Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and officers of companies have unlimited personal
liability you are accountable not just for your own actions
but also for those of your fellow directors and officers.


Policy features

  • It covers the insured entity and the insured persons including
    any director & officer, or equivalent positions, members of the
    board of managers and management committee members.
  • Automatic coverage for private share offerings
  • Fraud
  • Personal profit
  • remuneration exclusions do not apply until there has been a finding of guilt.


What is Director and officers insurance?

To insure you for defence costs and legal liability incurred on account of claims
and prosecutions against you in your role as a Director or Officer in the insured organisation; also to insure you for representation costs in investigations of you
by regulators and other authorities.


Why buy it?

You will not have to use your own personal assets to defend yourself or to pay
judgements and settlements. You can take comfort that the insurance funds
will be available to hire the best law firms.

  • Improper conduct of one director can lead to all being accused.
  • Failings by staff, for example in health and safety matters,
    can lead to liability of even the most assiduous director.


Real – Life Examples:


Health and Safety

A managing director and several technical managers faced criminal prosecutions for alleged breaches of health and safety legislation, which resulted in
accidental deaths of two employees.


Defence Costs: €1,388,000


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