularly see videos made by people involved in accidents that actually show them driving and messing right up to the point of collision and sometimes afterwards too.


Things to Remember

  • If someone sends you a snapchat and they are driving, tell them it’s not safe. They are putting peoples lives at risk including their own.
  • If you are in the car with someone who is using their phone; tell them to stop, your safety is at stake.
  • If a passenger is pushing a driver to go faster for a good video, please stop them. It just isn’t worth the risk.

The next time you consider using your phone while driving or pushing a driver to take a risk to you can make a good snapchat video, think about the devastation that you would leave behind if you were to cause an accident. It isn’t just your lives at stake; it’s the person walking their dog, the family coming home from granny’s house or the child cycling home from training.



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Laura Makes Avoca Banana Bread

Make Banana Bread At Home For The Whole Family


I regularly make the Avoca Banana bread because I feel it’s quite healthy. I also prefer home made baking because I know exactly what’s it in. The Avoca cookbook is great; definitely try out their scone recipe too! When you have kids, you must put something healthy in their lunch box for school. It can be quite difficult to keep it interesting. My children love this recipe and the loaf lasts a couple of day. You can toast it and it’s so moist it doesn’t need butter which means less mess.

My Tip

On occasion I will only put in 2 oz of sugar because it’s sweet enough with the banana and I also put in some ground nuts. The recipe below makes one loaf.



  • 225g/8oz plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 110g/4oz caster sugar
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 75ml/3 fl oz sunflower oil
  • A few drops of vanilla essence
  • 65g/2.5 oz pecan nuts chopped
  • 4 medium-sized ripe bananas, mashed



  • Sift the flour, salt, baking powder and cinnamon into a bowl and stir in the sugar.
  • Mix in the eggs, sunflower oil and vanilla essence but do not beat.
  • Fold in the pecan nuts (or other nuts) and mashed banana using a fork. Do not beat.
  • Spoon into a lined 900g/2lbs loaf tin and bake in an over preheated to 180C/350F/gas mark4 for 50-60mins until the loaf is golden brown and springs back when prodded gently.
  • Leave in the tin for 10 minutes. Then turn out onto a wire rack.
  • Make a pot of tea, slice the banana bread and relax. We’re in the car and we’re on the way for a taste!



1 2


recipe credit: Avoca cafe cookbook

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Save Money With Home Heating Tips

A Sure You Won’t Know Yourself With The Heat


Halloween is over and Christmas is coming! At this time of year I spend a lot of time in the house so I think it’s the perfect time to help you save money by giving you some home heating tips! Making some small changes can save you money and its better in your pocket. Put on the kettle and let’s go through some of the best ways to keep heat in your home.



Keep radiators free from obstruction

Avoid placing furniture or low hanging curtains in front of the radiators. It will stop the heat from projecting into the room.

Close the doors

I don’t know how many times I was asked ‘Were you born in a barn?’ as a child. I really didn’t get it at the time but now that I pay my own heating bill I completely understand. Close all the doors and keep the heat in!

No Letterbox

For anyone building their own house or replacing their front door. Choose a door without a letterbox. Place a letterbox on the wall outside. We spend a lot of money on an insulated door and then we put a great big hole in it. When you think about it, it makes so much sense!

Draft excluder

An oldie but a goodie. This is a great way to keep the living room warm. It doesn’t have to be old fashioned if you pick a nice one but a draft excluder definitely works. I have one in my living room.

Turn your thermostat down by one degree

Turning your thermostat down by one degree can save you up to 3% on your heating bill depending on your provider.


Turn radiators down or off in the rooms you do not use.


Regular maintenance on your heating system can reduce your bill. When the system is working correctly and you keep it topped up with oil you can save yourself a money because their will be very little wastage.


You can also apply for home renovation incentive to help you insulate your home. You can get the details here.



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Halloween Movies – Don’t Get Scared Now

Keep The Family Entertained This Halloween Holiday


‘When Witches Go Riding & Back Cats Are Seen,
The Moon Laughs 
and Whispers
‘Tis Near Halloween’

There is nothing like a few haunting Halloween movies to scare the living
daylights out of you  at home this week. But, we’re not in the business of scaring you
so we just choose a few of our favourite Halloween and magical films. I chose
a few new movies and a few older movies for a trip down memory lane. Its
amazing how films have changed and developed. Hocus Pocus is 23 years old!


‘Hocus Pocus

This is one of my favourite Halloween films, it looks quite dated now but it
never fails to entertain. It’s quite a classic Halloween storyline It’s an oldie
but a goodie.




‘The Goonies’


 ‘Nanny McPhee’



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Conquering Your First Fireworks

The Wexford Opera Fireworks Display Is On Tonight!


Tonight thousands of people will flood Wexford town for the opening of the annual Wexford Opera Festival. Whilst I honestly have no interest in Opera, the opening display of Fireworks has been a date in my diary since early childhood.

For many little people this will be their first night watching the famous firework display. If you are like me you are on tender hooks…. In town at night, past bedtime, thousands of people, loud noises, the sky lighting up….. this could do horribly wrong. Have a read below of some tips to make your first fireworks experience goes smoothly. Don’t let them put you off, you have to start sometime.


Explain what will happen

Prepare your child for the loud noises and the crowds and the dark… little ones are not often out this late. Make it sound exciting and positive but be honest.


Do a little homework

Show your kids fireworks on Youtube so they know what to expect.


Feed them before you leave the house

When you’re hungry everything seems worse. Don’t rely on your child eating in a restaurant. Give them a proper dinner before you leave the house. They will be up later than normal so will be extra hungry.


Drown the sound

Sometimes the noise can be the most frightening part. Pop a bit of cotton wool or a set of ear plugs into your pocket in case of emergency. A hat can even take the edge of the noise.



Make them feel safe

Let your child sit in your arms or go down to their level so the feel safe and secure the crowds can be very overwhelming.



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What To Do If Your House Was Burgled?

We Know Exactly How To Handle This Situation


It really is one of the most awful calls I receive. When one of my clients calls me to say they have been the victim of a house burglary, my heart goes out to them. It’s very traumatic for the family because your house is very special and someone has disturbed it or in some cases trashed it. I look after these situations all the time so I know exactly what you need to do if your home was the target.

What You Need To Do

  • Firstly, remain calm and don’t touch anything in the house.
  • Call the Gardaí.
  • Take photos of everything and pay particular attention to the point of entry.
  • When the Gardaí are finished looking around and asking question you can start to tidy your house and see if there is anything missing. In my experience they usually take jewellery and things that are easy to move. They don’t seem to pay much attention to iPads and phones as they can be traced.
  • At this stage, if you are our clients please call me on 053 9123122. I will look after everything from this point onwards. I will do my best to take the stress out of this traumatic experience.
  • Secure damaged doors and windows after you call me. If your house is burgled at the weekend or at night time it’s really important to secure it until you can get a professional to look at it.


This information is really important this weekend as many of us will be out of the house over the bank holiday weekend.

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Home-made Apple & Almond Turkey Burgers

Handy Home-made Burgers To Keep The Family Happy


When you want to be healthy but you are fed up of making the same old dinner, it’s definitely time for a change. Last night  at my house I made Apple and Almond turkey burgers. It’s really simple to make and they taste really good! I think I surprised everyone at home because they weren’t expecting them to taste so good.


  • 450g Turkey mince
  • 1/2 Medium apple grated
  •  50g roughly chopped almonds
  • 1/2 beaten egg
  • 1/2 tsp chilli powder
  • salt & pepper


I made six chunky turkey burgers out of this recipe but you can make them smaller if you wish.

  • Grate the apple into a mixing bowl.
  • Mix in the chopped nuts and turkey mince.
  • Add in the chilli powder, salt, pepper and beaten egg to the mixture. I found it much easier to mix this with my hand.
  • Heat up your frying pan and coat the pan in coconut oil. (you can use any oil)
  • When the pan is hot, take the a large spoonful of the mixture and make it in to a burger shape. Fry it on the pan until the outside of the burger is golden brown. Repeat this until you use up your mixture.
  • Once all burgers are golden brown on the outside, place them on an oven tray and put them in the over at 180 degrees fan oven for 20 minutes.

I mashed Avocado into the top on the turkey burger and it was gorgeous. My house was full of people last night so the whole family had a taste. You can add different ingredient to suit your taste ;onions and sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, breadcrumbs and more!







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Family Halloween Outfits

Dress Up Your Whole Family For Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is a great opportunity to go out with your kids. Whether you are Trick or treating or having a Halloween party at your house, dressing up as a family will give the neighbours some serious outfit envy! Here are some of the best idea’s I found. I know we want the cheapest and easiest option but maybe this blog with give you some inspiration. Tag us in some photos online if you use some of these ideas!


1 2 3 4 5 6



A Throwback to Halloween 1993 

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Ciaran Sheridan Wins Broker Principal of the Year!

WINNER! Watch His Nomination Video Here

The Irish Brokers Association has crowned Ciarán Sheridan with the most coveted title “Broker Principal of the year 2016.” Ciarán was presented with the award amongst over 500 of the Insurance industries top bodies at the IBA’s annual gala Lunch in the Mansion House this afternoon.

The award is to recognise the support, encouragement and guidance that the broker principal has shown to employees to aid their development within the Insurance Industry. The title holds extra significance as it is the employees of the business who nominated Ciarán to receive the award.

“I’m truly honoured to have been nominated never mind winning. It means so much when the nomination has come from my team. I knew I had a great team, but receiving this award is a very humbling experience” Ciarán Sheridan.

Ciarán had no idea he had even been nominated until a video streamed through the Mansion House during the awards ceremony featuring people from the office giving their heart warming nomination.

“The video was incredible Ciarán added, usually nominations are made on paper, I was a little overwhelmed seeing the guys from the office on the big screen and nervous of what they were going to say! I shouldn’t have been they were fantastic”.


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Ultimate Bedtime Stories

The Books We Read To Settle Our Kids Before Bed


Most nights I read to my little kids just before they go to bed. The day can be so hectic and the bedtime story makes you relax and enjoy spending some quiet time. I am doing my best to limit TV time and iPad time so I make the most the bed time stories. In the office we swop children’s books. I bring one borrowed book home every week and they think they have won the lotto! Here are a few of my favourite books at the moment.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I’m reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the moment and it’s going down quite well! I read one chapter every night because it is a little too long but the girls love it. It just shows you that some of the best stories are the oldies.




The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo is an all time favourite in Sheridans. Even before I had kids I know this was a popular book. It helps to develop their language skills. It’s great for their memory because it’s repetitive and kids love it when words rhyme. I normally put on different voices for difference characters and you can act it out. It’s a really interactive story and it suits the 3-6 year age group.



Room on the Broom

Children love rhymes and this book rhymes from start to finish. It’s great for developing their words and it’s so repetitive is great for small kids and young readers. The website for Room on the Broom is great because it has kids’ activities that you can download for your children.




Ten Little Princesses

This is one of my favourites to read. It’s a modern twist on classic princess stories and incorporates all your favourite stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. It follows 10 little princess reaching various fates to become one little princess.




The Gruffalo Story

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Style Inspo For The Prohibition Party?

Let’s Get Glammed Up For The Wexford Spiegeltent


If you’re going to the Wexford Spiegeltent Prohibition party this week then we have you covered. Firstly, you are going to have an amazing night. The whole dress up element really does break the ice. So, if you are struggling to find the perfect 1920’s outfit we have put together some style inspiration. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it just takes a little bit of imagination and a root in the wardrobe! Pleated skirts are in fashion at the moment and pearls are essential.

Take a look in your existing wardrobe and see what will work for you. Decide on the look you want to achieve and take a trip to Penneys or your local charity shop. You will be thrilled once you have your outfit complete. You will be a home-made Gok Wan!

Quick tips for the perfect outfit

  • Red lips & nails
  • Pearls & curls
  • Fur
  • Gloves





3 4 5 6 7


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How To Get The Perfect Kitchen

Follow Our Tried & Tested Tips 


In the last two years quite a few of us in the offices moved house or put in a new kitchen. We are always sharing our tips and advice with each other because we have learned so much along the way. We all went to different suppliers and it’s really good to ask someone a few questions before you get started. Also its great to get  advice on what not to do. Have a quick read and hopefully this info is helpful!

Tips to achieve the perfect kitchen


Chopping boards and oven trays

You don’t want chopping boards on your worktop or falling around a press. Ask your kitchen supplier to build in a small separate compartment into the cupboard beside the cooker. Now the chopping boards are standing up right and they are hidden.

Larder or Larder press

If it’s a new build/renovation and you have the space, put in a larder with slatted shelving. You can store all the food in here along with your food processor and other kitchen gadgets. The excess food will fall to the floor through the slatted shelves and you can easily sweep it up.

If you don’t have room for the larder, put in the larder press with shelving and drawers. Again the food is in one place and you can grab everything you need at once.

Drawers and more Drawers

Drawers are a better use of space than cupboards. You can see everything and you don’t have to reach far to find what you need. You can even get special drawers to store plates and bowls. The cupboard that stores Pyrex bowls, Tupperware can be a mess but a drawer can make it so much easier.



If possible, store your plates, bowls and cups right opposite the dishwasher. It makes the dishwasher easier to unload and will save you time.




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Create A Photo Wall In Your Home

Get Those Photos Printed & Celebrate The Memories


I’m a divil for taking loads and loads of photos and never printing them. I love going through old photos at my parents home so I have decided to start planning my photo wall. I will be moving into a new house shortly so I want to pick some of my favourite photos and create a photo wall. It’s a great way to make your house feel like a home.


Where To Start?

  • I’m going to pick 10 photos that I absolutely love and make me feel happy.
  • Then I’ll decide if I want them in colour or black & white or a mixture.
  • Decide on a style – will I go for the standard IKEA frames or go for a vintage look.
  • See what size and orientation I want each photo to be.
  • Pick the layout I want and lay the frames on the floor and make sure I’m happy.
  • Then find a handy person to hang them for me!

I posted some inspo for you below if you’re planning on creating a photo wall if your own home. I picked a few different layouts for you to choose from and the photo ledge can be purchased in IKEA if that floats your boat.  I also really like the kid’s room idea; it puts some structure on their daily artwork.



photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7




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Kim Kardashian Thieves Saw Jewellery on Social Media

A Wake Up Call To Everyone Posting On Social Media


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was the victim of a robbery while she stayed in her luxury residence at Paris fashion week. The thieves reportedly robbed jewellery worth £9 million and the French policy believe that they targeted jewellery that she recently posted on social media. Last week Kim posted a photo of her engagement ring.




Now, we know that we’re not Kim Kardashian and but it is so important not to place photos of your possessions on Facebook, twitter or Instagram.


Here are a few things to remember:

  • Anyone can check your social media and in some cases people are robbed by people in the local area.
  • If you have any high value items look into specifying them on your house insurance policy.
  • If you are away on holidays, upload the photos when you are home, don’t let thieves know you are out of the house.
  • If you are posting photos of your new watch or new jewellery, it is basically an advertisement. Please don’t do it.



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Texting While Driving

This Advice Could Save Your Life


Are you guilty? Are you that person that texts while driving? Or maybe you are adding to your snapchat story behind the wheel? Using your phone while driving is a huge no-no for us in Sheridan Insurances. Not only are you endangering your own life but you are putting other road users at risk. Think about a family in a car on their way to a GAA match or a father on his way home to see his kids, you are putting these people in danger.

The Facts 

  1. You are 4 times more likely to crash when using your mobile phone while driving.
  2. Mobile phone usage while driving plays a role in 20% -30% of all road collisions.
  3. A fine of up to €1,000 is issued for first time offence. All the details here.

How To Make The Difference

Help us to make a difference by following some of the advice below. Also take a look at the video. This is a road safety advert in New Zealand. Reminding you to put your passenger first and drive phone free.

  1. Put your phone out of reach.
  2. Pull over safely if you really need to take a call.
  3. Don’t snapchat while driving.
  4. Don’t use your smart watch while driving.
  5. If you are a passenger, don’t let the driver use their phone.


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Protect Your Home From A Burglary

Colette’s Guide To Preventing A Break In


It’s getting near that time of year again. We’re considering lighting the fire, pulling the scarves out and best of all, it’s perfectly acceptable to be in fluffy pyjamas more often than not! Unfortunately house burglaries also become more common at this time of year. It is difficult to prevent a home burglary but here are a few things to consider.


Prevent A Home Burglary

  • If you have a dog, leave them outside to bark. While it may annoy you sometimes, it will be a deterrent for thieves.
  • If you are going away, try and get someone to house-sit. What’s a few crumbs from someone eating on your sofa compared to a break in!
  • Get a neighbour to keep an eye on the house, turn some lights on and open & close the curtains.
  • Outdoor sensor lights can be great as a thief will easily be seen.
  • Don’t have too much of a routine, when it comes to things like going to the shop or going to visit family, don’t have set times. The more unpredictable your movements are the harder it will be to break in.
  • Don’t tag yourself in at the airport on Facebook. Basically you are advertising to people that you will be away for a few days. ‘Come on over and help yourself to my jewellery and some cash’.


What To Do If Your Home Is Burgled

  • If you are burgled try to stay calm, call the Gardaí immediately and don’t touch anything until the Gardaí tell you it is ok to do so.
  • Take detailed photographs of the damages and notify your insurer as soon as possible afterwards.

If you see anything suspicious in your area make a note of it and notify the Gardaí if it causes concern.

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Heading To The Picnic?

Don’t Forget To Pack These For Electric Picnic


For all you lucky people heading to Electric Picnic this weekend, our fingers and toes are crossed for a tiny bit sunny weather. We’re sure you are stalking your weather apps at this stage and packing all your festival essentials in preparation for the action packed weekend!

With all the excitement of wellies, hair accessories, baby wipes and tents, it is easy to forget some of the essentials.


Spare Bottle Caps

If you are bringing a drink (alcoholic or not) into the arena, the caps are usually taken from your bottle so put an extra one in your pocket otherwise you will have to down your drink!



Try sharing a mirror or two with your group of friends. That way you can create the crazy festival hair and make up looks that are on trend instead of looking like Halloween make up gone wrong. Bring the waterproof mascara!


Re-Seal Sandwich Bags

These are brilliant for keeping your phone and valuables dry and can easily fit into your backpack, handbag or bumbag.


Comfortable Boots & Warm Jumper

Remember you will be doing a LOT of walking and dancing. Waterproof, comfortable footwear is the ultimate essential for any festival goer. Get some extra insoles to put in your wellies and boots and make sure to have plenty of comfortable socks with you too.

It also gets quite cold at night time so pack a jumper!

Ponchos Ponchos Ponchos

Is there anything more uncomfortable than being wet through to the skin and not being able to do anything about it?! Try putting a poncho on over your top/jumper, then a rain jacket and then another poncho for the ultimate protection from any water seeping in.

Last but not least, don’t over pack your car or van. If you don’t need it don’t bring it! Don’t leave anything in your car/van no matter how little its value. The last thing you will need after 3 days of madness is to find your car/van has been broken into!

Electric Picnic have created a great essentials checklist that you can view here. Have the best time!


image source: rte presspack

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Hurricane? What Hurricane?

Ah Sure There’s No Harm In Being Prepared


Rumour has it we may be getting a bit of a hurricane in Ireland over the weekend. We did a routine weather check and it seems that the Weather will be unsettled but nothing like a hurricane! Fingers crossed that people at Electric Picnic won’t be in for rough time camping. They may pack a sense of humour along with their tent the car. It’ll be grand! Here are a few things to arrange just in case the unsettled weather kicks in.


Check Your Fences and Gates

If there are any loose bits of wood, nail them into position and make sure your gates can be properly secured so they don’t flop around in the wind. The last thing you need it a dent in your car or a broken window.


Garden Furniture & Toys

It may be time to tidy away some of the garden furniture and toys. Things like toy tractors, lounge chairs and even trampolines have been known to fly around in high wind so make sure to secure them or lock them away.


Lights & Candles

Make sure your torch and lights have batteries and have the candles and matches in an easy to reach place just in case the power goes out!


Wheelie Bin

Once your rubbish has been collected, bring the wheelie bin back into the garage or a secure area. The wind will blow this bins over and could push them out in front of traffic.



Slates & Tiles

Have you checked your roof lately? Now is a good time to get someone to check for loose slates, gaps and damaged slates so they can be fixed before the weather turns. Winter is the busiest time of year for claims and these problems can be avoided if they are noticed early.

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Kids Are Going Back To School

5 Things I Really Love About Back To School


It’s back to school season and I am really looking forward to having a few minutes of me time this week. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great Summer with my kids but there is something about this week that makes breathe a sigh of relief! I’m looking forward to having a cup of tea in silence the 3pm School run.

Although if you are sending your child off to school for the first time this year, you could probably do with a quick hug and a friendly face because I choked back the tears on the first day of school. Remember to be good to yourself this week.

I am lucky enough to have some time during the week to enjoy some back to school freedom. Here are a few things I think we should take full advantage of this week.


5 Things I Can’t Wait For This Week



The Gym

There is something lovely about getting your exercise over and done with early in the day. I just wouldn’t get a chance to do it in the evening time and you have set yourself up for the day.

Day Time TV

Loose Women. Who doesn’t love to sit down and watch Loose Women on TV during the day? It’s like sitting down with a bunch of friends having a laugh. No wiping snotty noses, no squashed food in the sofa, just me and the TV…exciting!



Enjoy the quiet shower. No one shouting MAM or standing at the door asking you ‘where is my transformer’ or can ‘I have the iPad’.


Meet a Friend

It’s definitely good to talk. Especially if this is your child’s first week at school. Not only is it a big week for them, it’s a big week for you too. Meet up with a friend and have the chat, no harm done and don’t be rushing home to tidy up or hang out the washing. Enjoy yourself.


Grocery Shopping

How often have you brought the kids shopping and got so distracted that you forgot to buy things you really need. I hate getting back in the car to Aldi or Supervalu just because I forgot the toilet roll! I really don’t enjoy grocery shopping but strolling around the supermarket in peace is quite pleasant.



So enjoy your week and here is a little song of the 3pm pick up!



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Back To School Ready With A Free €50 Voucher

Take The Pressure Off Your Pocket This September


At Sheridan Insurances we want to help you with the cost of back to school by giving you a free €50 voucher! This is an amazing chance to take the pressure off your pocket this September! You can choose between a Dunnes Stores, The Book Centre and Sam McCauley’s voucher and all you have to do it take out a brand new home insurance policy with Sheridan Insurances! It’s that simple! The offer ends 31st October 2016.

How Do I Get A Voucher?

Call us today on 0818 222 700 and speak to our Home Insurance Advisors and take out a brand new home insurance policy. Remember you can switch your home insurance at any stage during the year!

Read the Terms and Conditions Here.

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Welcome To The Sheridan Academy

Meet Our Recent Insurance Graduates


Wednesday was a very proud day in Sheridan Insurances. We celebrated the graduation of seven members of our team in Greenacres Wexford. The Insurance Institute of Ireland awarded our team with CIP and APA insurance qualifications.

I can’t tell you how excited we were! We understand all the effort that goes into studying and sitting each exam. It’s an incredible achievement and we are proud of each and every one. This means that each Advisor is qualified to advise our customers about an insurance policy that is right for them.

What’s even more exciting is that five graduates recently joined us last year! They took the challenge the passed with flying colours. At Sheridan Insurances our team qualify in the top 2% of Irish insurance graduates.

Why Choose Insurance As a Career?


Earn while you learn

When you work in insurance you can study while you are working. It’s a huge benefit. You are developing a career as you study and you get paid every month. No more looking in the  couch for some change on a Thursday evening!

Room to grow

Insurance is one of the best kept career secrets and we want to change that. In the insurance industry there is so much room for professional development and promotion. Once you are qualified, you are a part of a specialised workforce and will be highly experienced in your line of work.


Everyday we meet or listen to people on the phone. In our case, our clients have been with us for many years. We get to know them and their family. You also work closely with your colleagues and as they study with you, you will have a friend for life.


Protecting What Matters Most

Knowing that you are doing your best for the customer and helping them choose a policy that is right for them is a great feeling. You are protecting them, their family and what matters most.



How To Apply To For The Next Academy

The Sheridan Academy is a five step programme to develop a career in insurance. If you would like to work for Sheridan Insurances and be a part of the next academy, apply below.


Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)


Role Being Applied For?

Your Message

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Today Is The Hottest Day Of The Year!

Here’s A Few Things To Keep In Mind Today


In case you missed it, TODAY IS THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR!! It’s definitely a day for suncream and ice-cream but we will have to wait until 5pm to enjoy the weather. I’m based in our Wexford office so I am lucky enough to have the beach on my doorstep. So if you are hopping in the car to head to the beach or to a family BBQ, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Sun, Sea & Thieves

If you’re heading to the beach or to the park DON’T LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN THE CAR! Please leave them at home.


Car Journeys

Try to avoid a long hot car journey with kids or pets. If you have to travel, make plenty of put stops for water and ice-cream!


Car Seats

Cover your kids car seat with a blanket if you are leaving the car unattended  so it doesn’t burn their legs when you get back to the car.


Watch The Roads

Tar on the road will be really sticky and this will impact your grip on the road so leave extra stopping distance and be extra careful on the bends.


Farm Machinery

Remember the expression “Make hay while the sun shines”? – well every farmer in the country will be out today so watch out for large agri-vehicles on bends and allow extra time on your journey as you are bound to pass a few hard working farmers on the roads today!


Most of all enjoy the day! Forget about the gym and doing to shopping; spend the day outside! Here is a fun summer song for the kids.


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Keep Your Kids Happy On The Plane

Aoife Caulfield Has Some Great Tips For Parents


Bags packed, kids are excited and you can’t wait to put that out of office status on your work emails; but have you forgotten something? As a parent you need to walk onto that plane confident in the knowledge that you are fully prepared to entertain your kids for the next three hours. If you are a nervous flyer you definitely want your child to be as relaxed as possible.

I have two little girls, aged 8 and 10. I have travelled with them since they were toddlers so I think I can give you some great little tips to entertain the kids through the airport and the plane. Now that my girls are a little older it definitely is a little easier to take them on holidays.



MacDonald’s is a real treat for my girls because I don’t really bring them there very often. So, when we get to the airport I buy them a happy meal. They also have porridge as an option on their breakfast menu. Not only are they excited to be in MacDonald’s but they also have the little toy to play with on the plane.


Travelling Trunki’s

Have you ever seen the kids suitcases called trunk? My girls have their own little suitcases now because they are older, but the trunk case is great for 3-6 year olds in my opinion. They love helping you pack them, they can scoot around on them in the airport. You can buy them here on





Finger Puppets

These were a great little find for my children. They absolutely loved them. It would entertain them for a while on the plane. Creating little stories puts them in great form. Definitely worth purchasing.


There is really nothing like a story and snuggle and their favourite story and favourite blanket. Most kids associate story time with going to bed and I think this really helps settle young kids on the plane.


I use a few different things on the plane. Firstly I will have the portable DVD player, lifesaver! I also compile a playlist of their favourite songs on my iPhone and let them listen to the music. Just don’t forget to switch it to airplane mode! Giving them their own set of headphones is a great idea too. I download some games onto my iPad and this is another option. They all work!


No matter what bring their dummy or some sucky sweets for older children to prevent their ears popping. The pain can be awful and you really don’t want upset little kids on your flight. I will also bring little packets of fruit from the airport.


I really hope this tips help. If you are heading on holidays this summer have the best time!



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Don’t Drive Tired

I Have Some Tips To Avoid Driver Fatigue


Have you ever been driving along and had a sudden wave of tiredness come over you? It can be really hard to shake off! I find it is particularly difficult if you are in the car on your own and I often struggle when driving home from the office after a long day, even if the drive is only about 30 minutes!

If this affects you and you are worried about driver fatigue then take a look at my tips below. If you are drowsy at the wheel don’t take any chances; pull the car over safely. Your safety and the safety others is priority.


Tips To Avoid Falling Asleep At The Wheel


1. Open The Windows

Let lots of air in and sit up as straight as you can.


2. Good Loud Music

Keep a good CD in the car and turn the music up really loud so I can sing along.


3. Brain Training

I try to recall and say out loud all of my extended family’s names (there are a lot!!)– It gets the brain working. You could try naming out every person that was in your class at school or something that will take a bit of brain power to get you going.


4. If All Else Fails

If It’s not working you need to pull over and stretch the legs for a minute. If you are near a shop you could run in and get a fizzy drink to perk you up or on a nice day an ice-cream.




It is really important to remain alert while driving so if you feel tired and can’t shake it off pull over and shake yourself up – even if you are only driving to the shop and back. You need to arrive home alive, that is all that matters.




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What Happened On Our Photoshoot

Photoshoot With Celebrity Photographer Jenny McCarthy


It was all go last week as celebrity photographer Jenny McCarthy from Photosbyjen took over our Kilkenny office for our photoshoot. This is Jenny’s third time at Sheridan Insurances in the past five years so it was hard work but we definitely had a lot of fun too!

We have so many new faces on team it was great to get more people involved in the photoshoot. Over the next year you will see lots of Jenny’s photos but for now here is a sneak peak at behind the scenes.


6350 7350 835010350 11350 12350

1350 2350 3350 4350girls jenny


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Welcome To The Paleo Kitchen Cafe

It’s Exactly What You Have Been Waiting For


We are spoilt for choice in Wexford town when it comes to restaurants and Cafés but today we visited a restaurant with a difference. The Paleo Kitchen Café opened it’s doors for the first time this morning so we took a stroll down the main street to see what it had to offer for lunch.

Meet Dean and Shaun. These are the guys that own the Paleo Kitchen and they are so passionate about the food they serve and their customers. This restaurant is dedicated to providing its customers with a choice of real and healthy foods. No processed foods; everything is fresh and sourced from suppliers locally.

We chose the Turkey toast with salad and Hearty Bolognese for our lunch today. The food tastes amazing and it was lovely to know you were eating your lunch out but it was healthy and really enjoyable.

This restaurant is a great addition to Wexford’s main street and we wish them all the best! Find them on Facebook and the restaurant is located in Selskar, Wexford.




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Garden Makeover For Kids

Transform Your Garden Into A Kids Paradise



We had a conversation at the weekend about how kids spend so much time on an iPad watching youtube at home. They watch people unbox toys, Frozen Elsa’s makeup tutorials and reviews on their favourite video games. We didn’t have any of that as kids. We were sent outside and told not to come back in until dinner was ready. I went on a mission this morning to gather garden inspiration to help bring kids back into the garden and develop their imagination as we did.

Take a look at these photos below. We included photos of fairy gardens, musical areas and relaxation areas. They might not suit your own garden but I’m sure there are elements you can use for your own garden.















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Do You Text While Driving?

A New ‘Awkward’ Texting While Driving Advert 


The New Zealand Transport Authority has created an advert that uses awkward humour to try stop people texting while driving. The video has gone viral with over 1.2 million views since it was released.

They don’t use any harsh images to capture your attention. The awkward humour has you hooked from the very beginning and you want to watch the whole advert. No wonder it was such as success.

Your mobile phone makes you four times more likely to crash. And when you consider that driver distraction plays a role in 20-30% of all road collisions, phone use while driving needs to stop.


Please Don’t Text While Driving


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DIY Family Portrait

How To Create Your Very Own Family Photo


So you love family photos but you don’t want the expense of paying a professional photographer? Well we have a few tips to help you take some great family photos at home. If you have a decent camera or an SLR camera but don’t have a lighting set up, these tips will be perfect for you. I have also thrown in a few examples of great photo ideas that can be achieved at home.


Tips For Taking Great Family Photos 



For me, lighting is the most important part of taking a photo at home. If you have great natural lighting flooding into your home take full advantage of it. Shoot your photo in the room that has the most natural light.

Also be aware of the time of day. Shoot your photos in the morning. Shooting a photo an hour before sunset is lovely for some outdoor photos. If I want to bounce light onto a person I will use a white sheet our white corriboard in the room to bounce the light on the persons face.

In the photo below, you can tell that the lighting in front and slightly to the left of these kids because their faces and the top of their heads are well lit.




Small Kids or Babies

Make sure your kids are well feed and are happy out before you start taking photos. If you want to take a photo of your newborn, feed them before the shoot and make sure they are lovely and warm. Whether they are awake or asleep you should get a great photo.




Plan, Plan & Plan 

Pinterest is great to help you with your plans for photos. It will help you plan your props, clothing, hats, how you want the pose to look. Consider asking another family or friend to help because it does make life easier when someone is helping to position everyone.



If you want to improve the contrast of your photo or change it to black and white but don’t have access to photoshop, give them to your local photo shop and they can do it for you.



Photo Inspiration


2 4 5 6 7



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Ideas For Updating Kids Bedroom

A Lick Of Paint & Some Creative Thinking


Happy Easter Everyone! I spent the last week moving house and painting rooms so I feel your pain if you are considering a bit of DIY work at home this weekend. However, it can be really easy to make a kids room extra special. I have one big tip; don’t buy a thing until you have researched the look you really want to achieve.


Our Big Tips

  • Use Pinterest and the free app Houzz to gather your ideas.
  • See if you can recycle old frames etc. with fresh bright paint.
  • Keep the wall colour simple and create colour bursts with accessories
  • Buy two duvet covers to match the colour scheme of the room  (Next stock a great 2 pack)
  • Buy wall decals on ebay, it’s a really inexpensive way to brighten up a room.


1 3

9 5 76






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Zootropolis – Let’s Go To The Cinema

A Reason To Leave The House This Easter


Have you started to pull your hair out yet? Two weeks off school is a long time! So maybe it’s time to take your kids out of the house and head to the cinema. Every morning while I get ready for work the trailer for this new kids film ‘Zootropolis’ is on the tele and it’s going to be a big hit for adults and kids.

This disney film is brought to you by the creators of Frozen so we can be certain this film will not disappoint! We can see some references to Elsa and Anna in this film, watch out for the baby elephants wearing dresses! You’ll hear some famous voices such as Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman and Idris Elba.

So What’s It All About?

In a world of anthropomorphic mammals, Judy Hopps becomes the first bunny police officer to join the Zootropolis Police Department. Judy is a country bunny and soon realises how hard it is to enforce the law. Through the jigs and reels, she enlists the help of con artist Nick Wilde the fox to help her solve a mysterious case.

Other animals mistake judy’s kindness for stupidity but she proves them all wrong and shows that good can overcome evil and that great friendships are so important.

Don’t you just love Disney!




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Communion Hair Inspo

Some Amazing Style Idea’s For Their Special Day


When I made my communion in the 90’s , french plaits were all the rage and with little flowers. Nowadays communions hairstyles are incredible. Whether you’re planning on tackling her hairstyle yourself or you’re playing it safe with a hair stylist, these hairstyles will give you a bit of inspiration for her special day.

Remember there are some great youtube tutorials online so make sure you get a few practice sessions in first. Also make sure you wash her hair the night before and don’t use too much conditioner if you are planning on curling her hair.



The Braid Bun

This is one of our favourites in the office! With a bit of practice this look can be easily achieved at home. Wash her hair the night before and buy a hair bun donut to make the bun look very full. Your hairdresser will easily manage this look just tell them in advance what you want before you arrive to the salon and bring a photo.




Simply Elegant

This is gorgeous and so simple to achieve. Sometimes it’s the most simple styles are the most elegant.



The Frozen Elsa Look

This is a popular look and I’m sure every little girl that wants to be a princess will be thrilled with this hairstyle. Who doesn’t want to look like Elsa?!




Headpiece For The Girly Girl

I never thought of using a hairband or a head piece for a communion look but I think you will agree it’s a beautiful look. Especially if your child is a girly girl that love sparkles.




Headband Heaven

I don’t think this headband style will suit every child but it would look incredible on long curly hair and it’s a simple look that could be achieved at home.





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A Day Out This Mothers Day

This Is What Your Mother Would Really Love


I bet if you asked your mam what she really wants for Mother’s Day she would want to spend time with you and the family. Presents are great and you mum will love them but the time we spend with our parents and family means so much to us. Here are a few ideas to impress your mother happy this Mother’s Day.


Newbridge Silverware Café & Shopping

There’s less ground to cover than Dundrum and it’s a lovely place to shop. It’s got a good mix for mothers and daughters with Debenhams, Marks and Spencers, Zara, River Island etc. Newbridge Silverware café is a fabulous place for a spot of lunch. It’s so relaxing and there’s a piano player playing music in the background. I like it because it’s not as stressful as driving into Dublin.



We live in a beautiful country with lots of history and we need to make the most of it. Glendalough would be a lovely day out with the whole family. Pack the ham sandwiches,  walking shoes and the selfie stick!


Spa Day

Some of our favourite spots are Kelly’s Hotel Sea Spa and Seafield Oceo Spa. In our family, all the girls are grown up and I know my mam would love a day out with the girls in the spa.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is guaranteed to put a smile on her face this Sunday. Again, it’s another reason to spend time together. Some of our favourite spots are The Westbury Hotel, Dublin and Monart Destination Spa.


J.F Kennedy Park

Kennedy park is on our doorstep and it is one of my favourite places to spend a Sunday afternoon. Get an ice-cream and walk around the grounds, hopefully it will be sunny! There is a playground for the kids and a pond so make sure you bring some bread for the ducks.




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Things Our Irish Mammies Say

Were You Born In A Barn? Close The Door


She gave us the advice, a shoulder to cry on and a kick in the back side when needed but all this warmth and wisdom came with some funny sayings. To be honest, when I think back to the chaos we caused in the house I don’t blame my mam for coming out with a few crackers!


1. Do You Think I have Shares In the ESB, Do Ya?!

Walking out of a room and leaving the lights on was one of my specialities as a kid. I didn’t pay the bill so I never seen the importance of turning them off!


2. Why, Because I Said So That’s Why

The moment you realise that you are your mother’s daughter when these words come out of your mouth. Children love asking this question and sometimes they don’t realise how annoying it can be but it’s all part of being a kid!


3. Jesus Is That a Belt Or A Skirt?

A big shout out to all the mammies that made us change our outfits before the disco. We didn’t appreciate your face of disgust at the time but we do now!

4. I Think You’ve Had Enough Gallovant’in For One Day

Hated hearing this sentence as a teenager. You just knew all your friends were out having the craic and you were at home watching blind date with your mam!


5. Wait Until Your Father Gets Home!

Well, it did keep us quiet. By the time our father got home mam forgot to tell him! It got us every time.




Don’t forget to enter our Mother’s Day Competition on Facebook!


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Our Office Engagement Stories

Who Doesn’t Love An Oul Romantic Story On A Monday

We hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day. To those who got engaged or married over the weekend, Congratulations! Everyone loves a good wedding and engagement story so here are a few of our own.


Story One

Orla worked in Echo in Ross. I dropped in ad for “wanted section” looking for a wife; I knew she was the only one in the office. She opened envelope, read ad, rang me to ensure not a spoof and then said yes (happy days). We’re married 9 years in April (going out 15).


Story two

We (Sinead is my fiancé) had just moved into a new house in December 2014, I had bought the ring around then in advance of Christmas as I was planning to get engaged on Christmas eve or Christmas day. We moved into the house every thing was rosy, but this ring was really on my mind as I was worried she would find it hidden in my closet. We were heading out on Saturday 21st December to a party and meeting up with all our friends and family for dinner etc. so I said I would pop the question earlier that day.

So I went and did the noble thing and asked her parents for permission that morning etc. and all was going ok. Sinead went off to get her hair an make up done for that night while I was at home working up a sweat trying to figure out how I was going to pop the question. I was expecting her back at about 2pm so I had the house all tidy and tree lights on and a few candles burning in the sitting room etc. but Sinead decided to go to town and then call into her parents house where her father nearly ruined the surprise and asked her “is all ok” and was fussing over her.

She eventually came home at about 4pm where at this stage I was a wreck, I sat her down and asked her if she wanted to open one of her Christmas present early, so she obviously jumped at the opportunity. I said close your eyes and I will pick so she did and went down on one knee with the sparkler in hand and asked her, well I think I mumbled something as at this stage I was a bit of a nervous wreck.

Thankfully Sinead said yes and we are getting married 2nd July 2016.


Story Three

I have been through this a “few” times lol most romantic was in Truro Cathedral. He got down on one knee in the centre aisle and proclaimed his undying love. 

I didn’t marry him!


Story Four

I was working in the bank at the time and one of my long standing customer’s says to me “I suppose you’re courtin someone are ya?, I said, “em no, not at the moment” as the track record with men wouldn’t really be one to write home about. So, my customer says to me “I have a right fella for you”, well, of course, my ears pricked up on the excitement of a real live man who may actually find me attractive, so I gave him my business card and told him to tell my prospective suitor to give me a ring and we’ll go for a drink. This all happened Friday afternoon, and all weekend I waited for the phone call and nothing. Dead in the Water. Zilch.

What had happened was my customer didn’t see his brother in law till Monday and it took James two whole days agonising whether to ring me or not. So eventually the fateful phonecall was made and we agreed to meet up in “Kellys on the Corner”, this was the 16th of March, 2005. A couple of weeks later, James whisks me off to Frankfurt for the weekend, and with a few glasses of Prosecco in me I declared “I’d marry you I would”, and that was it, I thought I was making a statement, James took it as a proposal and on the 7th of September 2005, 6 months later we were married, We are married 10 and a half years now, so go on, take that chance, when you know you know!!




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Valentine’s Day Printable’s For Kids

Make Their Day With These Printable Valentine’s Birds


We know how much our children love colouring so we thought your kids might love this! This is a handy printable to use at home this week instead of making a Valentine’s card for  Mammies or Daddies. Click on the picture below to download your picture today!


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Gift’s For Her This Valentine’s Day

‘Ahh I Hate Valentine’s Day……..Seriously?’


That’s a lie. One big fat lie. Who doesn’t love a little bit of appreciation? We’re not talking about grand gestures, just a little something to show how much you care. If she tells you ‘ah don’t get me anything’ believe me, buy her something. You’re meant to be psychic. So, we have put together the ultimate list, anything on the list will be a winner!


Alex And Ani Bracelet

You can’t go wrong with an Alex and Ani bracelet. These bracelets are stackable so you can buy more than one if you wish. Prices starts around €30.00 but they are a perfect present if she loves her clothes and fashion. Check her existing jewellery and see if she wears gold, rose gold or silver. Then buy an Alex and Ani that matches her ring or watch. You can buy them in Republic of Jewels, Wexford and Fields in Kilkenny.





Afternoon Tea Voucher

We love nothing more than spending time drinking tea, champagne and eating cake! Why not treat her to some afternoon tea. We have listed some great locations that would be perfect for brunch with the girls or afternoon tea.

Monart Destination Spa
Button & Spoon
Mugshot Kilkenny
Lyrath Hotel





Be Ready at 7pm

On Friday at lunchtime call her and tell her to be ready at 7pm. The taxi is booked to pick us up for dinner and drinks. There is nothing like being surprised and it’s a great start to the weekend. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy or expensive.

lady and the tramp


Fresh Pyjamas 

This one is the best things on the list! Call into Dunnes or Pennys on the way home, pick up new pyjamas, put fresh bed linen on the bed and run the bath. So so simple, but when the kids go to bed, this is the best way to relax!




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Gifts For Him This Valentine’s Day

Yep, We’ve Asked The Boys & We Got The List!

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We hear that it’s a waste of money and who likes Valentines anyway? Well we do! We just like the whole idea of appreciating someone important in your life. It could be as simple as making the dinner, buying something nice for tea but it is important to make sure you make that special person feel appreciated.

So, we spoke to some of the men in the office about stuff they really like and we did our best to keep some of our gift idea’s local and Irish.


Valentine’s Gifts For Him


Marble City Barbers Gift Set

Alan in our Kilkenny office raves about Marble City Barbers. They sell their own products that he highly recommends especially the beard oil. It’s not just about the clothes anymore, men take great pride in their hairstyle and beard. This is a great present because you know they will actually use it. Talk to Mark or check out the Marble City Bar Barbers Here.




Bodibro GAA Gloves 

This present will really suit your GAA fanatic. Bodibro is a local Wexford company providing high performance training wear for Gaelic games all over the country. Bodibro was created by Wexford footballer Ben Brosnan and these GAA gloves are worth a try because of the quality and the price. Stock sells out fast so you can buy the gloves online here for €10.00 or contact Bodibro on Facebook Here




Craft Beer

The South East offers us some great Craft beer with fresh unique tastes. You can find some of these craft beers in your local supervalu or if you happen to be in Kilkenny you can call into Brewery corner to taste some of the finest local craft beers. Our favourites would be Jack Doyle’s and Dunbrody Irish Pale Ale and Kevin Dundon’s King Bay Pale Ale. Always remember to drink responsibily.





MVMT Watch

Colin our IT Manager got one of these MVMT watches as a christmas present and they are impressive. The look great and have lots of difference styles to choose from so you can be sure to find one that suits. Prices begin at $95.00 and they suit both formal and casual wear.



Cadburys Share Bag Sweets

Sometimes there is no need to shower someone with gifts, It really is the thought that counts. Who doesn’t love chocolate! These will definitely be in my shopping basket this weekend. They won’t last long in my house.






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How To Set Goals For 2016

Ciarán Sheridan’s Guide To Achieving Your Goals

Setting goals in your head just doesn’t cut it. Until they are written down, they are still a dream or a wish. Ciarán’s guide below will help you set your goals so you can make your dreams a reality.


Decide What You Want To Achieve

Think about it. What do you want to achieve in each important area of your life. Income, career, health, family, Net worth and so on. Set no more than 5-7 goals to ensure that have the time and the ability to action each one. Each goal must be specific, measurable and actionable.

Write Them Down

Go out and buy a notebook preferably a hard backed notebook (you will want this for future years) and write each goal down.


Never use any negative words, keep our goals positive.
You don’t need to share your goals with everyone, but when you do choose to share them with those trusted by you, it does make the goals even more concrete.

Who Can Help Me?

With each goal, think about who could help you. You will be surprised at how helpful people are, especially when you make it clear that you are just looking for just a small piece of their advice or experience.
“I have a goal, and I was hoping you could give me some advice”




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Emergency Numbers For Christmas

Numbers To Call In The Event Of An Emergency


In the event of an extreme claim emergency, please call us on 053 9123122.

If you experience a  claim  over Christmas you can register it here.

All other  phone numbers



Breakdown Number 

  • MIS 01 8044328
  • Zurich 1890 208 408
  • Allianz 1890 779 999
  • Axa 1890 247 365
  • Aviva 1800 448 888
  • Patrona 1800 806 800
  • Liberty 1800 706 080
  • Wrightway 1800 208 408
  • Sertus 1800 417 270
  • Footprint 01 2611200
  • RSA 01 8328358



Windscreen Breakage Number

  • AIG 1850 200 552
  • Axa 1890 247 365
  • Aviva 1850 363 636
  • Allianz 1850 363 636
  • ARB 1890 201 212 / 1850 887 869
  • Zurich 1890 201 212
  • Patrona 1890 809 804/1890 201 212
  • Sertus 1850 363 636
  • Liberty 1890 944 410
  • KennCo 1890 201 212
  • Footprint 01 2611200 / 1800 512 345
  • Wrightway 1890 201 212
  • Clan 1890 201 212 / 1890 953 953
  • RSA 1850 363 363
  • Asgard 1890 201 212
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Christmas Opening Hours

Wishing You & Your Family A Very Merry Christmas



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Check On Your Elderly Neighbours

Don’t Forget Your Elderly Neighbours This Christmas


It’s only a few days until Christmas and we are very excited to spend time with our friends and family. We can get so caught up in our own lives, worrying about presents, food and the kids. It could be great if we spend a little bit of time ensuring that our elderly neigbours and friends are safe and warm in their homes over the next few months. It’s going to be a cold one and you’ll never know how you can help until you pick up the phone or knock on their door.

Here are a few tips for this Christmas and Winter.


 How To Give A Helping Hand To Your Neighbour


  • Hop in the car and offer to help them with their grocery shopping or they may need a prescription collected from the pharmacy.
  • This Christmas all they may need is a bit of company. A game of cards, watch their favourite tv show with them or just a chat and a cup of tea.
  • Cook some extra dinner and drop it to their home. Everyone should have at least one hot meal a day.
  •  Carry in some coal or fuel for the fire.
  • If your neighbour are complaining about being cold, encourage them to wear
    a several layers of clothing instead of one chunky one.







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Christmas Cookies & Hot Chocolate

Lorraine Recommends Her Favourite Cookie Recipe


Christmas is a great opportunity to spend some extra time with the children and to switch off from work (if you have holidays) and the normal day to day tasks. It is definitely weather for something warm and comforting. Why not get the whole family involved in baking & sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour together with a cup of cocoa.

I have below a recipe of Mary Berry’s, for 3 different types of biscuits. She makes this recipe with her grandchildren and highly recommends it. I have made this recipe many times, its quick, easy and everyone gets to pick the type of flavours they would like.


Ingredients (Makes 20 of each variety)

For the biscuit dough

  • 175g/6oz butter, softened
  • 75g/2½oz caster sugar
  • 175g/6oz plain flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 75g/2½oz semolina

For the chocolate chip biscuits
Add 50g/1¾oz milk or plain chocolate chips


For the lemon biscuits
Add 1 lemon, finely grated zest only and 1–2 tbsp demerara sugar


For the almond biscuits
Add 1 tsp almond extract and 40g/1½oz flaked almonds



1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4. Line three baking trays with baking paper.

2. To make the biscuit dough, measure the butter, sugar, flour and semolina into the bowl of an electric food mixer and mix until a soft dough is formed, taking care not to over-beat. Alternatively, add the butter and sugar to a mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon until soft and creamy, then stir in the flour and semolina. Divide the dough evenly into three and dust your work surface with flour before kneading each batch.

3. For the chocolate chip biscuits, knead the chocolate chips into one portion of dough, shape into 20 balls and arrange, spaced well apart, on one of the baking trays. Press down with the back of a fork into discs about 5cm/2in in diameter and bake in the oven for 10–12 minutes, or until golden-brown.

4. For the lemon biscuits, knead the lemon zest into the second portion of dough. Roll into a long sausage shape (about 20cm/8in long) and roll in the demerara sugar. Wrap in cling film and leave in the freezer for about 30 minutes, or until firm and nearly frozen. Slice into 20 even rounds, each about 1cm/½in thick. Arrange on a baking tray, spaced well apart, and bake for about 10 minutes, or until pale golden-brown.

5. For the almond biscuits, knead the almond extract into the remaining portion of dough, along with most of the flaked almonds. Shape into 20 small balls and arrange on the third baking tray, spaced apart. Place a few almonds on top of each ball of dough and press flat with the back of a fork into discs about 5cm/2in in diameter. Bake for about 10 minutes, or until golden-brown.


Top recipe tip

By freezing the roll of lemon biscuit dough first, you can create perfect round discs for the biscuits, whereas the others are a little more rustically rough around the edges!
The different types can be made and cut out at the same time. Each tray of biscuits should be baked separately to ensure even cooking. Once one batch is baked, transfer them to a wire rack to cool while you cook the next.

Prepare ahead: These biscuits can be stored in an airtight container for 3–4 days. The dough can be stored in the fridge for 1–2 days before flavouring and shaping.



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Toyshow Party Food Idea’s

Party Food Idea’s For Your Family This Friday


So tomorrow is officially the start of Christmas, it’s the Late Late Toy Show! No doubt many of us will be making a night of it for the children. Below are some recipes that can be made at home the night before and are quick to rustle up.


Homemade Burgers

  • 450g Minced Beef / Pork / Turkey
  • 1 Large Egg
  • 1 Clove of Garlic, crushed / chopped
  • 1 tsp Smoked Paprika
  • 1 tbsp Mixed Herbs
  • Handful of Breadcrumbs (optional)


  1. Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl, by hand.
  2. Shape into burger form, approx 8 burgers depending on what size you want.
  3. Wrap in parchment paper and leave covered in the fridge until time for cooking.
  4. Grill or fry.

I serve with potato wedges and side salad or roasted cherry tomatoes; finish the burgers by adding mayonnaise, grated cheese and chopped chives and melt under the grill.


Quick Banoffie Jars

Anytime I buy yoghurt in individual glass jars, I keep them for desserts. It is a good way of portioning dessert. This is a really quick dessert to put together and all elements can be prepared in advance ready to go, except slicing the bananas.



  • Digestive Biscuits / Ginger Nuts, Crushed
  • 1 Can of Caramel / Boiled Condensed Milk
  • Sliced Banana
  • Whipped Cream
  • Grated Chocolate



  1. Crush the biscuits.
  2. Portion out into the jars (I don’t add melted butter, save a few calories)
  3. Add caramel to each jar, followed by sliced banana.
  4. Next add some whipped cream.
  5. Finish with some grated chocolate.


Hope you enjoy your weekend. Next month I will have a few new recipes just in time for Christmas!




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You Have To Be In It To Win It!

Our Toyshow Competition Is In Full Swing

countdown toyshow

If you haven’t already seen it, we have a lovely competition on our Facebook page. To celebrate the annual Late Late Toyshow we wanted to give our lucky winner a hamper to share with the family this Friday night. It is one of our favourite times of the year. So many of us spend the night at home with friends and family, it’s a tradition!

Ryan Tubridy has hinted that his Christmas jumper will have a bit of modern technology and this year’s Toyshow is based on a musical that in a book and a movie. I know it’s only Monday but it is very exciting!

The Toyshow is on RTE this Friday at 9.35pm. Don’t forget to tune in and enter our Toyshow hamper competition!






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Think Home Security This Winter

Helpful Tips To Prevent Home Burglaries


For those of you who have ever had your home broken into, I don’t need to explain how horrible the experience can be for a person or family . Someone rummaging through your belongings and tearing your home apart as they search for money and valuables can make you feel unsafe and violated in your own home. I deal with all home claims in Sheridan Insurances and theft claims are definitely some of the most heart breaking.


At this time of the year we see an increase in the amount of break-ins. In this video I gives some tips on home security.


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Betty Wins National Customer Service Award

Betty Is On Cloud Nine After Big Win!


On Thursday last, Betty scooped the ‘Customer Service Broker of the Year’ award at the annual Irish Broker Awards at the Mansion House in Dublin. These prestigious awards recognise the hard work and dedication of people in the Insurance broker industry. We were thrilled when Betty was announced as the winner because we how hard Betty works to look after her clients and team.

Betty has worked in Insurance for 30 years. Not only is she qualified in Insurance but she is dream to work with in the New Ross office.  She knows her clients so well and not only does she spend time getting their insurances in order, she spends time getting to know them. Weddings, football matches, first day at school; she hears it all and loves every minute of it.


Congratulations Betty!



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Our Funny Family Car Stories As A Kid

‘That’s It, We’re Turnin’ Around!”


There are plenty of funny family car stories flying around the office today. With 60 people working in Sheridans we have some great old family stories. Some of us came from big families so there were always someone causing trouble in the car. From Sick bags to farm animals, I think we had it all! Things we so different 30 years ago so we wanted to round up a few of our funny scéalta to share with you. There are a few cracking stories, enjoy the read…



Laura Mac

A 20 year old rusty Peugeot, 2 layers of kids and the youngest was a puker (with a spar bag hanging off her ears) who was passed along the top row like Russian roulette! As soon as she started vomiting she would be thrown to the person beside her. Mammy used to sit in the front drinking a cup of coffee n painting her nails….. The only free 15 minutes of the day she had. The threat for fighting was that we’d end up crashing and we’d all be killed didn’t stop us though! No car seats, seat belts, DVD players, working windows, or insulation come to think of it….despite this the minute the car was started we all fought tooth n nail to go for a “spin” it wasn’t about where we were going as much as just going somewhere. Daddy could rock up to pick up a new calf with 5 little barefoot girls bouncing around the back of the car!



We lived on a farm when I was young (long time ago!!!) but our car was used for everything; to transport things around the farm, baby lambs, dogs you name it – no jeeps in those days for us.  One Sunday we were all gathered up and went off to Mass, me wearing my brand new pair of jeans and feeling very proud. What I didn’t know was that the previous day an old battery was on the back seat and had leaked , the substance soaked into my new jeans and because it was Acid, the backside of my jeans ripped during mass… everyone a ‘right view’ on the way up to communion and a very red faced teenager running for the door ….happy times.



My Dad used to tell us when we were little on long car journeys that if we had potatoes on the floor in back of car, we wouldn’t get car sick! Don’t think it ever worked!



My Dad had a racing green Triumph 2000.

My Mum was driving me and my sister into Dublin City. We were parking in the Ilac carpark which has a notoriously steep hill as you drive in. Anyway, my dad had mentioned to my mother that the hand break “may be a little dodgy”. So we’re on the incline and there are cars backed up. The car behind us pulled up right behind us, leaving my mother no room to roll back.
My Mum asked me to get out of the car and ask the driver to pull back and give her some room, there was no one behind him. The gentleman in the car was a priest with his mother (estimated age 100+). The lovely priest refused to pull back and insisted on my mother getting out of the car and him driving it up the hill because he knew best.

My mother reluctantly let him drive the car. Then he reversed into his own car! With our tow bar! And looked for our insurance details…..



There were no cars when I was a kid.



If you know Frank, you would know that he loves the oul jokes!


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Farm Specialist Carmel Talks Farm Safety

Farm Safety Is Very Close To My Heart


Farm Safety is very close to my heart as I live on a busy dairy farm. Pat, my husband has been running the farm for over 25 years, taking over from his father who helped out on the farm into his late 80’s. Our son, John who is 15, is the fourth generation to farm. It is imperative to look out for the elderly and children on farms.

Safety must always be at the forefront of farmers minds so don’t take any shortcuts as farming can often be a solitary occupation. Also, pressure to get work done can lead to shortcuts being taken especially when the weather is bad. Accidents will happy but Farmers please “STOP & THINK” before you start every job, even jobs you do every single day as familiarity can lead to complacency.

Don’t add to the farm death statistics, please “STOP & THINK” of those who would be left behind.

Safe Farming!!


wpbull wpcows wpquad wpslurrypit


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Loftus Hall Is Still As Scary As Ever!

We Spent A Spine Chilling Evening In Loftus Hall


On Monday evening the New Ross office went on a team bonding evening to Loftus Hall on the Hook Pennisula for a 6pm Halloween tour. As I’ve been a few times before I was winding some of the others up about how scary it is in the week before the tour – Evil I know!

Marian and Susan were targeted to participate in some of the role play as Lady Anne and Lady Jane which only added to the experience! Even if it did take a while for the colour to come back into their cheeks!

Personally Loftus Hall is one of my favourite places to visit and I think the team in New Ross agree judging from their comments.


What We Thought Of Loftus Hall


“Very scary and exciting evening spent in Loftus Hall, The tour was historically entertaining and scary especially it being so close to Halloween. The tour guides were excellent and well briefed on the history of the house in a beautiful location. I would give Loftus Hall 5 stars for an excellent evening.”



“Lady Anne still looks like a ghost! The tour was amazing, scary, spine-chilling and hair-raising.”



“What a great night! One word to describe it; SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, really exciting, my heart was beating so fast with the excitement and the terror all at the same time.”



“standing in probably one of the most haunted houses in Ireland in the dark, alone’ and even though it was for only seconds it felt like hours.”


We finished our evening with a lovely meal at near by Neville’s in Fethard-on-Sea. Aidan and the team at Loftus Hall really put on a great show. We would all recommend booking the Halloween tour with them for a fantastic day or night out.



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How Ayrton Senna Inspired Ciarán Sheridan

The Honda NSX And Why I Came To Own It…


The Honda NSX was Honda’s first attempt at a full production supercar to rival the Italian’s and German’s. In 1990 Honda produced the NSX, NSX stands for New Sportscar eXperiment. And it was. An all aluminium body a fully aluminium V6 VTEC engine, designed to exceed the performance of the Ferrari 328. and it did. There are only a small handful in Ireland now, possibly as few as five.

This man is the reason I own my NSX.



This was Ayrton de Silva, later to be Ayrton Senna de Silva, and finally to be Ayrton Senna. De Silva was his fathers surname, but as it was quite a common name in Brazil, he changed and began entering races under his mothers maiden name Senna.

In the summer of 1982 I started driving Formula Ford 1600.


Each weekend I would go to the Motor Race school in Mondello trying to develop my driving skills (I’m still trying). At the Leinster Trophy meeting in September 1982 I was practicing on the Friday afternoon when I was passed at considerable speed by a golden flash, it was Ayrton in the Formula Ford 200 Van Diemen.

I was on track for a few minutes with arguably the greatest racing driver ever. Even at the time, there was an awareness that we were witnessing something very special.

Senna in Mondello Park 1982

Very quickly Ayrton progressed up to Formula 1, and from there he quickly moved to a top team. In the 88 to 93 seasons Ayrton was driving the Honda powered McLaren F1 car to multiple World Championships, he was supreme, even against the very best. If it was raining then he was in a different world, with car control that defied belief. Ayrton had a special relationship with Soichiro Honda founder of the Honda Motor Company. When Honda decided to build a supercar, they used Ayrton’s skills to fine tune the NSX handling and suspension setup.


Aryton Senna’s NSX test drive Suzuka 1992 

On May 1st 1994 while driving in the Italian Grand Prix in Imola his car mysteriously veered right off the track at 300 km/h, in an instant one of the greatest drivers ever was gone.

He died aged just 34. depending on who you ask, he was either the greatest racing driver that ever lived, or he was one of the three greatest racing drivers that ever lived. What is unquestioned was the passion and total commitment he brought to motor racing. He believed he had been given a gift from God, and he had a divine responsibility to use it to its maximum. He did.

With his death every Senna fan lost a piece of their soul. Formula 1 and motor racing lost a living legend, and Brazil lost one of their Gods.

When I discovered he had been extensively involved in the development of the NSX, I had an opportunity to preserve his memory. I took it. This photos are of the car he helped perfect, on the track where I first met him.



Lap Of Life





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The Safe Cross Code – The Practice Session

This Dance Is Harder Than It Looks!



By now you probably have seen our contribution to Road Safety by dancing to the Safe Cross Code. You may not believe me but this dance took us nearly two hours to get right. We aren’t the most co-ordinated bunch of people but we had a lot of fun practicing last Thursday evening after work.

In the video you can see me, Laura, Eoin, Noeleen, Aoife and Martha. We all work in different departments in Sheridan Insurances but everyone was very eager to take part. Behind the camera there was Laura and Ted. Laura works in the Personal Insurances Department and has a flair for all things dancing. Ted from Highwind Media recorded the video with us early on Friday Morning.

We now have about 17,988 Views, who’s counting?? We want to thank you for sharing this video and showing it to friends and family. If this video helps raise awareness for road safety we are very proud to be involved.

The job offers have been flying in from all angles. Schools wondering whether we are going on tour to perform this dance across the county. We never expected the video to be so successful.

There is a picture below and video of us practicing. They are watching themselves dancing and trying to improve the dance. Thanks again for your support and have a great weekend.



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Avoid Rats & Mice Getting In To Your Car

Believe Me, This Is The Last Thing You Need


This week we are all definitely feeling a chill in the air. I for one have been reaching for the fluffy pajamas in the evening and the heavier jackets in the morning. It won’t be long before mice and rats make an appearance again which can be a real nuisance as they try to get into our homes and even our cars & vans.


Some tips to avoid a mouse or rat getting into your vehicle:

  • Keep the doors closed, even if you are only getting out for a minute.


  • Park in the open, mice and rats don’t like being in large open spaces so park away from open decking, sheds, bushes etc. if possible.


  • Keep the interior of your vehicle free from food wrappers and crumbs – it doesn’t have to be showroom clean but just give it the once over with the hoover every couple of weeks to be sure.


  • Don’t leave pet food in the open near your vehicle as this will attract mice and rats.


  • If you are not a cat person but have a neighbour with a cat, be nice to them and they can help keep your property free from rats & mice.



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Shortlisted For The IBA Awards 2015

Three People Shortlisted From Sheridan Insurances


A big day in the Sheridan Insurances offices last week when three members of our team were shortlisted for the Irish Broker Awards! These prestigious awards are open to Irish Brokers Association member staff with entries judged by an independent panel of judges. They have been shortlisted because they went above and beyond in their role for the benefit of their customers and team. The ceremony takes place next Thursday 22nd October and it’s a way to celebrate the achievements of Insurance Brokers in Ireland.


Who Has Been Shortlisted?

Betty Parker for ‘Customer Service Broker of the Year’.

Ciarán Sheridan for ‘Broker Principal of the Year’.

Christine Power for ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’.


Betty, Ciarán and Christine have been shortlisted for their incredible contribution to Sheridan Insurances and the insurance industry. It’s a remarkable achievement and each of them should be very proud. Between them they have over 63 years combined experience in insurance. As colleagues we see how they look after clients and colleague with courtesy and respect. A job is so much easier to do when you have great people like these three working with you.

We want to say best of luck to each of you and every single person in the offices are very proud.

Last year, Paddy Sheridan was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award at the IBA awards. It was incredible. It took your breath away when you see a room of 600 get to their feet to applaud Paddy. Let’s hope we will experience a similar feeling this year.


The Moment Ciarán Found Out He Was Shortlisted 

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The Budget, What You Need To Know

A Quick Look At What’s Happening In The Budget 2016



All of us have been waiting to hear how the budget is going to effect us and our families. You may have heard Ciarán Sheridan speaking on Beat 102-103 about the budget. As he said, most people are getting something in this budget.


Here Are The Main Points:

  • 7% USC rate cut to 5.5%, Entry threshold to USC increased to €13,000 Lower rates down by 0.5% each.
  • The new statutory minimum wage will rise from 8.65 to 9.15 from the 1st january 2016.
  • Children will now be eligible for free childcare from 3 years of age up until they are 5.5 or until they start primary school.
  • Home carers credit up from €800 to €1,000.
  • Free GP care scheme to be extended to children under 12.
  • Old age pension up €3 per week.
  • Fuel allowance up €2.50 per week.
  • 75% of Christmas bonus to be restored.
  • Child benefit up by €5 per month.
  • Pack of cigarettes up by 50 cent.
  • Respite care grant for carer’s will be restored to its previous level of €1,700.
  • More teachers will be hired to reduce the pupil-teacher ratio from 28:1 to 27:1.
  • Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald is expected to confirm the recruitment of up to 700 gardai and to announce investment in specialist operations to stem the number of burglaries.
  • Tax Credit for the Self Employed.
  • Inheritance tax threshold increases to €280,000 from parent to child inheriting the family home, will gradually see it increase to €500K over a 3 to 5 year period.
  • Capital gains tax for the self employed drops from 33% to 20%.

All in all, it seems to quite a positive budget. There is a huge significance with the USC being reduced meaning more money in our pockets. The increased parent to child family home inheritance threshold will increase gradually to €500K. This will be ease pressure to pay revenue tax bills.




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Sheridan’s Do The Safe Cross Code!

#Video: Watch Our Safe Cross Code Video



Road Safety is very close to our hearts in Sheridan Insurances. We all have families; some of us have young children and we use the roads everyday. Roads are a lot busier now compare to when we were kids. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to highlight road safety. We drive our children to school, let them cross the road, watch them cycle around our housing estates and as parents we always want them to be safe. We need to make sure that we remind ourselves and teach our kids the importance of road safety.

So we were thinking last week, how can we highlight the importance of road safety to parents and children? So we recorded ourselves doing ‘The Safe Cross Code’! We practiced the dance with the help of Laura one of our Personal Insurance Advisors. We found out last week that she used to be in a dance group when she was a teenager and luckily never she lost the moves.


How Can You Help?

Show this video to your family, friends and children. Share this video and practice the safe cross code yourself. Not only will you teach children the important road safety message but they will definitely remember it when they have a little fun while learning it.


The Sheridan Safe Cross Code


The RSA Safe Cross Code

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Baking For Breast Cancer Awareness

Lorraine Has Gone All Out With These Pink Cupcakes


The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are encourged to “Paint it Pink” to raise funds for Cancer research and support services . On Friday we had a fundraiser in work so I baked something pink in aid of this great cause. I picked up these really cute mini Pink tulip bun cases. I baked mini pink cupcakes, with butter icing and muffins with cream cheese frosting swirled with pink food gel. As you can see in the photos, everyone really enjoyed them. You should give them a go yourself because your family and friends will love them and you could support the cancer society by hosting a coffee morning.


Basic Queen Bun Recipe


  • 175g Self Raising Flour
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 125g Margarine
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2tbsp Cold Water


  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  • Put bun cases into a bun tray.
  • Place all the ingredients in a bowl and beat until smooth.
  • Three quarter fill bun cases with the mixture.
  • Place in oven and bake for 15 minutes until golden brown.
  • Cool on a wire tray.

I substitute the water for buttermilk as I had some in the fridge for a light finish.


Butter Icing


  • 100g Soft Butter
  • 200g Icing Sugar (sifted)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)
  • Milk as Required


  • Beat all the ingredients together.
  • Add to icing bag and finish to your liking.


Cream Cheese Frosting


  • 125g Soft Butter
  • 100g Cream Cheese
  • 375g Icing Sugar (sifted)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)
  • Milk as Required
  • Pink Gel Food Colouring


  • Beat all the ingredients together.
  • Using an icing bag, I swirled some gel food colour on the inside of the bag before adding the cream cheese frosting.



Here are a few photos of the girls enjoying the cupcakes 


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Road Safety Crossword For Kids

Download Your Road Safety Crossword Here


It’s really important that we educate our children about road safety. This week is road safety week and its the perfect opportunity to talk about it with your children. They will learn about it in school but parents and family need to spend time explaining the reasons why we should always be careful on the road.

We worry about them all the time; whether they are walking to school, cycling outside your house in a busy housing estate or in town after doing your grocery shopping. We want them to stay safe and remember the safe cross code. We have designed a crossword that parents and children can work on together. This will give you chance to talk about why it’s important to be safe while walking or cycling on the road.


Road Safety Crossword

Download the Crossword Here




The Safe Cross Code 

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Why Are Good Tyres So Important

It’s Road Safety Week And We’re Talking Tyres


Tyres are an extremely important part of a well maintained vehicle. Having a good set of tyres at the correct pressure plays a huge part in keeping us all safe on the roads. Please watch my video below explaining the importance of  good tyres.


This is what a bald tyre looks like


You should never let your tyres get anywhere near this level. If you have tyres like this you could be putting yourself in danger as well as other road users.

This is what a brand new tyre looks like. Do you see the difference?




Apart from the fact that it is a legal requirement to have tyres that are above the 1.6mm tyre thread depth, consider the following:

  • The better your tyres, the shorter your stopping distance. If the car in front of you has new tyres and you have tyres that are almost bald, it will take you a lot longer to stop.
  • In wet conditions good tyres make it a lot easier to stay on the road, older worn tyres are more likely to result in your vehicle aquaplaning on those wet mornings.
  • On cold frosty or icy mornings, you need as much grip as possible to stay on the road particularly where there is black ice.

You can learn more about Road Safety Week here.


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How To Look Out For Friends And Family

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Friends and family are really important to all of us here in Sheridans. It’s really what life is all about isn’t it? I know myself, you want to protect the people that matter most in your life and look out for each other always. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we want you to help us raise awareness among your family and friends.


Here are some the facts

  • 1 in 10 women in Ireland will get breast cancer at some stage in their lives.
  • It is most common in women over the age of 50, but you can get it at a younger age.
  • Men can also get breast cancer but it is very rare.
  • The Breast Cancer Ireland Research Centre is located within the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and has 14 full time scientific, researchers and postgraduate medical students employed.


How Can you Help

  • Raise awareness by talking about it with your friends and and family. There’s nothing like a ‘paint it pink’ girlie night in. A good reason to get the girls around on a friday or Saturday night in October.
  • Hold a fundraising event at home or in your workplace, such as a coffee morning, a no uniform day. On Friday we are having a pink casual day. So everyone can to donate money and wear some casual pink clothes to work.
  • Download the ‘Breast Cancer Ireland’ app and it will allow you to set reminders about breast checks and allow you to donate money online.



You can also text ‘FEEL’ to 50300 to donate €4.00. 100% of your donation goes to Breast Cancer Ireland across most network providers. Some apply VAT so a minimum of €3.26 goes directly to Breast Cancer Ireland.



Check out our Afternoon Tea Competition on Facebook. Enter the competition by tagging a friend and telling them that your ‘Looking Out For You Always’. Competition closes at 3 pm, 7th October.


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It’s Road Safety Week

4  Important Things To Remember This Week


Road Safety week has arrived and we are dedicated to helping people stay safe on the road. We definitely start to feel more comfortable on the road as we get more driving experience. We must remember to stay alert while driving and keep our car in good working order because it could be the difference between life of death. I sent my car to the garage this morning to get two new tyres. It freaks me our thinking about carrying passengers and being responsible for other peoples safety. So I am taking control and keeping my car in good condition.


Here are a few reminders to help you stay safe while driving



Please use your indicators. Not only does it infuriate other drivers but cyclist and  pedestrians need to know exactly when you are about to turn left or right. Use your indicator on in good time and give other road users a chance to react. It costs you nothing to use indicators but could cost you a lot more if you don’t.


Texting While Driving

Do you text while driving? Do you text while driving with passengers? Please make a commitment not to use your phone while driving. Driving and using your  hand held phone is a lethal and now there are penalties in place if you are caught using your phone while driving.



On Wednesday 7 October The RSA and the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) are running Tyre Safety Day where free tyre checks will be on offer to motorists in participating garages. If you are unsure about the condition of your tyres please get them checked by calling into your local garage. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm. Tread depth effects the performance of your tyres and winter is just around the corner. You need to be prepared.



Kids are a big distraction in a car and sometimes they might need your attention. Instead of turning around or reaching into the back seat while driving, just pull over to a safe area. It only takes a split second to veer into oncoming traffic and it isn’t worth it. It could be life changing in a negative way.

Also it’s a great time to teach kids about the safe cross code. Children need to be aware of the danger of traffic and you can teach them in a fun way. Check out the safe cross code video, they can learn the dance or play the Safe Cross Code game online.


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Kay Celebrates 24 Years At Sheridan Insurances

How Insurance Has Changed For Me In The Last 24 years


Seems hard to believe it’s 24 years since I joined a small and dedicated team at Sheridan Insurances. At the time there were only two working in Personal Lines Insurance, selling car, home and van insurance.

The insurance rates were calculated manually using individual insurance rating guides. Technology was a calculator and electric typewriter, no Google or spell check. We had a computer but we only used it to type up letters. We had a filing system that actually contained paper files, no scanning back in those days, no emailing, everything had to be faxed to insurance companies for cover.

While technology has moved on massively and Sheridan Insurances now have 3 offices in Wexford, New Ross & Kilkenny, the family ethos remains the same. With customers need and personal service always the priority.

Paddy Sheridan established the business in 1964 and is an inspiration to us all. We all work as a team and that’s what keeps you going, next thing you know 24 years have passed in the blink of an eye. Here’s to the next 24.


Just to give you an idea, Bryan Adams ‘Everything I do’ was in the charts when I started in Sheridans. That doesn’t seem like that long ago, time flies..

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What Is The Difference?

Difference Between Open Driving & Driving Of Other Cars


Hello everyone I’m Edel, a qualified Personal Insurance Advisor in the Kilkenny office. I generally don’t write blogs too often but I do enjoy writing them once in a while! One question that we are often asked is what is the difference between open driving and driving of other cars. It can get quite confusing for people so I recorded a video to tell you exactly what the difference is between them.


Open Driving Vs Driving Of Other Cars Explained

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Recipe: Marshmallow Teacups

A Perfect Treat For A Kids Birthday Party



Welcome to my first blog, it’s completely new to me. I work in the business insurance department and specialise in farm insurance. So, the recipe I want to share with you is so simple and my children lovely making these at home. It’s one of my daughter’s favourites and I regularly make these little teacups and bring them into work. Needless to say, they don’t last very long!

It’s a great little recipe to make for a kids party. It’s not very messy and the kids will be excited that they will enjoy getting involved. Have a go and let us know what you think.



  • 1 packet of Marshmallows
  • 1 bar of  white chocolate
  • 1 bar of milk chocolate
  • 1 packet of ring biscuits
  • 1 packets of buttons or polo mints



  • Line out the ring biscuits, colourful side facing up.
  • Melt the white chocolate.
  • Dip one end of the marshmallow into white chocolate and stick to into the middle of the biscuit and let them set.
  • Melt the milk chocolate, spoon it on to the top of the marshmallow and cover it in sprinkles.
  • Either, stick a chocolate button into the side of the marshmallow to make the handle or break a polo in half, dip it in white chocolate and stick it to the marshmallow.

And there you go, you have some cute little teacups that kids will love!





Image source facebook:


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Ensure Your Home Is Fully Insured

Home is Where The Heart Is…Is It Insured It Correctly?


For many of us, our homes are probably the biggest investment we will ever make. It’s where we spend most of our time, care for our family and make some life long memories. It’s important to look after it but it is also extremely important to ensure you are properly insured. If your house was to go on fire in the morning and you lost everything, do you have it adaquately insured?

House insurance is something I would never take a short cut on as you never know what could happen. If you are in rented accommodation, it’s worth taking out a contents only policy to cover your belongings.


Things To Consider When Insuring Your Property:


How Much Will It Cost To Clear Site?

How much would it cost to clear the site of all debris, hire a skip, and get in diggers etc. before the house could be rebuilt?


How Much Would It Cost To Re-build?

Not the marked value but the cost to have professionals come in and rebuild from scratch. If you are a builder, plumber, electrician or handy man yourself, you would still need to insure based on someone else coming in to get the works done. If you are not sure how much it would cost, get a professional valuation done. It might cost you money but I think it is definitely worth it to know what your home is worth.


Additional Buildings Sums

This would include your flooring, built in units, fridge, washing machine etc.



This means absolutely everything that is in your home that you would take with you if you were moving house in the morning – clothes, playstation, furniture, television, toys etc.


Items That Can Be Specified

If you have an expensive piece of jewellery, expensive golf clubs, a top of the line bicycle etc. you should consider specifying these on your policy.


Once you have totalled all of these up, it may be worth adding a little extra on just to be sure you are sufficiently covered. If you’re house insurance is due for renewal, why not contact us for a quote on 1850 54 54 54




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Movies Kids Will Love This Weekend

Entertain the Kids While You Cheer On Ireland


We’ve all got World Cup Fever here in the office and can’t wait to cheer on the boys in green this Sunday as Ireland take on Romania in their second match of the tournament. Hope are high that Wexford native Tadgh Furlong will make is 2nd appearance on the field for Ireland and no doubt do us proud.

For those of you with children that still need entertaining while you try to watch the game, we recommend giving them a treat and putting on some of their favourite films.


This film is great for adults and kids, it’s so good! I was glued to it the last time it was on tele. The film is about cars that have personalities, trust me it’s very entertaining!


Beauty & The Beast

This can be a welcome change from the thousands of renditions of ‘Let it Go!’ we have all heard by now. The tea cups still keep me entertained! And if you have any fancy dress costumes at home why not let them get in character before the magic begins.


Toy Story

I remember going to the cinema to see this in 1996. It never gets old and now you can watch Toy Story 1,2 and 3! It’s a comedy adventure movie and keeps all ages entertained.



The Lego Movie

This is a really funny film with an all star cast. Really, who doesn’t love lego? The storyline is really good with some great one liners. For your kids, its a must see film.




This is another movie that both parents and kids can enjoy together. It’s super colourful and has some great animation. This was recommended to us by our Accountant, Eoin. His kids love it and said it keeps kids of all ages entertained.


Hopefully this might come in handy, enjoy your weekend and let’s hope Ireland do well on Sunday!


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Make Sure You Are Prepared!

Ahh, My Car Will Never Break Down…Are You Sure?


Recently Aoife & I were discussing how horrible it can be to be stuck on the side of the road following a breakdown or a puncture. That got us thinking about what essentials we need to put in our cars just in case. Winter is on its way. and you need to be prepared.


Two High Visibility Vests

One for me and one for anyone that may stop to help.


Warm Jacket

Even if it is an old one, fashion won’t be so important if it’s a cold or wet night!


A Good Torch

It can be tough enough to change a tyre without having to do it in the dark.


Warning Triangle

Pick up a foldable warning triangle in your local Argos, Halfords or Motor Factors. They are a brilliant way of alerting people. Someone may stop to help you out and people will know to avoid your car!


Breakdown Phone Number

As well as having the number in my phone I also have it on some paper in my car in case of emergency. Just in case I forget the phone or the battery dies, if someone stops they will surely let you call the breakdown agent on their phone.

This might sound like a lot but if you wrap it up well and put it in a little bag or a box it shouldn’t take up too much space. It’s better to be looking at these things than looking for them if you do get stuck!



Pushing A Car Is Only Cool If You’re A Kid!





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Supporting Blue September

Keeping Up The Fight Against Men’s Cancer


Blue September is part of an international campaign that seeks to tackle the fact that men are more likely to develop and ignore symptoms of cancer than women and that men are less likely to discuss their personal health concerns with family, friends or their GP.

We decided to raise awareness among our team and customers on Friday by having a blue/denim Friday. We all have friends and family that have been touched by cancer so it was important to us to help support a great cause.  We also had a ‘Keepy Uppy Challenge’ in each office to support the slogan for Blue September ‘Keep Up The Fight Against Men’s Cancer’. We all had a go but I can’t say all of us were any good! Take a look at Christine having a go in the Kilkenny office, it was a bit of craic at lunch time.

Why not encourage your workplace to take on the same challenge and raise awareness among their team and customers. Not only does it support a worthy cause but it also brings your team together.


Christines Keepy Uppy Challenge!



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What to Do If You’re Involved in a Car Crash

Colette Has Listed The Steps You Should Follow


We always think “It’ll never happen to me” but would you know what to do if you were involved in an accident? Here are the main things to do immediately after an accident:


Check Everyone is Ok

Make sure all passengers, drivers, pedestrians and/or cyclists are ok. If anyone looks to be in pain or if they are clearly suffering, call for an ambulance straight away.


Call the Gardai

If anyone is hurt or if there is going to be a problem with responsibility for the accident, call the Gardai. If you are not sure, call the Gardai anyway and they will let you know whether or not they need to attend.


Check if the Car is Driveable

If you can clearly see that the car is not driveable, you will need to arrange to move the vehicle off the road. The Gardai can arrange to move it for accidents that happen out of office hours or you can call the emergency number in your policy booklet out of office hours either.

If it happens during office hours, call us if you are one of our clients and we will contact the insurance company for you. If you are unsure whether the vehicle is driveable then don’t drive it as you may cause more damage.


Get as Much Information as You Can

Note the time & location of the accident. Take photographs if you can of the vehicles before they are moved. Then you will need to exchange your contact information and insurance details with the other driver before leaving the scene.

Notify the Claim

Your insurance company need to be informed of the accident as soon as possible. If you are a customer of Sheridan Insurances, you can call me Monday – Friday from 9-5 and I will do my best to get you back on the road as soon as possible.




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Making Dreams Come True

Jack Dreamed About Making His Own Blog Video


It’s not very often we are asked by an 11 year old how do we record our videos. Jack thinks it’s so cool to have your own video. He dreamed about recording a blog, so when we told him we could make it happen he couldn’t believe it!

He practiced for two weeks and rehearsed everyday. When we set up the camera, microphone and lights he was so impressed because he had never seen the setup before. He thought all his dreams had come true at once! In this video Jack reviews one of his favourite Kids video game called ‘Mario Party’. Well done Jack, you should be very proud!


Jack’s First Video

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Watch Your Car Keys

Thieves Can Go To Great Lengths To Rob Your Car


It’s extraordinary to hear some of of the stories about burglaries in Ireland. The amount of effort, planning and perserverance that goes into some thefts is both amazing and sickening at the same time!


Letterbox Thieves

Fishing keys out through the letter box in the middle of the night is something that has become very common. It’s terrible to think that you can’t leave your keys by the front door. If you have a letter box you should leave the keys in a different room away from the door.

Designated Driver

On nights out, if you are the designated driver or if you are getting a taxi home and coming back for the car in the morning, it’s really important to make sure the keys are with you at all times. Don’t leave your handbag unattended as you never know who is watching. The bags with a long strap to go across your body are fantastic for nights out as your belongings never need to leave your side! For the men, keep the key in your pocket or if you are out with someone with a handbag make sure they will not leave it unattended before giving them the keys.

Spare Key

Spare keys are often hidden away so safely that we can’t find them or are left out for the world to see! Think carefully about where you leave your spare keys. Find a safe place for them that you will remember and will be able to locate easily should you misplace your main key. For example a jewellery box, one of the drawers in your room or maybe in one of the cupboards.



If you are having a party, maybe for the Rugby World Cup, Halloween or just a random gathering after the pub, make sure you lock your car keys in your room and bring the door key with you. Don’t leave them out for anyone to take. Even if it’s only good friends staying for post pub drinks, you never know who is going to invite themselves in for the party and it could end in someone taking your vehicle without your permission. Trust me, it is not worth the risk!






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Rugby World Cup Coverage

Where Will You Be Watching The Rugby?


With the Rugby World Cup fast approaching, and a not so glorious brace of warm-up matches giving our poor manager Joe Schmidt headaches, (we haven’t dropped from 3rd to 6th in the international rankings in a week, have we, shh, tell no one…) Ireland fans need to keep their fingers & toes crossed that we’ll have depth in coverage in all positions across the field. With a sizable amount of our top-flight players, (not pointing at you particularly, Cian Healy, we still believe!) trying to get match fit or shrug off niggles, it’s time to ask, are the fans prepped too. So, do you have coverage?

Insurance might not be the first thing to come to mind while following the Ireland but as the old adage goes, “fail to prepare / prepare to fail”. It can turn what might be a series of unfortunate incidents into a bigger headache than the one Saint Joe has at the moment.

For instance, do you have adequate contents insurance coverage at home? Picture this true story, (names withheld to protect the innocent) it’s the last day of the Six Nations last March, you have your friends over to watch the final three matches, beverages and snacks are bought in. Three teams are still in the running to lift the trophy. Long story short the arm-chair mathematicians have worked out, that it could be Ireland’s day on points difference if the Gods of Rugby smile on us. Going on the score in the final clash between France & England, we’re still in with a chance! There are ten minutes left in the match & the assembled crowd, nerves worse for wear, are screaming at the ref and the host’s German Shepard pup jumps up at the TV knocking it to the ground & shattering the screen.

Seriously looking forward to the rugby over the next few weeks, the tele is fixed to the wall this year!


Claim outcome dependant on the criteria set by individual insurance company not Sheridan Insurances.
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What Was Your First Car?

Seriously, How Did We Manage No Power Steering


Do you remember your first car? Unfortunately I do too. Desperately wanting to drive and a serious lack of cash wasn’t a great combination. Now, I didn’t end up with an absolute hunk of junk like poor Ted but it was far from being cool! So I had to ask around the office to see what people drove as their first car. The reaction was priceless, everyone had a little story.



‘I drove a Volkswagen Passat as my first car but then I changed it for a Volkswagen Golf. I bought it from my aunt I thought it was a right idea but it was absolutely ridiculous! It was an automatic Diesel car and it drank juice. Worst decision ever! Should have stuck with the Passat.’



‘My first car was a Datsun 1200, a rust bucket. I drove it to college in Galway each week and I can clearly remember seeing the road through the floor beside the gear stick. Public transport was non existent in Ireland at the time. The locks didn’t work on the car and if I turned the wipers on full power, the left one flew off. There was many a time that I had to pull over and pick up the wiper!’





‘My first car was a 1995 Fiat Punto. It was a great little car but wasn’t the most attractive looking thing. I drove it in college and  the lads used to say my car looked like it had Alopecia because the paint work flaked off the bonnet. In the end, it owed me nothing, I’d say the radio was worth more that the car. And no power steering!’



‘Let me tell you about my sisters car. Peugeot 206 and it was an absolute disaster. She used to drop me to DCU and I would have to tuck my feet under the seat because water used to gush in from the glove box. When I think about it, we had some craic with that car.’



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Autumn Car Checks

Some Of These Tips Could Be A Life Saver

car colette

Now that the children are settling back into school and the x-factor has returned to our screens, it’s time to fish out the heavy jumpers, scarves and boots. While you’re adjusting your wardrobe at this time of year it’s important to give your car some TLC too! Here are a few tips to make sure you are safe on the roads this Autumn.


It is really important to have good grip on the road. Autumn will bring greasy roads covered in leaves. It can make it difficult to keep between the ditches. If your tyres look worn, bring the car to your tyre dealer and change them. If you are not sure whether or not they need replacing, ask your tyre dealer to give you some advice on whether or not to change them.



It’s important to check it regularly. If you are not sure how to do it, there are some great youtube tutorials. Perhaps the next time you get someone to check it for you, get them to show you. It takes less than a minute and you really don’t want to be stuck on the side of the M50 in the cold weather with a ceased engine.



When is the last time you checked your lights? Now is a good time to check that they are all in order before the evenings get short. If you see someone you know on the road missing a light then contact them and let them know.



Have emergency supplies in your car – put a couple of high visibility vests in, leave a jacket in the boot and maybe a hat and gloves too in case you get stuck on the side of the road. A warning triangle would be ideal. You can get a reasonably priced on here.
Emergency numbers need to be put in your phone and also on a piece of paper in your car. If you have breakdown cover with your insurance company make sure you have the number saved in your phone but also written down somewhere convenient in the car in case you can’t get coverage or if your phone dies so a passerby can help you out.


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Kid’s Party Chocolate Buns

We’ve Tasted These & They Are Delicious!


So a new school year has begun! And the birthday party invites are starting to arrive. For anyone going to a birthday party or hosting a birthday party at home, here is a simple recipe that can easily be adapted. I decided to make mine chocolate and orange flavour, all the details are below.

Basic Queen Buns

175g Self Raising Flour
125g Caster Sugar
125g Margarine
2 Eggs
2 tbsp Cold Water

  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  • Put bun cases into a bun tray.
  • Place all the ingredients in a bowl and beat until smooth.
  • Three quarter fill bun cases with the mixture.
  • Place in oven and bake for 15 minutes until golden brown.
  • Cool on a wire tray.


Chocolate Chip & Orange Mixture

For this recipe, I reduced caster sugar measure to 90g ( Because I will be adding chocolate chips!). After I beat the mixture I added 100g chocolate chips and the zest of an orange. When the buns cooled I topped with Nutella & grated on some orange zest! Delicious! I baked them in these small bun cases as they are a great size for parties. These were devoured in the Kilkenny Office yesterday. Who doesn’t like a queen bun and a cup of tea? Mini buns without the guilt!

Tip: If the children are helping out, use an old mayonnaise or ketchup squeezey bottle. Add the butter cream / icing to the bottle and it is easy for them to finish off the toppings.


Blog Awards Ireland

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Tired Of Mowing The Lawn At Home?

Colin Saved Time & Money With Robomow


Asking me to describe my lawnmower at home was definitely one of the more obscure tasks I’ve been given in Sheridan Insurances. Admittedly my lawnmower does generate a bit of interest at times… a long with some bemusement, incredulity & downright scoffing.

As I look after the IT in here, I do have a natural instinct to use technology. And if I need to do something monotonous in my job regularly, I like to see if it can be automated. I guess I’m no different at home. It works basically by cutting within a perimeter wire. It mulches up the grass so that there is no obvious clippings left. Apparently due to the nitrogen in grass clippings mulching the grass is quite beneficial for the health of the lawn!
Here’s a video of it in operation:

It is powered by a battery pack. This is rechargeable, and costs about as much annually to charge as it costs to charge your smartphone. It has three blades underneath it, so it can give a good cut. I generally buy new blades every 2 years, and these are easy to replace. It is cheaper than a ride-on lawnmower to buy (our lawn is big enough – about 800 square metres), and I don’t need a trailer to transport it if it needs servicing. It can fit in boot of my car quite easily. Also, it saves me on the need to buy petrol.
For safety it has bumpers that detect any foreign objects it touches… walls, toys, footballs, etc. It immediately stops & reverses if it does detect these. Safety has to be a feature on something like this, even if we didn’t have three curious kids. But just because I take it seriously doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it.


Colin bought his Robomow in 2010 from Seamus Tully in Co. Kildare

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The ‘Blog Awards Ireland’ – We Need Your Vote!

Seriously, We Need Your Help!


We can’t really believe it but we have been shortlisted for the ‘Blog Awards Ireland’! There are a few of us that love writing blogs in Sheridans and you should have seen us on Friday when we realised we were shortlisted. Colette, our claims advisor was on her holidays and I think she screamed down the phone at me when I told her the news. We are listed amongst some of Ireland’s biggest companies; Aerlingus, Harvey Norman, Cocoa Brown, AIB, Low Cost Holidays and much more! Check out the list here.


Whats Next?

Now that we have been shortlisted, we have two weeks to get as many votes as we can! 30% of our overall marks are based on public votes. This will help the judges decide if we will be finalists.


Please Vote For Us

If you would like to see us become a finalist at the ‘Blog Awards Ireland’ please click on the pink button below and vote for us! We really appreciate your support!


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Worried About Contaminated Fuel?

Colette Has The Inside Scoop On Contaminated Fuel


Every so often contaminated fuel is something that comes to our attention. The thing about contaminated fuel is, you never just get once case of it! They just appear in batches. These can be more difficult insurance claims to deal because at first it can seem to be a mechanical failure and not contaminated fuel.

Contaminated fuel is not really something you can protect yourself from but here are a few things to keep in mind. It will make it easier and faster to deal with should you be unfortunate enough to purchase some contaminated fuel.


Tips To Keep In Mind


Stick To One Garage

It can take a couple of months before contaminated fuel becomes apparent in your vehicle and if you stick to one garage the insurance company may be able to get enough evidence to hold the garage responsible for the damages.


Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

I get mine checked over twice a year, once for the winter service and once for the NCT. It’s good to know that your car is in good condition.


Keep Your Documents

Fuel receipts and servicing receipts need to be kept to show exactly where your fuel is coming from and to prove that your vehicle is properly maintained.

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We’ve Been Shortlisted!

Shortlisted At The ‘Blog Awards Ireland’!


We’ve been shortlisted for an award at the ‘The Blog Awards Ireland’! I really can’t believe it. We are over the moon to make the shortlist. The Blog Awards recognises the passion and enthusiasm that personal and company bloggers have for their readers and content. Here is a list of some of the other shortlisted companies. There are some incredible irish companies on the list so we are thrilled to see our name amongst them.

We all know insurance is not the most interesting topic in the world but we need it to make sure that if something does happen, you are protected. We really care about our customers and we spend our time blogging about things that you care about. I really hope you enjoy our blogs as much as we enjoy writing them.

The public vote opens on Monday so we would really appreciate your support. We would love to be finalists at The Blog Awards!


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Ed Sheeran Croke Park

Everything You Need To Know About This Weekend



The excitement is building in the office because the Ed Sheeran concert weekend is almost here! Rebecca and Noeleen in our Wexford office got tickets so we got together to give you as much information as possible. It’s going to be a busy weekend in Dublin so we thought this blog could be a handy source of info. Also, the winner of our Facebook Ed Sheeran competition will be announced just after 3pm today so best of luck!



A shout out to the people that got a hotel for the night…we are jealous! Anyway, the traffic is going to be crazy. The concert organiser recommend that you use public transport if possible. If you need to take your car they recommend to park in the city centre car parks. Croke park is well supported by public transport. The Gardai put together a traffic management plan and you can get all the details here. All public transport details will be found on their website.



First of all… don’t forget them. Secondly, make sure you have the correct date. Check them now just in case.


Concert Times

Friday 24th July 2015 Event Details

Opening:  17.00hrs
Gavin James – 18.00hrs
Bell X 1 – 19.00hrs


Saturday 25h July 2015 Event Details

Opening:  17.00hrs
Jamie Lawson – 18.00hrs
Bell X 1 – 19.00hrs


Entering the concert

Make sure you enter the concert at the entrance stated on your ticket.



We’re no Ger Fleming but the weather forecast doesn’t look too bad! More likely to have a few showers on Friday so make sure you get your hands on a poncho. A quick tip – put the plastic rain poncho on under your rain jacket. If it does rain, it actually works!

The Selfie Stick

Unfortunately the concert organisers has stated that selfie sticks are not permitted. Snapchat will have to do! Here is the list of other non permitted items:

Alcohol, banners or flags larger than A4, cameras with more than one lens, fireworks, flashlights, food, garden furniture/seats, glass or cans, glowsticks, inflatable balls or balloons, laser pointers, selfie sticks,shooting sticks, studs or spikes, umbrellas, video camera and audio recording devices an weapons.


When Ed says ‘Sing’, SING!


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Avoid BBQ Blunders

Fire Up The Barbie Without Setting The House On Fire


I hope you are enjoying the nice weather this week! I had a BBQ this week so I thought it was worth sharing some valuable BBQ safety tips with you. As claims advisor, house fire claims are awful experience for the customers. It can take a long time to get your house back to normal and get the smell of smoke out.

Here are a few BBQ tips to ensure you stay safe this summer.

Choose BBQ Location

Don’t place the BBQ near the house, decking or in an area with overhanging leaves or trees. Ensure the BBQ is away from the children’s play area.



Please don’t use petrol or any other form of accelerants to get the BBQ going. I don’t need to tell you the horror stories about using these on BBQs. Take your time and enjoy the day!


Grease & Fat

Don’t let grease and fat build up on the BBQ. Not only can it catch fire, it could ruin the taste of your burger!


Long Handled Tools

Invest in a few BBQ utensils. Using the long handed tools will help you avoid burns and blisters.


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Leaving & Junior Certificate Energy Snack

Let’s Get Baking! Perfect Snack For Exam Students


Good Luck to all the Junior & Leaving Cert students in your exams. It can be a daunting time for both students and parents! Following a recent trip to the “School of Food” in Thomastown, I have included a recipe here for Banana Flapjacks, they are a good source of energy and you can eat them on the go; in the car on the way to an exam or on a break. They are handy and really easy to make.


40g butter
60g brown sugar
1tsp golden syrup
225g porridge oats
50g raisins
2 ripe bananas



  • In a pan, melt butter, add sugar & syrup and stir well.
  • Mash bananas and combine with the butter mix.
  • Add the raisins and oats and spread into a greased baking tray.
  • Flattten the mix with the back of a spoon.
  • Bake at 180C for 15-20 minutes until slightly brown.
  • Cut into squares and leave to cool.

For this recipe I used Demerara sugar as it has a nice chewy texture.
I substituted the raisins for apricots.


Benefits of Oats

  • Slow release energy
  • Packed full of goodness
  • High in protein
  • Good for concentration


Benefits of Bananas

  • For energy & sustaining blood sugar
  • Improve your mood
  • High levels of potassium, keeps you alert


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Insure An Unoccupied Home

Ger Explains Unoccupied Home Insurance


Hello, welcome back to my latest blog on ‘Unoccupied Home Insurance’. If your home is vacant you may struggle to find a broker or insurer to take on the policy. At Sheridan’s we have a great market for unoccupied homes at the moment and we would be delighted to help you get a quote. We are very experienced in looking after house insurance in Ireland with 1000’s of customers all over the country.

If you have a vacant property you should really watch my video below as I explain what you need to know. If you would like to contact me or a member of my insurance team simply click the ‘get a quote‘ button below and we will call you back!


Watch Ger’s Video 

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What You Didn’t Know About Paddy Sheridan

Paddy Sheridan Is A Bit of A Legend In Our Offices!



As a member of the team in Sheridan Insurances, we’re always asked is ‘Paddy Sheridan’ still working there? And we proudly say ‘yes, he’s in the office everyday’. The next question that follows is ‘how old is he?’ and the answer is 87 years old. Paddy plays a major role in our lives. As a team member, he supports us every step of the way, giving us encouragement and advice. His stories and experiences are amazing so I thought I’d tell you a few things that you may not know about Paddy Sheridan.


Pig Farmer

Paddy was a keen pig farmer and he ran the farm after a day in the Sheridan Insurances office. He would finish work between 5-6pm in the sixties and seventies, go for a run, have his dinner and tend to the farm. Paddy believes in a healthy balance of work and personal life. We all need to spend time with family and friends.


Our Exercise Guru

I have worked here for almost four years and I know that Paddy leaves the office about 12.30pm to hit the gym. He enjoys meeting the guys at Ferrycarrig Hotel gym. He normally does the plank for three minutes as a rule but I know that last year his personal best was just over five minutes!


Best Advice

In the workplace, there is nothing like encouragement and support from the boss. This is a trait that Paddy has passed onto his children, Ciaran and Donagh. They all work within Sheridan Insurances and encourage us on a daily basis. Paddy sold car, van, home and business insurance for nearly 50 years and we all benefit from his knowledge and experience.


Company Car In The Late Fifties

Before Paddy established Sheridan Insurances, he worked as an inspector for Norwich Union which is now known as Aviva. He looked after people in the South East including farmers. If paddy wanted to visit any farmer he normally met them in the evening once they finished work. At the time he drove a ‘Ford Anglia’ something like the car in the picture below. Norwich Union provided him with a car but it had no extras. This proved quite difficult because an internal light in the car was classed as an ‘extra’. How could anyone fill out paperwork at night with no light!

Imagine a light being classed as an extra! Eventually Norwich Union allowed him to install a light in his car. The rest is history….





image source:

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What Not To Do While Driving

Colette’s Back With Her Latest Helpful Tips!


Do you ever see people driving their car or van and wonder ‘how in are they concentrating on driving?’ They could be doing the most random things while driving but we all know how dangerous this is. The road and other road users need your full attention. It only takes a moment to make a life changing mistake; a mistake that will effect your friends and family.

I urge people not to use their phone while driving. It makes sense to pull over safely if you really need to answer a phone call. Check out Colette’s video below, she goes through a few tips about ‘What not to do while driving’


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JestFest 2015 Wexford Street Performance & Comedy Festival

The May Bank Holiday Just Got More Exciting!



We are spoilt for choice in the South East when it comes to entertainment and events. The Wexford Opera Festival, The Speigeltent and now ‘JestFest’! This bank holiday weekend the streets, pubs & restaurants of Wexford town will be bursting at the seams with street performances and comedy nights with some of Ireland’s leading entertainers.

You can check out the line up here, some of the performers include Al Porter; you might already know Al from ‘Drive By with Colm Hayes’ on 2fm, Andrew Maxwell, Jon Kenny, David McSavage and much more! There is also a very unique show called ‘ Comedy in the Dark’ in the Thomas Moore Tavern. One of your favourite comedians will take to the stage but the show is in complete darkness.

It’s a great excuse to hop in your car and visit Wexford or if your a local it’s a great way to spend your bank holiday weekend. We predict that this festival is going to grow and grow every year. Lantern Events have pulled it out of the bag once again. The guys behind JestFest also produce the hugely successful Spiegeltent and Winterland Festival. We wish them the very best of luck and we hope you have a great bank holiday weekend!

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Ghost Adventures In Loftus Hall

It’s Finally On The Tele Tonight! 



I have just got off the phone from Anne in Loftus Hall and believe me, prepare to be shakin’ in your boots! Finally, we get a chance to see the Ghost Adventures Crew in action in our World famous Loftus Hall. We are big supporters of Loftus Hall in Sheridan HQ and  quite a few of us will be tuning in to the spine tingling documentary on ‘Really‘ channel 155 on Sky.

In this episode, Zak, Nick and Aaron visit the haunted house in Wexford to monitor the paranormal activity on site. Aidan Quigley, the owner of Loftus Hall looks a little on edge in the episode as he tells the guys why he rarely ventures up the stairs in Loftus Hall. In the video below, you can see a clip of the Ghost Adventures blog.

Anne from Loftus Hall told us that TV3, Gordon Haydon and the Irish Ghost Hunting Team also paid a visit last weekend. They filmed some footage and monitored the paranormal activity to produce a show for TV3. It will hopefully be on our screens this Halloween.

Loftus hall is set to re-open on the 28th March. The paranormal lockdown experiences are completely booked up and the Night Fall Tours are extremely popular. Loftus Hall describe it as ‘Telling Ghost Stories in Candlelight’ and you have a tour guide. Even if you are not into the haunted stuff, Loftus Hall is a fantastic place to visit at the weekend. It has a brand new coffee shop and it’s so close to the Hook Lighthouse if you decide to go for a walk.

As a local Wexford business we wish Loftus Hall all the best this year. It should be a very interesting documentary tonight guys. If you can handle the scare, don’t miss it!


Really, Sky Channel 155, 9pm


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#Video Road Accidents Do Happen

Follow These Steps After A Road Accident


According to the Road Safety Authority, the most dangerous time on the road in 2014 was between 4pm-6pm & 8pm-10pm. Thursday was also reported to be the most dangerous day of the week of road accident. These are frightening road safety statastics.

Everyday I help people deal with car and van insurance claims, it’s an upsetting and can be a devastating experience for a person to deal with in their lifetime. My job is to make the claims experience as smooth as possible as I guide you through the claims process. I look after the paperwork and I negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the best possible outcome.

Having said that, I make it my mission to give you as much information as possible to keep you safe on the roads, I publish weather warnings, safety tips and video blogs on safety but unfortunately accidents do happen. If you do happen to be in a road accident, the video below will help you gather some information that could help you make the insurance claim experience as painless as possible.


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What We Love About Ireland

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day To You & Your Family!


We are only one day away from celebrating St. Patricks Day and I think everyone in the office is really looking forward to spending the day with family and friends. We were talking about what we love about living in Ireland. I thought I’d share a few of our favourites with you, sometimes I think we may take each of them for granted. The video below may bring back a few memories, Happy St. Patricks Day!


Here are a few things that we love about living in Ireland! 


Great Irish Adventures

We can get very caught up with our ‘foreign holidays’ but sometimes we forget about the beauty on our doorstep. We had beautiful weather last Summer, so I’m going to make it my business to visit some of Ireland’s well known sights this Summer. There is nothing more exciting than planning a road trip in the car with family or friends. You have so many options to choose from; the Cliffs of Moher, Dingle, Lahinch, Hook Head, the Giants Causeway, Kilkenny Castle and so much more! Check out your options here.


The Stories

This is something I forgot about until today. Irish mythology and folklore was a huge interest of mine as a kid. The stories about Cuchulainn, the Legend of Oisin & Tir Na Nog, the Salmon of Knowledge etc. Children love listening to these stories. If you are a great storyteller you should get your hands on a few of these stories and read these to your children, it’s magical.


I think we only miss Irish food when we leave the country and then we realise how lucky we are! Our offices are based in Wexford and Kilkenny and I must say we are spoilt for choice with local restaurants and celebrity chefs. We do love our gourmet food but we also really appreciate our tayto sandwiches, Lyons/Barrys tea (I’m not even getting into that discussion), McDonnell’s curry sauce and Club orange. It’s the little things in life!



GAA is the backbone of every Irish community, we talk about it over dinner, we discuss tactics, the players and it’s a conversation starter in every parish in Ireland. We have a few die-hard GAA fans in our offices and I have to admire them for their commitment and passion. When you play GAA it’s like being party of a bigger family. You meet your team every week for training,  you go out with them at the weekend and you make friends for life. That’s a pretty special Irish sport!



Whether it’s a session in the smallest pub in Ireland or one of Ireland’s Best Rock Band, we have an amazing level of musical talent in this country. Have you ever been out on a Sunday afternoon and someone brings a Bodhran to play along to our Irish classics? I’m  always amazed by some people’s hidden musical talents. The ‘Ould Triangle’ or the ‘Rattlin Bog’ are some of our favourites.


We want to wish you and your family a great St. Patricks Day! Stay safe on the roads on enjoy the day with friends and family.





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Grand Stretch In The Evenings

Driving Your Car Or Van May Be A Little More Dangerous



There’s a grand stretch in the evenings” is a comment that I hear a lot at the moment. I for one am looking forward to being able to go for a walk or sit out in the garden after work in the evening sunshine.

As the evenings get longer and people get more active, here are a few things to bear in mind when driving your car or van in the late afternoon or evening.


Keep An Eye Out For The Following:


  • Pedestrians – with longer evenings people are more likely to get out for a walk.


  • Cyclists – with dry weather and more daylight you can expect an increase in people out for a leisurely cycle or people training for that summer triathlon.


  • Children – kids will have more time to play outside so watch out for that stray football on the road particularly in a built up area or housing estate.


  • Clubhouses – GAA & soccer training sessions are on most evenings. So reduce your speed when approaching a training ground as there will be increased activity in these areas at this time of year.


  • Leaving your vehicle unattended? – lock your belongings in the boot or take them with you – don’t put your handbag under the seat.



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Car Insurance For Women

Ladies, We Understand Your Car Insurance Needs 


Welcome to my first video blog. I joined the Wexford team in 2013 and have I have over 5 years personal insurance experience. I recorded a video below for ladies that are shopping around for car insurance.

At the end of the day, we want to give you a great car insurance policy which will leave you with more time and money in your pocket. When you call me for a car quote, I search the insurance market to find you the best policy at the best possible price. There are a few great added benefits of dealing with me and Sheridan Insurances. Just what the video below to find out!


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Lorraine’s Perfect Pancakes

Traditional Pancakes With A Twist


Why is it that most of us only make pancakes once a year? Well not in our
house –  Pancakes are our Sunday morning treat, we’re addicted! If you are
looking for a quick and easy pancake recipe that is sure to impress check
out my favourite pancake recipe below. There is even time for a test run
before the big day!

Top Tip: Make the batter the day before as it saves time in the morning.



125g/4oz Plain Flour
Pinch of Salt
1 Egg
300ml/ ½ pint Milk
Oil for Frying



  • Sieve the flour & salt into a bowl.
  • Make a well in the centre of the flour.
  • Break in the egg & some of the milk.
  • Beat well, gradually pouring in the rest of the milk & drawing in the flour
    to make a smooth batter. (Use less milk if you like thicker batter).
  • Pour batter into a jug and allow to stand for @ 30 minutes before
    cooking the pancakes.

Top Tip: Use an oil that does not have a strong flavour or it will affect the
taste of the pancakes or substitute with unsalted butter either.


The Toppings

My favourite is Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon accompanied
by stewed mixed fruit. For the fruit, I mix raspberries & strawberries in
a pan with some orange juice until softened. A sprinkle of icing sugar
over the pancakes to finish and there ready to serve.

Other popular toppings in our house are:

Stewed apple & cinnamon
Fresh blueberries & honey
Lemon & caster sugar, you can’t beat this traditional pancake
Nutella & sliced banana

Top Tip: Anytime I have fruit going soft in the fruit bowl, I stew it and
freeze it. Then I can just put in a saucepan & heat up for the pancakes.
No waste in my house!




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Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cupcakes

Lorraine Is Back With Some Delicious Valentine’s Treats


Red Velvet cupcakes are absolutely delicious and they would be an
impressive treat for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Some people
are so fed up of going out on Valentine’s night and paying for over
priced food. This treat would be a lovely addition to a home cooked meal.

I made a batch last week to bring to work in the Kilkenny office and
they didn’t last long! The recipe is quite simply and easy to follow
so I hope it comes in handy for you this weekend.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

175g Self Raising Flour
125g Caster Sugar
150g Butter/Margarine
2 Large Eggs
2 tbsp Drinking Chocolate
4 tbsp Water
2 tsp Red Food Colouring


250g Mascarpone
1 tbsp Icing Sugar
100g Melted White Chocolate


  • Preheat over to 180 degrees.
  • Line a 12 cupcake tin with bun cases or use standard bun cases to makes about 18 buns.
  • Beat the butter/margarine and sugar in a bowl until light in colour.
  • Add the flour, eggs, drinking chocolate, water & red food colouring. Beat well.
  • Divide the mixture between the muffin cases.
  • Bake for about 20 minutes.
  • Cool on a wire tray.

To make the topping, melt the white chocolate in a bowl over a pot
of simmering water. In a separate bowl beat the mascarpone and
icing sugar together. Add the melted chocolate & stir to combine.
Add the cream cheese to the buns and decorate with red sprinkles!






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Check Your Tyres

Tyre Safety Tips From Top Tyres Wexford


We can’t stress the importance of checking your tyres on a regular basis.
We teamed up with Top Tyres Wexford to give you the very best advice
from the tyre experts. John, from Top Tyres  has put together some tips
and information about tyre safety for your van or car. This information
could potentially save your life so it is worth a read.


Top Tyres Wexford – John’s Advice


Pressure Check

Check your tyre pressure at a local garage. People ask us on a daily basis
‘what pressure should be in my tyre?’. But the answer is that the pressure
is different for each tyre size. If the tyre pressure is not correct, it will increase
wear on your tyres. Correct tyre pressure will give you better control of your vehicle.


Mis- Alignment

If you tyres are mis-aligned it means that your tyres can wear on the outside
edge or the tyre. In some cases the tyre can wear on the inside and you can’t
see if happening. This is extremely dangerous as it could cause a tyre blow-out.
If you drop your vehicle into Top Tyres we offer a Tyre Alignment service and
at least you can be sure that you can safely drive your car. If you live in other
parts of Ireland, any tyre centre can carry out this service for you.


Check Tread Depth

The legal minimum tread depth in Europe is 1.6 mm but we recommend
that you don’t let your tyre tread depth wear this far down. Here’s why:

If a car is travelling on a wet road at 70 mph, a car with 1.6mm tread depth
will take over three bus lengths longer to stop that a car with 3mm tread depth.
That’s a massive 37 metres! That’s exactly why we recommend you check your
tread depth on a regular basis as it could potentially save your life.


Tyre Check At Top Tyres Wexford 

Top Tyres are experts in tyre fitting and they offer the full range of auto
 from tyres, batteries, alignment, pre-nct checks etc. call them
today on 053 9141092.


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Back To The Future Part II

We’ve Arrived At 2015, Now Where’s My Flying Car?


Lads, dust off the video, ‘Back To The Future Part II‘ has just become
some what more relevant. That’s right, Marty, Doc and Jennifer took the time
machine DeLorean straight into 2015. Back To The future Part II was
released in 1989 so I suppose 2015 seemed like years away at the time.
The director Robert Zemeckis didn’t intend on trying to predict the
future but in some cases his ideas weren’t too far from our reality.


What 2015 Was Like In ‘Back to The Future Part II’

In the film we see flying cars……I am certain we have no car insurance
policy that covers flying cars! But 3D movies, glasses (google glass) that
can be used to answer the phone and hover skateboards have all made
their way into 2015 in some shape or form.

Nike’s self lacing shoes appeared in the move and Nike maintain they
may have a self lacing shoe by the end of the year, how cool! We are
still a few years away from the instant pizza but I think we can live with that.


Here’s The Moment They Arrive in 2015 


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Image sources Facebook post:

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Upcoming Movies 2015

The Most Anticipated Movies Of 2015 In Our Offices


Happy New Year everyone! I thought i’d kick off the new year on a positive
note and take you through a few of the most anticipated movies of 2015.
I have included some trailers below, just to give you an idea of what to expect.
At lunchtime yesterday we all had a good chat about what we were most
looking forward to this year and these films made our list! We hope to
watch some of these films in cinemas across Ireland this year. Stuffing
our faces with popcorn and sweets of course! No ‘Car‘ based films made
our list but we’re hoping Lightning Mcqueen will make the big screen again.
Check out some of the Trailers below. The minion trailer made me laugh!




Avengers: Age Of Ultron


Jurassic World


Minions: Despicable Me Prequel




American Sniper




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Christmas Jumper Day 2014

It’s Christmas! Check Out Our Christmas Jumper Photos


Happy Christmas Everyone! Today is our annual Christmas Jumper Day!
As you can see above, Brian is rocking his Christmas tie and Jackie has
some flattering reindeer antlers! It really feels Christmassy now. I have
posted a few photos below of Christmas Jumper day in Wexford, New Ross
and Kilkenny office!


Happy Christmas!



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Christmas Roadtrip Playlist

Tunes For Your Christmas Shopping Roadtrip! playlistwp

Before you set off in the car for your Christmas shopping roadtrip, you need to add these songs to your Christmas playlist. It gets you in the mood for some Christmas shopping and spending time with friends & family. I asked some of the guys in the office to list their favourite Christmas songs so here is the list! Enjoy the tunes this christmas but also be very aware of black ice on the roads this winter so please take your time. If you a Sheridan Insurances customer and need to report a claim over the Christmas season you can do so here and Colette will be in contact as soon as possible.

Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas

Mariah Carey – All I want For Christmas

The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

Wham – Last Christmas

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Wexford Winterland 2014

We Are So Excited! What A Spectacular Christmas!


Root out your winter woollies and wrap your yourself in a good warm coat
and some Christmas spirit! Wexford Winterland is just around the corner
and it’s going to be one magical Christmas in Wexford Town! We’re talking
ice – skating, movies under the star, hot chocolate, concerts and your favourite
jolly Santa Claus.

The event organisers of the Spiegeltent are bringing this magical event to
Wexford so you won’t be disappointed, they thought of everything.
Check out the website, It has three main
event categories. Wexford On Ice, Selskar Under The Stars
and Selskar Movies.


Wexford On Ice

As we speak, the Ice Rink, is taking shape on Wexford Quay and it’s huge!
It’s a great activity for your family, there’s going to be a Christmas Garden
and a Christmas Café alongside the ice rink incase your not fond of the skates.
Christmas hits will be playing in the background and there is an extensive
range of dates and time slots to choose from, simply book your tickets here.


You Could Be Skating To This Tune In A Few Weeks

Selskar Family Movies 

Imagine watching ‘Miracle On 34th Street’ in the open air….well now you can!
The guys at Wexford Winterland will be showing some festive more. Book your
tickets here!


Selskar Under The Stars

Selskar Square is going to be transformed in one of Wexford’s most unique
venues. It will have a roof and seating for you to enjoy some of Ireland’s best
home grown talented musicians. We are really looking forward to New Years
Eve as Corner boy will be taking to the stage to ring in the New Year. Tickets
are sold out already but you can also go to see Mick Flannery and The Strypes
on other nights. Imagine, going to dinner with friends and family and rocking
up to see one of these talented artists later on that night.
It’s going to be a great Christmas!


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How To Combat Bloating?

Our Feel Great In 8 Nutritionist Has The Answers


Hi Guys, this is my last video for the ‘Feel Great in 8′ challenge. Next week
will be the last week of the challenge! I hope you found some of my tips
and recipes helpful over the last seven weeks. I have watched the Sheridan
crew make a lot of happy and healthy changes to their lifestyle. So my last blog
is about how to combat bloating.

Bloating occurs when the stomach feels uncomfortably full and may be visibly
swollen. There can be many causes of bloating which include irritable bowel
syndrome, weight gain constipation and some medications etc.

Most common foods that can cause bloating include highly processed foods,
foods that contain alot of salt, high starchy carbohydate foods, dairy products
and fizzy drinks. If you experiance bloating, making simple changes to your
lifestyle by limiting the foods mentioned may help to prevent or even stop
the symptoms of bloating.


If you would like a consultation with me or would like
more information you can email me at

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My Van Insurance Video Is Live

#Video With Laura & Pam – Van Insurance With Sheridans


Just recorded my second video today with Laura. We both work in the Wexford
office so you can catch us here at any time. One of the best things about Sheridan
Insurances is that you can live anywhere in Ireland but once you pick up the
phone and take out a van insurance policy, your stuck with me! Not really stuck
with me, but if you ever need anything during the year all you have to do it give
me a call, it’s not a call centre and you can talk to me at any stage to change
your vehicle or make any changes.

Here is our video below, have a quick look and see what you think, I’ll be here
waiting for your phone call!

My Van Insurance Video

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Dirty & Contaminated Fuel

It May Not Happen To You, But You Should be Prepared



It has been in the media recently that dirty, contaminated and watered down
fuel is becoming a more prominent problem in Ireland.

It is pretty much impossible to predict whether or not you will fall subject
to one of these scams and it can be a real headache if it does happen.
Here at Sheridan Insurances we would recommend these easy steps to be
prepared in case it does happen to you:



Pick A Garage/Fuel Station

Pick a garage and stick to it. Always get your fuel in the same place. If
you go to multiple garages it is extremely difficult to definitively prove
who is responsible for the damages to your car or van.



Get a Receipt

ALWAYS get a receipt for your fuel and keep them for 6 weeks. You need
to be able to prove where the fuel was purchased.



Regular Car Or Van Service

Get your car or van serviced regularly & keep your receipts. You need
to be able to show your vehicle is in good working condition.



Don’t Take A Chance

If the power is fluctuating or the car feels or sounds strange, pull your car
over safely and call your garage. If you continue to drive you can cause a lot
more damage to the engine.




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Got Your Car Insurance Renewal Letter?

#Video – Laura Explains What To Do Before You Renew


Hi I’m Laura, I’m the newest member of the Wexford team but with over four
years experience in Insurance, I fit in pretty well! So, today I recorded a
video with Aoife about ‘What to do when you receive your car renewal letter?’

The video explains everything so please watch it below. When I started
working for Sheridan Insurances I noticed that we do a few things differently
to other insurance brokers and direct insurers. Every insurance advisor has
their own clients, we get to build a relationship with people because we get to
speak to them every year. That doesn’t happen when you work in a huge sales team.

Also having Colette our claims advisor is really handy for our customers. So,
if you have an accident our clients speak to Colette and she looks after the
claim, it really takes the stress away for some of our customers.

I hope you find my video helpful and if you do want to give me a call about
your car, van or house insurance, just request a callback or call 1850 54 54 54


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Check On Our Elderly Neighbours

The Temperature Is Dropping, These Tips Are Important


‘Looking Out For You Always’…this is a sentence that is ingrained in
us here in Sheridan Insurances. We may help you choose a car, van or house
policy but we also care about each of our customers. We get to know people
really well because we call you or you call in to see us each year. We learn
about your family, a new job or something funny that has happened to
you last week. We talk about the weather and how is your child getting on
in school; we love listening.

We would like to ask everyone to follow our motto and spend a little bit
of time ensuring that our elderly neigbours and friends are safe and warm
in their homes over the next few months. It’s going to be a cold one and you’ll
never know how you can help until you pick up the phone or knock
on their door.


How To Give A Helping Hand To Your Neighbour


  • Offer to help them with their grocery shopping or they may need
    a prescription collected from the pharmacy.


  • Cook some extra dinner and drop it to their home.
    Everyone should have at least one hot meal a day.


  •  Carry in some coal or fuel for the fire.


  • Call in for a chat and a cup of tea, warm drinks will keep the body
    warm and there is nothing like a good chat and a bit of a laugh for
    a healthy heart!


  • If your neighbour are complaining about being cold, encourage them to wear
    a several layers of clothing instead of one chunky one.



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Feel Great In 8 | What Are Healthy Snacks?

 #Video! Healthy Snacks For You & Your Family


Eating healthy snacks throughout the day is a powerful way of  keeping you
on track. It gives your body and brain the nutrients and energy it needs to
keep you focused while you work, go to school our work in the home.

What many people think is that if you have little as possible to eat throughout
the day then you will lose weight faster. This is not the case, in fact your
metabolism will slow down. Therefore decreasing your body’s ability to
operate at maximum efficiency.

Eating snacks with the right nutrients and calories will help keep your body
energized and help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Fibre and
protein based snacks are the best choice of snack to help sustain your energy
and hunger levels for a couple of hours.


What My Video For Some Healthy Snack Ideas

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Feel Great In 8 | Chilli Con Carne

Rachel Kumar Give Us A ‘One Pot Wonder Recipe


Hope you had great Halloween weekend! I’m back again with another handy
recipe. This week I have chosen The ‘One Pot Wonder’ Chilli Con Carne. My
family loves this recipe and so do I for many reasons.

This recipe is easy to make and really tasty. It’s an ideal meal for the cold
weather that’s just around the corner. Adding plenty of vegetables to the
dish will also build up your fibre levels and keep you full.  I use kidney beans
in this recipe, they are a very good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber, as
are most other beans. For those that do not eat like fish, Kidney beans are
good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

This meal serves four people and take approx. 40 mins to cook.


400g extra lean mince beef
1 large onion chopped
2 crushed garlic cloves
1 red or yellow pepper de-seeded and chopped
300ml beef stock
400g  chopped tomatoes ( Buy can of chopped tomatoes)
410g mixed beans (kidney beans chickpeas) etc.
2 tbsp tomato purée
2-3 tsp of chilli powder
150g sliced mushroom
175g brown rice



Heat a large saucepan with 2 tbsp of olive oil. Add mince, handful at a time.
Sear over high heat stirring continuously until browned. Add the onion, garlic
and pepper. Cook stirring for another 2-3 mins.

Pour in the beef stock cube, chopped tomatoes and mixed beans. Then
add the tomato puree, chilli powder and mushrooms. Stir well. Cover and
simmer for 25-30 mins.

Before serving, Cook the rice in boiling water until tender and drain well.


Rachel’s Helpful Tips


Add a little salt and pepper if needed. If you find it a little on the spicy side,
use a spoonful of fat free natural yoghurt. You can also use extra vegetables
in your chilli con carne like carrots, green beans etc. For vegetarians, use
Quorn mince instead of beef.






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Kids Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Need Face Painting Inspiration For Halloween Night?



Most of us have our kids Halloween costumes sorted for Halloween night. I
checked around the offices today and so far, we have a Princess Elsa
from Frozen
, a ninja, a scary prom girl, a minion and a witch! Imagine these
packed into the car this Friday with a truck load of sweets!

Face painting can be a little tricky when your child is expecting to look
exactly like the Halloween character in their imagination. We aren’t exactly
Picasso but we do want to do our best! Here is a little inspiration, I’ve included
photos so you can refer to the picture on Friday evening.



Frozen – Princess Elsa



Ninja Turtle


Image Sources:
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Feel Great In 8 | Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Rachel Kumar Recommends A Hearty Healthy Soup

butternut squash soupwp

Hi guys, i’m back again with the easiest soup recipe ever. This week I chose
to share the ‘Butternut Squash’ soup recipe. It’s an alternative to the normal
vegetable soup (I will post that recipe next week). It’s quick and  easy hearty
soup for the winter. The ingredients used are fresh and provide many of the
nutrients required by the body such as vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre and iron.

It’s a great option for lunch, so here’s the recipe! Give it a try and let me know
what you think.


Butternut Squash Soup Recipe


1 Small Butternut Squash – Peeled, De-seeded & Chopped
1 Onion – Chopped
600mls Hot Vegetable Stock
Bunch of Fresh Corriander or 1/2 teaspoon of dry coriander
Pinch of Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper
1 Tablespoon of Chopped Fresh Parsley – to garnish (optional)




  1. Roughly chop the squash and onion. Put in large saucepan and add the stock and coriander
  2. Bring to the boil, cover, reduce the heat and simmer for about 20 mins.
  3. Using a blender, liquidise the soup until smooth. You may need to do this in batches.
  4. Reheat in saucepan. Season to taste and serve in warmed bowls garnished with the parsley.
  5. You can also top off your soup also with a swirl of crème frâiche.


My Personal Tip’s

It’s so simple! There’s no need to use cream or milk as the butternut squash is a
creamy texture. You can season it with salt and pepper or you can add some chilli
flakes while cooking the soup to add some extra flavour.

The taste of coriander is quite strong in this recipe. Aoife and I both made this soup over the weekend and Aoife suggested that she would less fresh corriander the next time she made it.


 Image Source:


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Winter Warning For Your Vehicle

You Should Have These Items In Your Car Or Van

car colette


Guys, I can tell winter is here as the number of claims are increasing due to
the bad weather we had recently. It’s only going to get colder and darker and
the roads will be wetter. In the event of an accident or breakdown I have
listed a few items that I think are necessary to have in your car or van. Don’t
ever assume ‘I will never have a road accident or a breakdown’ because we just
don’t know for sure. Share the list below with your family and friends to help
keep them safe on the roads this winter.


Hi-Vis Jacket

Imagine you breakdown on a back road or on the hard shoulder of the M50.
You need a hi-vis jacket. The traffic is dangerous and very close to your vehicle.
Keep a couple of these tucked into the back of the seat or in the boot.


Spare Tyre

Please make sure you have a spare tyre in the car and that it’s in good condition.
Changing a tyre can be tough, so make yourself familiar with changing it.


Policy Documents

Do you have breakdown assistance? Do you know the phone number? Find
your policy document or call your broker or insurer to see if you have this
policy benefit. Keep the number stored in your phone and car so you are


First Aid Kit

I have one of these in my glove box. Luckily I haven’t had to use it yet but
if you do come across an accident it can be helpful to have a first aid kit to hand.



An essential to have in the car in case you are stuck at the side of the road


Warm Jacket

If you have a breakdown on the side of the road, it may not be safe to sit in the
car while you wait for breakdown assistance. I advise that you leave a warm jacket
in the car incase you are standing out in the cold weather for a period of time.


Please share this blog with your friends and family. We want to improve road safety
and keep your family safe this winter.

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What To Eat Before & After Training

Not Sure What To Eat Before Or After Exercise?

Training wp

This week I’m discussing ‘food intake before and after exercise’. It’s a question
people ask me on a regular basis so I thought it would be a good topic to cover for
you guys. If you plan on going for a session in the gym, TRX, GAA or circuit
training etc. you need to fuel your body with food and water to ensure
maximum performance.

If you notice that you run out of energy, feel sick or feel faint during the exercise
session, it could be because you didn’t eat enough food during the day or your
didn’t eat the right food. It is also important to eat food post workout, as muscle
protein and muscle glycogen are broken down. Recovery nutrition is
really important.

The guys in Sheridan Insurances are leaving car and van insurance at their desks
tomorrow and taking part in an exercise class in the Watershed Kilkenny on their
lunch break. This video will really help them pre and post workout.

Watch my video below to hear some recommendations about food comsumption
before and after training.



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Feel Great In 8- Kilkenny Free Day

Geraldine Tells Us about Kilkenny’s Free Day


‘Feel Great In 8′ is in full swing in the Kilkenny office and I have to say we are
really making the most of it. I have committed to following Rachel’s nutritional
, signed up to our team’s exercise class (photos next week!) but best of all
I’m using the ‘Feel Great In 8′ challenge to spend more time with my family.
At the end of day, they are the most important people in life and I’m sure you
feel the same about yours!

Let me tell you about Kilkenny Free Day this Saturday 11th October. It’s
the perfect opportunity to spend a day in Kilkenny with your family or friends.
Buildings all over Kilkenny City and County will open for FREE throughout
the day on Saturday, giving people a chance to enjoy visiting some of Kilkenny’s
finest tourism attractions. Check out the list here. There is something for all
ages so it will keep everyone happy for the day!


Where Will I Bring My Family

I have a teenager and toddler at home so I plan to go to the Kilkenny Activity 
Centre first. It will keep both of them happy because there will be paint balling,
bouncy castles and soccer area so that’s my morning sorted. They also have
great food if you want to stay for your lunch.

A local fireman was in the office this week and he was telling me about what’s going
on in the fire stations this Saturday. My youngest would love it. We get to see the
new and old fire engines, they get to use the fireman’s pole etc. and meet real
Firefighters so he will be thrilled!

It’s great to see a initative like this happening in Kilkenny. We live in a beautiful
county so its important to attract tourist and locals to show what Kilkenny has to offer.


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#Video Feel Great In 8 – Portion Size

Watch My Video For Portion Size Recommendations


Hi Everyone, I’m Rachel Kumar, the nutritionist on board for the ‘Feel Great In 8
challenge. I’ve been helping the guys in Sheridan’s with their challenge and to
be honest it’s going great so far. Some of the questions they asked were quite
good so I’m going to share them with you over the next few weeks. I won’t bore
you I swear, but some of these tips can come in very handy!

Today’s tip is about portion size. We all want to enjoy our food but let’s try and
avoid oversized portions. Most people eat more when they are served bigger portions. Large food portions = large intake of calories. When u eat larger
portions you are more likely to store the extra calories as fat. Your body can
only handle a certain amount of food at one time. Watch my video below, it
has some simple recommendations when it comes to portion sizes. Hopefully
you find this helpful.


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Come On Kilkenny!

Best Of Luck To The Kilkenny Senior Hurlers!


We are true Kilkenny GAA followers here in the Kilkenny office. Without a
shadow of a doubt most of us will be at the match, we will come home to
watch the match on tele and then watch match of the day!

We are having a jersey day in the office today to  get everyone excited about
the match ahead. We want to wish the whole Kilkenny team the best of luck
this Sunday especially our boys Eoin Larkin & Paul Murphy. We will be there
cheering you on so lets show Tipp who’s boss!

Paul dropped into our office a couple of weeks ago. Ger is an absolutely GAA
crazy so we thought it was only right to put her up to a challenge.

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DoneDeal Spiegeltent Festival 2014

Top 5 picks for the DoneDeal Spiegeltent Festival

donedeal spiegeltent wp


The schools are back and the evening’s are getting darker it’s getting to that time of year again – The DoneDeal Spiegeltent Festival 2014! With over 40 shows across 12 days there is something for everything. Here at Sheridan HQ we have selected our top 5 picks:

Tommy Tiernan 24th October 7pm

It’s been a while since we have seen Tommy Tiernan live but you can’t beat a dose of humour coupled with a few pints to unwind on a Friday night. It’s not often we get a comedian of this caliber to the South East so booking early is essential. It’s not for the faint hearted or prudish so don’t bring your granny but it’s a dead cert for a great night out

Andrew Maxwell 29th October 10pm

Andrew Maxwell with his trademark “bowl haircut” was our personal favorite on the RTE’s The Panel.  Filled with sarcasm and Irish wit it will be an hilarious show. With the show kicking off at 10pm there is plenty of time to grab an early bird before the show.

Corner Boy 1st November 8.30pm

It’s fantastic to see this amazing local band Corner Boy taking to the stage alone this year. They were part of Wexford in the Rounds last year and stole the show! Having seen them a few times they never disappoint. With a mix of orginals and covers they play something for all ages.

Jersey Boys 30th October 7pm

It’s the first time a musical will take to the Spiegeltent stage and I personally cannot wait. Jersey Boys depicts the story of Franky Valli and the Four Season’s and to your surprise I bet you will know every song! Having toured all over the world it’s amazing to have the chance to see it in our home town. This is one of the best all round performances in the Spiegeltent, bring your mother, your kids, you boyfriend it appeals to all ages.

Carnival Brothers Cabaret Burlesque 30th October 10pm

Don’t let the Burlesque in the title put you off this one. We all went last year and had a complete blast. It is such a different show and appealing to both men and women. Incorporating style, elegance, drama and humour you will be pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the night is.

Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

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10K Run For Murrintown N.S

Get Your Runners Ready, We Want To See You There!

cover image


I’m actually really looking forward to this years 10k run. Martha & Paula
in our Wexford office are the ‘Running Athletes’ so hopefully they will take
part in the race too. All money raised will go towards paying for the two new
classrooms in Murrintown N.S. Due to the increase in class sizes it was essential
that they expand the school building. The murrintown community are very
generous when it comes to supporting their local area so we hope to see plenty
of parents and of course, school teachers there on the day!


The 10k Run

Runners and walkers are welcome to take part on the 21st September 2014.
The route is the same as last year and it is €15 entry fee. You can register here
and number collection will be available from 5 pm – 7 pm Saturday evening, Sept 20th and on Sunday morning, 9.30 am – 11.30 am in Murrintown Community Centre.


It will be a great day out & we hope to see you there!


school renovation1


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Starting School #JuniorInfants

Parents – The Emotions on the First Day of School



So today is a day of firsts for me; first day writing a blog and my son’s first
ever day of school! I was so good all morning, trying to keep my emotions
together but once I walked back to the car I was a blubbering mess!

This is all so new for me, I hadn’t got a clue about getting ready for school.
Ger had to tell me to go get his books covered because it didn’t even cross
my mind! The school only allows lunchtime treats on Friday so I have to
ask the girls in work what I should give him.

I’m not worried about his teacher or anything like that but I do think about
things like ‘I hope he’s eating his lunch’ or ‘I hope he is making
friends and
isn’t alone during break time’. These are such small things
but when it’s your first child going to school it’s hard not to worry.

When I seen him this morning all set in his new uniform, it just hit me that
he’s not a baby anymore and it’s all starting now..he’s growing up! Although,
he can’t carry his school bag, it’s so heavy for the first day.

So to all parents out there, whether your child is starting junior infants or
first year, I’m sure they will be fine. Sometimes I wonder do we worry more
than the kids. Best wishes to you are your family this week. Try to enjoy it!


I’m going to do my best!  

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What Is ‘Excess’? Pamela Explains

Insurance Jargon Explained In Plain English

excess explained

When you are buying an insurance policy be it car, van or house; you should be
able to completely understand what you are buying and the terms of the policy.
‘Excess’ is a term that we explain to our customers every day of the week. It’s
not as complicated as it sounds but it does make a difference to the price of
your policy and in the event of a claim.

In the video below Pamela explains the insurance term ‘excess’. Some of you may
already know Pam as she is one of our qualified personal insurance advisors in
our Wexford office.



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#Video | Win Tickets To The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final

 A Competition For Some Of Our Fantastic Existing Customers

win tickets

Paul Murphy, All Star Kilkenny Hurler dropped into our Kilkenny office on
Thursday to announce a great competition for some of our existing Customers.
It’s a small way to say thank you for choosing Sheridan Insurances, we really
appreciate your business. If you want to win, you really need to watch
this video!

Best of Luck!

Competition Terms & Conditions

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Calling Sheridan Insurances Customers!

Win Tickets To The All Ireland Senior Hurling Final

win tickets

We want to reward our existing customers for their loyalty to Sheridan Insurances.
It’s a small way for us to say thank you for choosing us to look after your policies
though-out the year and we are extremely grateful for your business.

So, if you are an existing customer of Sheridan Insurances, you could be in with a
chance to win two tickets to All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final! Simply renew and pay
for your existing insurance policy before the 2nd September to be in with a chance
to win the prize.

If you want to contact your own Personal Insurance Advisor just call 1850 54 54 54
to renew your insurance policy.

The winner will be announced on 3rd September.
Best of luck to everyone!

Please read Terms and Conditions of Competition



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Gadget Insurance For College Students

Get Ready For College With Gadget Insurance

smashed phone

CAO offers are out today and I hope your son or daughter is happy with the
offer they received. For some of you, the process starts now; Helping to
register with their college and searching for accommodation. There are exciting
times ahead for all college students in UL, WIT, DCU, Trinity or any other college
for that matter! Getting organised on the other hand, can be quite stressful.

Many college students may have a new smartphone, laptop/ipad, game consoles,
GHD or those expensive over-sized headphones that are seriously popular at
moment. Imagine, these items packed in a bag and spending weeks on a college
campus with other unknown students….You can take the risk and hope that
they aren’t stolen, damaged or lost; but that’s a big risk.

That’s why we offer online gadget insurance. It’s really simple to set up and you
get a discount when you insure multiple gadgets under one policy. You can pay
for the Policy in full or you can pay monthly which is very handy.

If you are uncertain about setting up this policy online you can contact our team
on 1850 54 54 54 and they can talk you through it.


Where Do I Buy Gadget Insurance?

You can Get Gadget Insurance Here


Policy Details

You can also check the policy details here. It’s really important to read these before purchasing the gadget insurance policy.


 We Make College A Little Easier!

Use Promo Code GP88988 to receive a discount on your gadget insurance policy. Click Here!






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Back To School with Edel

Preparing For Back To School – Edel’s Experience

It’s August, and I hate thinking about ‘Back to School’ but it has to be done.
On the other hand, my daughter is really looking forward to heading back
to school. She’s going into fourth class this year so she is really looking forward
to seeing her friends and catching up. I work in the Kilkenny office five days a
week so it will be nice for her to get back into a routine and have fun.

I suppose I’m a little more relaxed about ‘back to school’ this year, I only started
getting organised this month. I do shop around to save money but I also let her
pick out her own shoes, schoolbag etc. (within reason)! I put together a few tips
to make the ‘Back to School’ transition a little easier for both parents and children.


Start a Routine Now

We were lucky enough to have a great summer. We spent a lot of time going on
day-trips, driving to the beach and having late BBQ’s so I wasn’t very strict on
her night time routine. Now, is an ideal time to re-introduce early nights. When
the new school year starts she will be in a great routine and in turn, it makes life
easier for me!


Car Share

Sharing the school run suits me down to the ground. Juggling work and the school
run can be hard but I’m lucky enough to have help to share the car journeys.
Finding someone the share the school run with you will also save you money on
petrol or diesel.


School Uniform

We have both tracksuit and school uniform in our school. The children mostly wear
the tracksuit which has the school crest but I still needed to pay for a new skirt,
shirts, jumper and shoes! As she rarely wear the formal uniform, I didn’t spend a
lot of money on them. I bought them in Dunnes and they are perfect!


New Teacher

If your child is moving to a classroom with a new teacher, it can be quite daunting
for them. I know my daughter is worried that her new teacher will be cross but
I know that won’t be the case. I keep re-assuring her that the teacher will be nice
and that the class will be fun. I think ‘change’ scares her more than anything else
so re-assurance is no harm.


Hopefully so of my tips and experience might help you over the next couple of
weeks. Best of luck to all parents sending their child to junior infants or first year
this Aug/Sept, I think you may be more nervous than the kids!




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Car Seat Safety – How To Guide

Ensure Your Car Seat Is Fitted Correctly

car seatweb

As the Specialist Claims Advisor in Sheridan Insurances, I can’t stress enough
the importance of  car safety, especially when it comes to your children’s car
seats. If your seats are not fitted correctly, it could lead to a serious or fatal injury
in the event of a collision. It is extremely important to ensure the seat is correctly
fitted and fit for purpose.

The safety of a child’s car seat may be compromised following an accident, so
if you are involved in an accident we recommend getting the seat replaced for
safety purposes.

Over the next few weeks the RSA ‘Check It Fits’ Roadshow will make its way
around the country and could be in your local area. You can check the locations
here. They will be providing free safety checks on child car seats. If you know of
anyone that would like to ensure that their child’s car seat is fitted correctly,
please encourage them to find out where the nearest roadshow will be held.

You still have another few weeks before the school run starts all over again, so enjoy your time with family and friends. Keep your family safe on the roads this summer, Slow down on the road and take the necessary safety precautions.

Colette – Specialist Claims Advisor



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Car Questions With Eoin Larkin

Cars, Kelly Brook and more! Questions & Answers

eoin larkin roadtrip

We thought it would be a bit of craic to ask Kilkenny Hurler, Eoin Larkin a few
questions about his car and other ridiculous roadtrip questions before the All-
Ireland Senior Hurling Semi-Final this weekend. Breda in our Kilkenny office looks
after Eoin and his insurances so we had a good laugh asking him these questions.


What type of car do you drive?

Eoin: Volkswagen Passat


If you won the lotto tomorrow, what kind of car would you buy?

Eoin: Volkswagen Tourag, just always liked them.


Who would be your perfect passenger for a four hour roadtrip?

Eoin: Kelly Brook, just love her!


Where would be your perfect roadtrip? 

Eoin: Australia along the coast.


You’re on the road to Croker for the Limerick match, and you spot T.J Ryan with a puncture. Do you:

  1. Stop and insist you help him change the tyre, even if you make the entire team late for warm up.
  2. Drive on your best and tweet a picture of him struggling with the tyre on the side of the road #Poorlimerick
  3. Let him sit beside you on the Kilkenny team bus.

Eoin: Drive on and tweet the pic ha ha!


If you were a car, what would you be?

Eoin: Mercedes. Good and strong and never let ya down.


We would like to thank Eoin for taking the time to answer our questions this week. If your insurance is up for renewal,  you can get a super quick car quote right now!



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#GAA – The Roadtrip To Thurles

Wexford vs Limerick, We’re On The Road Again!

car selfie web

A trip to Tipp this weekend for the yellow bellies as we are in the All-Ireland
Senior Hurling Championship quarter-finals! They have a tough game against
Limerick but with Liam Óg and Conor Mac up front, we’re sure the boys will
keep the dream alive for Wexford. We are supporting the boys all the way, so
we have some fun and
some helpful ideas to get your car ready for the trip to Tipp!


Turn up the choon ‘Dancing at the Crossroads’ 

The car journey wouldn’t be complete without singing along to ‘Dancing at the
Crossroads’! Bring back the memories of 1996 and sing your little heart out.
I went to the trouble of finding a youtube clip just in case you only had the tape!

Check the oil level in your car

Have you checked the oil in your car lately? The last thing you need is a
breakdown on the way to Thurles! It only takes few minutes, if your not
confident about checking the oil level in your car, ask a mechanic to take a look.


Check Your Car Tyre Threads

Don’t forget the minimum legal tyre thread limit is 1.6mm, we recommend getting
your tyres replaced long before they reach this point – take a look at the condition
of your tyres, if in doubt ask your garage or tyre providers.


GAA Car Selfie

We took our own car selfie for the Journey to Thurles. Why not take your own
with your family and friends before you set off on your journey to Tipp. A great
way to remember the day and it’s a bit of craic for the day that’s in it.
Tag us in some of your photos. #sheridanselfie


gaa car selfie1 copy

 Best of Luck to our boys this weekend! Enjoy yourselves at the
match and drive safely.



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Proof That Accidents Do Happen!

 ‘Sheridan’s Nifty Fifty’ Made A Dramatic Exit From Race


panto horserace

As you may know, we took part in a charity panto horse race last weekend at ‘The
Stores Charlotte Street Festival’. We had been training all week and we
thought we had a good chance for bagging the prize money for the Irish Hospice Foundation.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst. Our Horse (David & Kieran) took
off like lightning with its handler, Laura leading them around the course. Laura
lost a shoe along the way and fell! if you closely in the photos below, you will see her running without her shoe! The horse thought laura was leading it but
unexpectedly tripped over the footpath.

Luckily our horse was still in two pieces, laughing their horsey hearts out on Wexford Quay. We checked them for injuries and the guys from the stores were
extremely helpful as we were escorted back to the weigh room.

The moral of the story is that accidents do happen, especially when you least
expect it. Our priority is to help each customer choose the right policy for them.
And in the eventually of a claim, you have a dedicated claims specialist to look
after you every step of the way.

Get a car, van or house quote online today!

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Sheridan’s Nifty Fifty Panto Horse Video

The Stores Charlotte Street Festival –  20th July 2014



This Sunday 20th July we are taking part in a charity ‘Panto Horse’ race at
The Stores ‘Charlotte Street Festival’. It’s set to be a cracker as 16 businesses
are entering a panto horse in the race. We have some stiff competition such as
DoneDeal, Whites HotelHertz Car Hire, Sam McCauleysThe Stores and some
other great Wexford businesses!

David Fogarty & Kieran Purcell have kindly offered to gallop their way to the
finish line in the ‘Sheridan’s Nifty Fifty’ Panto Horse. It’s seriously funny, especially
when the boys are taking this race so seriously!

There is €500 up for grabs which will be donated to ‘The Irish Hospice Foundation
by the winner. It should be a fantastic day out with a trad session starting at
12.30pm and a tasty BBQ available from 1pm-6pm. The first horse will be paraded
at 2.30pm, you don’t want to miss our ‘Sheridan’s Nifty Fifty’s maiden hurde!


 Check out our training video


Kieran Purcell & David Fogarty

panto horse web


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What A Day! Peppa Pig Visits Killag

Photos Of Our Fantastic Day At The Killag Show

peppa sign blog

What a day! Yesterday, we partied with Peppa Pig and hundreds of people
at the Bannow & Rathangan Show in Killag. What an amazing day, we enjoyed
every minute! We would like to thank everybody that joined us for a sing-song
and dance! We didn’t realise that Wexford had some amazing little singers.
Peppa said goodbye and hopped into her car yesterday evening but hopefully
she will be back again in the very near future.


Photos of the Bannow & Rathangan Show

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eCommerce & Social Media Award 2014

We Won Big at The Wexford Business Awards 2014

eCommerce & Social Media Blog

On Friday night last, we scooped the first ever eCommerce & Social Media
Award at the Wexford Business Awards! You should have seen our faces when
Mary Kennedy announced the winner, gobsmacked to say the least! I won’t
bore you too much with the details but I would like to thank you for supportive
tweets and messages over the weekend. Here are a few of the tweets that
we received and some photos of the night.



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We’ve Been Shortlisted In The Wexford Business Awards

Shortlisted in the ‘eCommerce & Social Media’ Category

blog business awards copy

This week is off to a great start! We’ve been shortlisted in the 2014 Wexford
Business Awards and it’s safe to say that we are over the moon! We’re lucky
enough to be shortlisted in the ‘eCommerce & Social Media’ category, alongside
some other great local businesses. Our new website celebrated it’s first birthday
in May so it’s quite a compliment to make the shortlist. Our online community
is growing steadily and it now has a dedicated in-house team to manage the
website and social community.

We work really hard to make our website and social platforms as user friendly
and helpful as possible. Everyone in the office gets involved with our blogs,
video blogs and thankfully they never refuse a spontaneous photo when I turn
up with the camera!

The awards ceremony takes place this Friday, 20th June and there will be
a table of Sheridan Insurances cheerleaders, hoping that we get a piece
of the pie


Check out our collection of photos from Facebook Below.




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World Cup | Football |Brazil

 Colin’s Countdown To The World Cup

world cup colin

One Week to the start of the World Cup. 


One Week to the opening ceremony of football’s greatest tournament.


One Week until Brazil have the opportunity to rectify their greatest sporting
hurt… the loss in the final of the World Cup final that they last hosted. That
1950 final, in the newly built Maracanã, was played against La Celeste, with
the Uruguayans sealing a 2-1 victory.


Brazil, under ‘Phil’ Scolari will be looking for a final on July 14 in the newly
refurbished Maracanã. And at 3/1, they are favourites to remedy that
64 year old ache.


La Celeste, the current Copa America holders, only qualified through the
playoffs last autumn against Jordan. A repeat of 1950’s final looks unlikely.
Indeed Uruguay is not expected by many to qualify from a group that
includes Italy & England. But don’t underestimate the fighting spirit of
the Uruguayans, and their ability to place greater emphasis on shots than
possession football.


I do think home advantage is going to be a massive advantage for Brazil,
and those odds are not as unattractive as many might think. Saying that,
don’t rule out a very notable challenge from 3 or 4 others.


Argentina have a team capable of destroying the opposition with fast moving
counter-attack football, fuelled by Di Maria linking up with an attacking trio
of Aguero, Messi & Higuain. Plus, they also have a well organised defence,
and a deep lying midfielder in Mascherano that can play deeper when required.


Germany are viewed by certain sections as the most complete squad to come out
of the country since 1974, when the then West German side consisted of Franz Beckenbauer & Gerd Muller. Whereas a side like Belgium may impress with their
starting 11, Joachim’s Low’s side has 2 or 3 top players for every position. Saying
that, they do have weaknesses, notably the potential to expose their own full backs.


Four years is an eternity in international football, so I don’t expect  either of the
2010 World Cup finalists, Spain & Holland, to win this tournament. But to rule out
a team with Alonso, Busquets, Ramos, Iniesta & Navas would be a tad dismissive.
As it stands due to injuries, Diego Costa doesn’t look like he’ll play a full part for his adopted nation in the land of his birth.


Holland winning would be considerably more surprising. Louis Van Gaal, seems
to have decided against an insurance policy in defence… 4 of his back 5 will all be
from the slightly inferior Dutch league. The 5th player will be Aston Villa’s Vlaar.
Not one currently has more than 20 caps.


Stay tuned for further blogging during the World Cup

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Video – Avoid a Claim This Summer

Avoid a Claim This Summer, Watch Colette’s Video

itll never happen

Finally summer has arrived!! And with the summer, driving conditions improve.
However, it is not just the weather that contributes to accidents. We all think it
will never happen to me”
and so here are my top 4 tips to look out for
this summer which may prevent accidents or making a claim.


Check out my video below for some more handy tips



I hate wasps. If you’re like me and react to wasps in the same way someone
might do if they were shot, it is important to keep your cool if a wasp enters
your car. At this time of year, I always check my car before I start driving. 
If a wasp does get in, try to pull over safely to get it out, but remember to
STAY CALM! The pain of a sting is not as bad as you may think. It’s 
a lot less painful than crashing your car.


Ice – Cream & Drinks

If your ice cream, drink or crisps falls onto the floor, don’t try to pick it
up while still driving your vehicle, pull in and pick it up. Cars are easily
cleaned if food falls but the distraction that comes with reaching for
something on the ground causes accidents.


Walk & Trips To The Beach

Thieves will break in to a car for the small change so it is important
to lock anything of value out of sight, even an empty handbag can draw
attention. Insurance companies will only cover items in a locked boot or
compartment so when leaving your car or van, check that valuables are
secured before you leave the vehicle.


Agri – Cultural Vehicles

At this time of year we are all more likely to meet tractors on the road.
Be aware of this and take extra care when going around bends as you
may just end up behind one unexpectedly.


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Parents’ Guide For ‘One Direction’ Concert

Be Prepared For The One Direction Concert!

one photowp

I was lucky enough to bag myself tickets for the One Direction Concert this Friday!
My daughter was so excited when I told her that she was going to the concert.
Most kids are obsessed with 1D and my daughter is no different. The CD is on
replay in the car but I’m not complaining because I actually like their music. So, I
thought this was perfect chance to write my ‘Parents’ Guide For  One Direction Concert’ because we will definitely need it!


1D Who?

Firstly, you need to know the names of the guys in the band, don’t embarrass
your children! Zayn, Niall (The Irish member of the band), Harry, Louis and Liam.



This is probably my biggest concern because I will be driving my car. I’m sure most
people are travelling by bus but I want to get there early and have no stress. If you
are taking the car here is some car parks close to Croke Park Stadium.

  • Clonliffe College
  • Q-Park Clerys, Marlborough St., Dublin 1.
  • Mater Hospital Car Park
  • Park Rite Parnell
  • Park Rite Irish life
  • Park Rite IFSC
  • Park Rite Fleet Street
  • Park Rite Arnotts


The Bag

I’m already thinking about what to bring with me! Crazy I know, but I don’t
go to concerts very often and I don’t want to forget anything. If it rains, I will
only pack our raincoats because the ticketmaster website says umbrellas are
prohibited. Don’t forget to bring your camera! For any budding photographers
hoping to get a glimpse of Harry Styles up close, cameras with detachable
lenses are not permitted. My phone will do me! 


If your kids are making posters, let them make them to A3 size. Posters will 
restrict the view of other people. You don’t need any disspointed kids if security
take their posters!


One Direction Movie

I’m going to watch  ‘One Direction: This is Us’ movie this week. I want to see what I’m letting myself in for and I want my daughter to appreciate going to the concert. This might make her super excited about going to the concert on Friday! The movie follows the guys while they are on tour and it’s got a thumbs up from the girls in the Kilkenny office!

So there you have it, my guide to surviving the One Direction concert this weekend. Take care when you are driving and walking around the venue, especially with young children.  For more up to date information on the day, ticketmaster has a great FAQ section. 

Enjoy the concert!


Insurance Advisor, Kilkenny office

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Colette’s Summer Driving Guide

Get Set For The Weekend! They Say It’s a Sunny One!

vw copy

With summer fast approaching and the evenings getting longer by the day, many
of us here in Sheridan Insurances are heading out for walks in the evenings,
going for a coastal drive or planning summer getaways.

With all the freedom & excitement the summer brings, it’s important to ensure
your vehicle is just as summer ready as you are. Here are our Top Tips for Road
Users this summer.



When leaving your car or van unattended, Do not leave any valuables in
Everything should be secured in a locked boot or compartment. Thieves
are like magpies these days, if it’s small and shiny they want it so take
a minute to lock your items away before you leave.



Check your tyre pressure and thread depth. The minimum legal requirement
is a thread depth of 1.6mm however we recommend replacing your tyres long
before this point. 


Oil & Coolant

Oil & coolant needs to be checked regularly and kept topped up, particularly
if you are heading on a long journey. Checking your oil is easier than you may
think. It only takes a minute and there are some great videos on youtube to
show you how.



Fill up the windscreen wash, the roads are getting dirty and dusty again so
ensure you can clear your windscreen easily and quickly.


Road Traffic

As the agricultural workload is picking up, watch out for tractors or other farm machinery on the roads, particularly when going around a bend as you may come across one unexpectedly. 


I am the specialist Claims Advisor here in Sheridan Insurances. I mostly look after car, van and home insurance claims for our customers. If any of our customers need to register a claim over the weekend you can do so right here.


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Famous Vans From Tv & The Movies

Our Top 5 Vans From Tv Series & Movies

A Trotter three wheeler, a ghostly mystery machine or a dodgy looking dog on
wheels; some of our favourite famous vans are completely outrageous but we
sure do have a soft spot for them! I’m sure each of you will recognise most of
these motors from your favourite tv series or memorable movies. 

The A-team

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.” ……..

The A Team Van appeared over the horizon like a beacon of hope for many people over the years. There always seemed to be some gorgeous jumpsuited 80’s beauty in the mix and of course who can forget Hannibal’s leather gloves and cigar:)


The Mystery Machine – Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo has entertained generations and is still really popular with kids
today. The mystery machine is a memorable part of our childhood and that’s
why it made our list. In this clip Scooby is sent down a train track to his doom,
but Shaggy and the gang save him. 

Only Fools & Horses 

Who doesn’t love Only Fools and Horses! Trotters Independent Trading are on
the move again in this funny clip. Del Boy and Rodney get pulled over by the
police for speeding but luckily his reputation precedes him.


Dumb & Dumber

Harry & Lloyd set off on a cross country adventure in a dodgy dog shaped van.
Dumb & Dumber is not everyone’s cup of tea but this clip is very funny, it’s the 
mocking bird scene. 


Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine wasn’t a long movie but it has so many memorable moments, my favourite being when the van no longer could be started without pushing – they can’t just start the van and drive off. They have to push the van, run and than get in the van one at a time. It gets me every time!



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Win Tickets To The Sky Cat Laughs Comedy Festival!


Win Tickets to Sky Cat Laughs Birthday Party with
Dara Ó Briain, Tommy Tiernan, Des Bishop & many more!
Thursday 29th of May| 8:00 pm | The Hub at Cillín Hill


****Competition is now closed****

The lucky winner was Jordanna Wall!


Keep an eye out for more excellent competitions coming soon!

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Notice For Our Existing Setanta Customers

We Have Agreed “Hold Cover” With Liberty Insurance

Sheridan Insurances have reached an agreement with Liberty that they will
provide “hold cover” for all our Setanta customers with effect from midnight
00.00 17th of April to 5pm Wednedsay 30th of April.

This means that for these seven days you are covered should any claim(s) arise
as per policy conditions. In the meantime we have a dedicated team working
and we will be in contact with you within seven days to discuss alternative
insurance options.


In the meantime our office is open, Friday 18th April to take calls and you can
contact us on 1850 54 54 54. We will re-open at 9am on Tuesday April 22nd.





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Our Easter Egg Trail Printables

An Egg-tremely Fun Day At Home!


Easter weekend is fast approaching but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We
have made it so easy to entertain the kids this weekend by creating printable
easter egg hunt clue templates. Apart from buying a few treats for the kids
(and yourself!) there is little cost involved. Simply print out the clue templates,
write down the clues and away you go! 

You can download your printable clues right here.

You can make the clues as easy or difficult as you like, I suppose it depends on
the age of the kids involved. 


Clue Examples

  • ‘Come On Easter Bunnies, Hop Hop Hop, lets see whats hiding under the sofa today!’
  • ‘The Post Has Arrived! Hiding In The Letterbox Is Clue No.3!’
  • ‘Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Look In The Place Where You Keep Your Shoes!’
  • ‘4+4=? make a rhyme with the answer and go to the (Gate) ………?’


Enjoy your Easter Holidays and spending time with your family. We are closed Friday 18th & Monday 21st April. If you wish to contact us you can leave a message here and we will be in contact as soon as possible. Happy Easter!

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Holidays – Pack These In Your Suitcase!

Want To Know What We Are Bringing On Our Travels?

If you are lucky enough to be jetting off on holidays this summer, we want to 
let you in on a few of our suitcase secrets. We can all agree that there are a few
essential items that you can’t go without. So, we asked a few members of our
team to tell us about what they can’t leave behind. 


1. Laura – Portable Luggage Scales

‘I can’t go on holidays without this, It’s so handy. I have no worries about having 
overweight luggage or paying extra charges at the airport. Really useful if you are
lucky enough to be travelling to America. Squeeze in a few more pairs of shoes!


2. Aoife – Aussie Leave In Conditioner

‘If you are going on a sun holiday, this stuff is magic. Spray it in before you go to
the beach or the swimming pool and it stops your hair from drying out. I wouldn’t
go without it especially if you plan on going out in the evening and want a decent
hairstyle. Don’t forget to pack it in your suitcase!’


3. Travel Insurance

I know we sell travel insurance but we also purchase it ourselves when we are
booking our own holidays. The benefits of our travel policies are excellent because
we only deal with trusted insurers. You can buy travel insurance right here or you
call our offices and we can talk you through the policies. Pack your travel
documents with helpful phone numbers in your suitcase. 


4. Colin – Flip Flops That Don’t Cut My Feet

Cheap flip-flops are so tempting; you’re only using them for a short while, so why bother with the expense? After two days of building up blisters, you can see why I now bother.’

The last pair I bought were a €25 pair of Havaianas, but were worth it. You wouldn’t buy shoes at home that you know would hurt your feet; so why bother with rubbish flip flops for the most enjoyable break of the year? 


5. Siobhan – Camera

‘I couldn’t leave my camera behind. Whether I am going to Cork or Spain, I would
always bring my camera. Especially when you are on a family holiday, it’s nice to
have all the photos to look back on. We spend ages saving up for a holiday,
it would be a pity if we have no photos, I might never be in the same place again.’



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What Is Stepback Bonus Protection?

Edel Explains Step Back Bonus Protection

When you are taking out your car insurance policy you have two options when it comes to your no claims bonus. You can fully protect your no claims bonus or you can partially protect it. Now let’s explain that in more detail..


StepBack Bonus Protection Explained…

Stepback bonus protection means that if you make a claim or someone else makes a claim against you, you will lose part of your No Claims Bonus.  Your No Claims discount will be generally stepped back from 5 years back to 2 years, depending on which Insurance Company you are insured with.

Stepback bonus protection is a standard benefit on some insurance policies but we explain these details to every customer to ensure they know exactly what policy 
they are buying. If you have any questions or need a car insurance quote, you can
request a callback right here.

 Check out Edel’s video about Stepback Bonus Protection

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The Best Valentine Day Idea’s

Forget The Cheesy Valentine Card, Let’s Keep It Real

Flowers, a card and the same old box of chocolates….. sometimes we just want something with a little more creativity without breaking the bank. It really comes down to the fact that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and we have a few idea’s up our sleeve to make your Valentine’s Day memorable and stress free.


Night In – Dinner For Two

Try cooking something that your other half absolutely loves! Trying a new
recipe might not be a great idea as it could go all wrong! So, keep it simple.
A few candles and a bottle of wine could be the perfect end to a working day
if evening is a complete surprise!


Night Away On A Budget

Really want a night away but don’t want to re-mortgage the house? Why not
try some of the deal websites such as GrabOne or Groupon. Some getaway
breaks can be reduced by nearly 50%! Make sure you read the fine print or
call the hotel in advance to be certain that the deal is right for you. 


Photo Book

This is a great little present to receive on Valentine’s Day. Aldi and
offer an online service which allows you to upload some of your favourite photos
to their website and they will make the book for you! They are reasonably priced
and everyone loves photos of family, kids, holidays and memorable moments.


Mairead’s Valentine Chocolate Brownies

If you don’t already know Mairead, she is our commercial team leader and an
amazing baker! She makes these great chocolate brownies that would be a
perfect treat for Valentine’s day. They are really chocolately and the ingredients
are quite rich but they taste incredible. Check our her recipe here.


Any of the idea’s above should go down a treat with the most important person
in your life. If you do decide to use one for your Valentine’s Day, we hope you
really enjoy your day. Keep an eye out for our Facebook Valentine’s competition.






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Sheridan’ s award winning claims service

We have an award winning claims service just for you

We all say ‘it’ll never happen to me’. But what happens if you do have
an accident?
Will your insurance company look after you or is it up to you
to sort out your claim? These are questions you need to ask when purchasing
your insurance policy.

At Sheridan’s we understand the stress involved in dealing with your claim,
that’s why we have a dedicated claims advisor to look after you and your claim.
Colette’s job is to make your claim as stress free as possible. She has great
experience in dealing with home and motor claims so she can explain everything
to you in plain english, not ‘insurance jargon’. In the short video below, Colette 
explains exactly what she does for customers of  Sheridans.

98.5% of our customers who have used our claims service said they
would be happy to renew their insurances with us next year.

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Celebrating 50 Years In Business

‘Looking Out For You Always’ 

This year will mark Sheridan Insurance’s 50th birthday and boy are we going to celebrate! It’s not very often that  a business celebrates such a milestone and we
have a remarkably story to tell you about how Sheridan Insurances opened its
doors in 1964. 

50 years ago Paddy Sheridan was the Wexford branch Manager of Norwich Union
insurance company, a major British financial institution. This was a secure position,
but it wasn’t enough. Paddy was 36 years old, married with three children, ambitious,
unsettled and a dreamer that wanted to set up his own business.

When John F. Kennedy visited Wexford in 1963 Paddy watched him speak, an
ordinary man who had made himself extraordinary. On that visit he quoted
George Bernard Shaw:


“Other people see things and say why? But I dream of
things that never were and 
I say why not?” 

Within a year, Paddy had established Sheridan Insurances. The company employed
the grand total of two people, Paddy and his secretary. John F. Kennedy inspired Paddy to follow his dream and 50 years later Sheridan Insurances is a leading broker in the South-East. We employ 54 people directly and serving thousands of customers everyday. 

Paddy is still heavily involved in the business despite being the ripe age of 86.
He is an inspiration to every staff member and he is in the office every that offering advice to any team that needs it; he acts as a mentor to those coaching and tutoring those doing exams. 

To kick off 2014, we were awarded the title of ‘Family Run Business of The Year’ by the Kilkenny Chamber. Our very own Geraldine Kelly won ‘Employee of The Year’. We are absolutely thrilled and no doubt the celebrations will continue long into 2014!

                                          Paddy, Ciaran & Donagh Sheridan



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Just Do It in January


So we know we should all be doing, we all mean to do it but how hard is it to
get off the couch and just do it? January is a month full of good intentions
but actually leaving the house and joining an exercise class is a much more
daunting task than thinking of doing it. The first question is what should
I do? Over a coffee in the tea room in January, whilst digging into some
fresh cream dohnuts the topic of conversation turned to exercise classes
 and between us all we had a very comprehensive knowledge –
Check out our reviews of some of the top exercise options for 2014. 


Alan, Commercial Executive reviews Cross Fit
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with the aim of improving,
among other things, muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance,
and flexibility. It advocates a changing mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics
(body weight exercises), and Olympic weight lifting.  Hour-long classes at
associated crossfit gyms, typically include a warm-up, a skill development
segment, the high-intensity “workout of the day” (or WOD), and a period
of individual or group stretching. My first impression of crossfit was
“madness” I had looked it up online and saw some of the workouts and
what some guys were doing, but then once I gave it a go I was instantly
hooked, I would go to your mainstream gyms and try and do weights and
burpees etc. but it was always laboured and boring and time consuming
now I fit a full workout and do more reps in a shorter time.

I have been doing crossfit since November and feel my overall strength,
conditioning and core is constantly improving, I would hope to keep
crossfit up as it is integral part of fitness that I would have otherwise


Laura, Marketing Manager reviews TRX
TRX is essentially using your own body weight to train. You use suspension
straps to hold your own weight whilst preforming exercises. When I
arrived for my first class the first thing that went through my mind was
“50 Shades of Grey” People were hanging out of black straps in various
positions. On initial glance the exercises look quite manageable; I wondered
why everyone looked so distressed until I tried it myself. Almost every
exercise in TRX works your core and although I was quiet fit I did not have
any core strength. I worked muscles I never knew I had and was aching
the next day. 7 months on and I am a believer. For those with busy
schedules but who want results it is a great class. It changes every week
so there is always a challenge. You can start with no fitness level and most
exercises have 3 levels so you can take it slowly at the beginning and then
increase as your fitness does.


Aoife, Online Project Manager reviews Punch Fit
I joined punchfit because I tried Zumba and I found that it didn’t work for
me. My goal was to walk into a clothes shop and know that I could wear
whatever wanted, I didn’t want weight to be an issue. Punchfit is definitely
helping me reach my goal. I train two-three times a week and we have a
weekly routine. Monday is cardio class, we race against the clock to
complete as many squats, sit-ups, burpees, press ups etc. (This is a killer
but it definitely burns calories). Wednesday and Friday is dead weight
lifting, sparring and pad work. This is the class for you if you want to tone
up, lose the cellulite and get fit. The class is female only and we learn to
defend ourselves and push your body to the limit. It’s a great group of
girls that encourage and motivation each other.


Tina, Personal Insurance Advisor reviews Exercise DVD’s
With three kids and a different schedule  every day its very difficult to get
out of the house to get to an exercise class yet I wanted to get fit. I spoke
to a lot of the girls here and our personal favorite is Nell McAndrew’s
Ultimate Challenge.
 The presenter is very important. Having invested
in two of Davina McCalls I ended up almost throwing it out the window half
way through as she was so annoying!!! Nell’s DVD was instructed by a
professional trainer. She was part of the class. It’s a great incentive when
you see her sweating and struggling with squats rather than preaching at
you from the top of the class about how great she is. The DVD  is very
tough there are options to bail out through out, so you can start at whatever
level you like and work your way up. It has a series of aerobic exercises
with intermitten squats….a lot of squats!!!! If you are looking for an
effective DVD  that will tone your entire body and increase your fitness
this is for you. Ideally you would need to do it three times a week, and
doing it means keeping up and not just watching it!!!


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Save Money On Your Holiday

Make Your Money Go Further

So it’s that time of year again, dark evenings, empty bank accounts and
12 months of hard work in front of you…….The perfect time to plan your
holidays, we all need something to look forward to.

Your annual holiday is probably one of your biggest expenditures for the
year so we all want value for money. Here’s a few tips from the girls in
Sheridan’s HQ on saving money on your holiday……


1. Book your flights well in advance. The closer you get to departure date
the more expensive the flight. We are all avid users of – it
searches all the major airlines and travel sites to get you the
best price on your flight.


2. Consider alternative accomodation. Don’t just go for the easy
option of a star rated hotel.The more stars the more cost. Have a look
at the top 10 lodging options for your destination on trip advisor.
Many smaller spots have better service and better reviews than the
big chains. Once you have decided on your accomodation, shop around
for it online and ensure you are getting the best rate.
Telephone them directly also.


3. Shop smartly when you arrive. Go to your nearest supermarket and
stock up on things like water, fruit, breakfast supplies etc. resorts and
restaurants charge a premium rate for water, it doesn’t take long to rack up
a bill of €10 per day on water alone!


4. Book your airport parking online before you go – rates are
considerably less. Alternatively get the bus to the airport. It’s cheaper,
more relaxing and you get dropped at the door of the airport – no annoying
transfers from carpark to airport.


5. Be well stocked up on snacks and entertainment before you hit
the airport
. The airport is designed  to absorb a huge chunk of your spending
money before you board the plane. Once we step through security we are all in
holiday mode. Between outward and inward journey it is possible to drop  up to
or over a  €100. If you were in Tesco today would you buy a tobelerone?
Probably not. Yet in the airport we can’t get enough of them!!!!


6. Finally, consider your travel insurance options. If you are lucky
enough to travel a few times during the year, maybe an annual multi-trip policy.
We sometimes forget about travel insurance when travelling to the UK. Your
belonging could be stolen in any country so consider your travel insurance options here.

We can talk you through any questions you have, simply request a callback.

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Weather Warning – Rain & Flooding

Prevent damage to your business in the event of a flood

We have seen flooding occur across the country over the weekend and it has
caused significant damage to many businesses. We would like to remind you
of some useful tips to help prevent damage in the event of a flood. Our
customers can contact our team right here if you have any queries.


Rain and flooding

By taking action to prepare in advance for flooding, most businesses can save 20-90% on the cost of lost stock and moveable equipment, as well as a lot of trouble and stress. It is vital that organisations:

  • Find out if they are at risk of flooding
  • Find out about flood warnings
  • Plan to protect property and minimise financial risks 
  • Ensure the safety of all staff

Responding to a flood warning can make a substantial difference to flood-related damages. There can be savings of up to 80% on stock in offices and in hi-tech offices savings of up to 90% can be made on damage to moveable equipment. Taking action in response to flooding also can help to minimise business interruption and the cost of getting back in business – factors which often outweigh the direct physical costs of flooding. You can help reduce the cost of flooding to your business by taking a few simple, low cost or no cost steps to minimise the effects of floodwaters. More expensive actions can be taken to make bigger savings.


No cost tips

Find out if flood warnings are available in your area, and, if so, put in place measures
to ensure you will be sent or have access to the warnings. Check out Met Eireann or
your local map alerter 


  • Write a flood plan and keep a copy(ies) in a safe place and off site 
  • Train staff to be prepared for flooding 
  • Be ready to move important equipment, such as computers, above flood level upon receipt of a flood warning 
  • Keep a store of strong plastic bags to place around the legs of furniture when you receive a flood warning. 
  • Identify a suitable location for evacuation of vehicles to higher ground 
  • Consider the height at which goods are fixed, stored or displayed – the higher the goods the less chance of damage 
  • Copy vital hard copy and electronic records and store them in a safe place. This includes financial and insurance records, designs and specifications, staff, customer and supplier databases and staff files

Low cost tips

  • Install back flow valves on all toilets and drains 
  • Raise electrical sockets above flood level 
  • Raise electrical machinery on a platform above flood level 
  • Buy sturdy plastic sheeting for use in case of a flood warning. Place large furniture on top of the sheeting and raise the sheeting around it 
  • Move computer servers permanently away from the basement or ground floor 
  • Secure equipment that could move or fall during a flood 
  • Store stock on pallets or shelving Higher cost tips 
  • Move air-conditioning and heating systems permanently away from the basement or ground floor 
  • Purchase machinery with motors, gear boxes and programmable electric controls that are above flood level (ie. at the top) 
  • Purchase an emergency power generator 
  • Purchase permanent or semi-permanent flood protection products

Making a claim

At Sheridan Insurances we understand that no one ever wants to have an insurance claim. That’s why we go out of our way to make the claims experience as stress-free as possible for our customers. We will respond to your needs with speed, compassion, integrity and professionalism. If our customers have any questions you can contact us at your convience.


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Weather Warning – Protect Your Home

It has been a stormy week but it’s not over yet!

There is further rain forecast for the next few days and we want to help you avoid
making a claim this winter. Colette, our claims advisor has been helping customers
deal with claims over the Christmas period and advised that we give you a few tips
to prevent damage to your home in the next few days.


We expect more rain in the next few days so here are the tips!

  • Check your roof for any damage to the roof slates.

  • Check for loose or blocked gutters.

  • Check drains to ensure they are not blocked, this will help prevent leaks.

  • Be extra careful on the roads as there may be surface water in some areas.


Our customers can register a claim online at any time and Colette will contact you
as soon as possible. Have a Safe and Happy New Year.


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Christmas Jumper Day!

Merry Christmas from everyone in Sheridans!

As Christmas is just a few days away, we decided to wear our Christmas jumpers! Merry Christmas to our customers and thank you for supporting us this year. We hope you enjoy the holidays and have an incredible new year.


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Familiar Faces – Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

Our photoshoot with the lovely Jenny McCarthy

I know they may look like models but they really work in Sheridan’s! This year we
worked with Jenny McCarthy from photosbyjen to take photos of our wonderful staff.
It was so much fun and we get the chance to show you who looks after your insurances.

It’s quite a proud moment when our customers ask for us by name, we get to know them
really well when they call us every year. I suppose that is the benefit of having no large call centre. You may have noticed some of our the Christmas shots below are already in our windows and on Facebook.

The gallery below will show you a few of the behind the scenes photos and some of Jenny’s professional photos.



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Top Five Christmas Songs

Five Great Songs To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Yes it is Monday but it is also the 2nd December! Christmas is just around the
corner so we have put together our top five Christmas songs just for you! We
hope we have included some of your favourite! 


 1. The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York


2. Mariah Carey- All I want For Christmas Is You


3. Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas


4. Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas


5. Michael Bublé – Chestnuts Roasting On The Open Fire

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All-Ireland Final Replay In Croker

Every GAA follower tuned in Saturday evening with the hope of a thriller in the
All-Ireland Final replay in Croker, and boy were we not disappointed. It was an
epic All-Ireland, the best ever from the skill level to fitness to commitment from
each player on the field. It was a joy to watch for any  neutral watching around
the world who has a love for Hurling.

Cork were great to keep fighting back and their ‘never die attitude’ was a great
reflection on Jimmy Barry Murphy, they will surely be back. But to Clare, what
an achievement for each player and management , their families and clubs must
be bursting for pride. A massive congrats from all in Sheridan Insurances, enjoy
the moment and the months to come and we will surely see you defending
the title next year!

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Sheridan Insurances 10km Fun Run For Murrintown N.S

Check out our photos of the fun run! 

Murrintown was buzzing with nerves and excitement as the ‘Sheridan Insurances
10km Fun Run’ took place on Sunday. We were particularly excited because Martha
from our commercial team was taking part! We would like to thank everyone for participating in the run and we would also like to thank every volunteer that helped
us on the day. The money raised will help pay for three much needed classrooms in Murrintown N.S.


Ciaran spent the day testing out his new camera so check out these photos!

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Are You Expecting Like Beyonce?

How You Can Protect Your New Family


Great news! You’ve discovered you’re expecting a baby, this is one of the most mind-blowing things you will ever experience, so once you’ve got your head around it, here’s how to plan financially for your impending bundle of joy!

In reality, nothing can prepare you for what lies ahead and how much joy & happiness your child or children can bring, but being prepared financially as best you can, will certainly ease some worry for you.

Here are the family protection options available to you.


New Life Assurance Policy

Set up a Life Assurance policy for yourself and your partner, this will ensure that in the event of a pre-mature death of either parent, your child or children are financially looked after, to take them right up to their college education and beyond if that is your wish. Premiums are quite low depending on your age and smoker status, the younger you are, the more affordable it is! This is an absolute must for new parents. Do this while you are pregnant, as you literally won’t have a spare minute when your baby is born.


Existing Life Insurance Policy

If you happen to have an existing life policy already set up, it might be worth your while to have a look at the policy terms and conditions, in some instances, you may be able to increase your life cover automatically (within limits) due to this life event occurring, this can also take place if you are getting married, adopting a child or moving principal residence without the further need for medical evidence, so be sure to check your existing policy!

Monthly Savings

When your child is born, you can expect to receive €140 per month per child for your children’s allowance. It would be a very good idea to set up a savings plan with this money if you feel that it is surplus to you, this will help you so much in the later years to help pay for their education or assist when they are looking to get on the property ladder. Currently, a child can inherit up to €280,000 tax free from their parents. Alternatively, if you feel that Inheritance Tax may be an issue for you, please come and talk to us.

Protect Your Income

Protect your income. Your income allows you to plan & prepare. Without our income, we cannot pay our mortgages, rent, bills and any other luxury you may enjoy. Only some occupations qualify for this, so be sure to check with me if you qualify for this benefit, you also receive tax relief on the premium so it makes it easier to carry the cost.




If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these areas I have mentioned, please contact me on 0818 222 700  and I would only be too delighted to help you.

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